Netflix Cancels Young Adult Series After Final Season, Fans Rage

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Netflix often cancels scripted TV shows, and it always enrages fans. Recently, a popular young adult series got renewed for a third season, which sounded great until the realization arrived that it would be the final season. Naturally, fans are very sad about it, and some of them expressed their anger.

Netflix Cancels Shows & Fans Always Feel The  Loss

It’s not just people watching TV from home who get upset when streaming networks cancel shows. Four years ago, TLC’s Outdaughtered starlet Blayke Busby was heartbroken because Alexa & Katie ended after four seasons. Plenty of people couldn’t understand why an award-nominated Top 10 young adult show would get pulled.

Alexa and Katie - Netflix YouTube
Alexa and Katie – Netflix YouTube

In January last year, Netflix also canceled the K-drama, Juvenile Justice. It only ran for one season, but once again, it seemed very popular. It ranked number one in Netflix’s non-English TV series category when it was first released. Awards and multiple nominations seemed to promise that the show would run much longer than just one season.

Third & Final Season For Beloved Scripted TV Show

Heartbreak High (Rebooted) Season 2 premiered on Netflix last month, and fans love the show. The renewal for a third season sounds wonderful. However, there’s a major downside to it. The third season will be the final one. When the news arrived on Reddit, a lot of people felt extremely disappointed. If you don’t know, the show is about Hartley High’s students and teachers. Plenty of teenage angst takes place, as well as the usual journeys of growing up.

Heartbreak High Season 2 - Netflix YouTube
Heartbreak High Season 2 – Netflix YouTube

Netflix fans feel that at the very least, they could have squeezed a fourth season out of the show. These young adult shows do lend themselves to ending sooner or later because the students become adults. But, that isn’t mollifying fans. The OP wrote:

Officially Renewed for a 3rd (and final) Season

Netflix Young Adult Scripted TV Show Heartbreak High Won't Be Renewed - Reddit
Netflix Young Adult Scripted TV Show Heartbreak High Won’t Be Renewed – Reddit

In the comments, fans felt angry and sad. Here’s what some of them said about the Netflix non-renewal announcement:

  • ahh i don’t want s3 to be the final season yet 🥲 hoping they would add more episodes if there are really no plans on extending anymore.
  • Excited we’ll get another season, but disappointed it’s the last one. I assume it’ll skip the summer and we’ll cover the whole school year to see everyone’s last year in school.
  • I hate Netflix— why do the good shows get cancelled yet shows like Emily in Paris have 4 seasons.
  • I don’t understand why they can’t just follow in Degrassi’s footsteps and have more characters introduced that they follow once the originals graduate.

What are your thoughts about Heartbreak High being canceled by the streaming network despite winning awards? Did you love the show? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your scripted TV shows on Netflix.

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