Huge Fight That Did Not Air On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Finale

Vanderpump Rules

It seems there was an enormous fight that broke out and was not aired on theĀ Vanderpump RulesĀ finale. This fight resulted in glass breaking and people being thrown out of the party. Fans are shocked they did not air this. However, there was already enough drama going on during the last episode. Now viewers get to watch the reunion episode which is going to contain a lot more drama.

Ariana Madix Reveals Meeting Daniel Wai In Unseen Footage

In unseen footage that is now only streaming on Peacock, viewers got to hear what attracted Ariana Madix to her boyfriend, Daniel Wai.

“All the girls were chatting about all this serious deep stuff, and the way that he would contribute to the conversation, but in a way that showed he was really listening and not busting in and overpowering or being whatever, it was really nice. With Dan, he just has an incredible perspective on life that I was immediately impressed by over the course of having conversations, I was just really drawn to his personality. It’s almost like he knows me before knowing me. I feel like it’s been all of these just little moments that show he’s thinking of me or wanting to be with me. Things like that are just, they make me smile.”

Viewers loved hearing what brought the two together. Daniel also had nice things to say about Ariana. Some were involving how she was empathetic to kids being bullied and such since he struggled with that as a child. Fans are glad Ariana is happy and want her to continue to be.

Ariana Madix, Daniel Wai/Instagram
Ariana, Daniel-Instagram

The Huge Fight That Broke Out

There was a massive fight that broke out during the VIP party. This guy was trying to get the group to dance when Lala said:

“I don’t want to dance with this person,”

Katie Maloney then replied:

“Why do strangers want to, like, lap dance and bump on us?”

James Kennedy then made Brock Davies aware, and Brock asked him to leave. He then went crazy on the security guard and the two were fighting. Tom Sandoval then tried to help but ended up getting wine thrown at him. It is safe to say that guy was not nice.

Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, James Kennedy/Vanderpump Rules/YouTube
Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, James Kennedy/Vanderpump Rules/YouTube

It seems the random guy who was trying to get too personal with some of the ladies was just crazy. Tom Sandoval tried to help the security guard out but ended up getting wine thrown at him. There was too much drama to fit in the one episode on television, so they had to stream it on Peacock only. Fans cannot wait to watch the Vanderpump Rules reunion episode and see all the drama that is going to happen there. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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