Tim McGraw From ‘1883’ Lands New Role On Netflix

Tim McGraw 1883

Tim McGraw landed a role in a new Netflix drama series recently. He’s got so many songs, movies, and more behind his name, that it’s hardly necessary to introduce the man who played the role of James Dutton in 1883, the prequel spinoff of the Yellowstone TV series from Paramount.

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill In Yellowstone’s 1883 

As if Paramount hadn’t brought an amazing story with authentic scenery in Yellowstone, 1883 went off the charts in that area. More authentic scenes came because Tim and Faith Hill, who acted as James and Margaret Dutton, are married in real life.

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw Yellowstone Prequel 1883-https://twitter.com/TasteOfCountry/status/1457521250633277442
Faith Hill, Tim McGraw Yellowstone Prequel 1883 Twitter

All good things come to an end though, and everyone felt sad when the Season 1 finale aired in 2022. You might recall that their daughter, played by Isabel May was injured by an arrow, and she passed away. The whole scene in Parasmount’s 1883 played out so realistically, that fans and actors shed tears over it. Well, there are more cowboy adventures for Tim coming from Netflix.

Netflix Cast Tim McGraw In Bull-Riding Drama

The news that the beloved singer and actor rides again came via the Netflix streamer on Wednesday. TVLine reported that the synopsis for the show sounds exciting. The release statement explains:

in the fierce, competitive world of bull riding, the series follows a megastar champion (played by McGraw) facing a life-or-death crossroads when confronted by the arrival of a fearless young rider whose very existence challenges his ways and unearths secrets that force him to reckon with his past.

Tim McGraw, Isabel May, 1883-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gH5Vl6AyLY
Tim McGraw, Isabel May, 1883YouTube

At this time, the Netflix drama doesn’t have a name, but no doubt, cowboy drama fans will be excited about Tim McGraw., After all, Paramount’s Yellowstone and the prequel, 1883 are still fresh in viewers’ minds.

The Country Singer And Actor Will Produce

The Netflix show was created by Brandon Camp and he will work alongside showrunner “Taylor Elmore.” Meanwhile, the outlet noted that Tim McGraw is also involved in the production side of things. “He will also executive-produce the series with Camp, Elmore, Tim Staples, Brian Kaplan,” and more.

Of course, it’s hard to step into the shoes of the famous Yellowstone and the 1883 spinoff. After all, the two mega-popular shows worked with a massive budget. However, for many people, just the fact that Faith Hill’s husband is in it should be a huge drawcard.

Another Netflix Show

Hollywood Reporter shared that another show was announced at the annual Upfronts Week. Apart from Tim McGraw’s bull-riding story, The Waterfront, a thriller by “Creator Williamson” is set in North Carolina. It’s where he previously filmed Dawson’s Creek.

What are your thoughts about Tim McGraw landing a role with Netflix? Will you be tuning in to watch it? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Netflix news.

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