Netflix Cancels Cult-Hit Cartoon Series After 1 Season

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Nick Davis

It is no secret that Netflix has had a very specific approach to its new originals in recent years. The approach of canceling anything that isn’t an instant success within the first 28 days of its season premiere. This has sadly taken a number of fantastic shows from us over the years. Namely, shows with passionate cult fanbases. Shows like The Get Down, Sense8, and most recently 1899 which was taken away after just a single season. Now, they have struck again with one of their new adult cartoon shows. A show that may not have had the biggest viewership, but the viewers it had are angry that it’s gone.

Gone Too Soon

The most recent victim of an early Netflix cancellation is Inside Job. The show was a comedy about a woman working for a secret government agency with the job of covering up major conspiracies. Currently, the show is sitting at an 89% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, along with a 79% critic rating. It was far from the most popular show on Netflix, but it did have a strong fanbase who were vocal about the show’s quality.

inside job netflix season 1 Reagan Ridley
Reagan Ridley, the main character of ‘Inside Job’ on Netflix

It seemed for a little while like that was enough to keep the show around. Back in June, Inside Job actually did get a renewal for a Season 2. Apparently, that was a rug that Netflix was more than happy to pull out from under us, though. Recently, the creator Shion Takeuchi gave us the confirmation that the show will actually not be coming back for Season 2.

“Reagan and Brett deserved to get their ending and finally find happiness. And I would have loved to been able to share what was in store with you all,” Takeuchi wrote about the lack of resolve. Takeuchi was a writer on massive animated shows like Gravity Falls and Regular Show before creating Inside Job.

Inside Job, Among Others

The show tragically ended on a cliffhanger that now it appears will never get its conclusion. It is not impossible that the show won’t get picked up at another service. There have been very vocal Inside Job fans across the internet already calling for other services to pick up the show. But with both Netflix and HBO Max slicing their animation budgets at the moment, it seems like the industry is turning against shows like this.

inside job netflix season 1 reagan and JR
Reagan with J.R. on ‘Inside Job’

It also seems as though Netflix is intent on continuing this policy of only continuing shows that see immediate success. Cult shows may become a thing of the past on the platform as it leans increasingly toward instant gratification.

Inside Job Season 1 is available to watch in its entirety on Netflix now. Many would still highly recommend the show despite the fact that it was cut so short.

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