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Netflix Breaks Hearts With Another Cancelation

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Netflix has gotten a reputation as a streaming service that breaks viewers’ hearts by canceling beloved shows. The streaming giant has done it again. This week, Netflix canceled a popular K-drama and has fans upset.

Here is what Netflix just canceled and what it means for the popular K-drama series.

Netflix cancels hit K-drama Juvenile Justice

Netflix announced the cancelation of the popular K-drama series Juvenile Justice after just one season. Kim Hye-soo, Kim Mu-yeol, and Lee Sung-min star in the series about a judge who dislikes juvenile defendants. When appointed as a judge in a juvenile court, she has their lives in her hands and has no love for lenient sentences for young people.

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This causes the judge to break customs and find new ways to punish the offenders in her court. It also forces her to deal with minor offenders, with who she shows no remorse. She then has to deal with complicated cases that come into her courtroom.

Juvenile Justice ranked number one on Netflix’s non-English TV series category the month it was released. There was an audition for a cast for Season 2 of the show, but the audition reached out to applicants and let them know that Netflix canceled Season 2 of the series.

The series also picked up several award nominations. It won the Best Screenplay award at the Baeksang Arts Awards and received several nominations at the APAN Star Awards, Asdian Academy Creative Awards, and Blue Dragon Series Awards. Despite the awards and high ratings, Netflix canceled it anyway with no explanation.

Fans react to Juvenile Justice cancelation

Fans did not react well to the news that Juvenile Justice ended up getting axed by Netflix. Many took to Twitter and reacted to the news with memes.

Others posted their thoughts about the cancellation and Netflix in general. “One is left wondering how an award-winning drama starring some of the biggest names in Korean industry gets canceled,” one Twitter user wrote.

This also came four days after Netflix had told the Maeil Business Daily Star Today that nothing had been decided about Juvenile Justice Season 2. However, with the auditions canceled, the production team itself broke the news before Netflix could make the announcement themselves.

This led to more Twitter outrage, with one fan writing, “You canceled because of something else. I’d say very disappointed. There were many people who were looking forward to it.”

Juvenile Justice joins the list of other popular shows Netflix canceled in the first month of 2023. Also axed was the series 1899, by the creators of Dark. The network also canceled The ChairInside Job, and Uncoupled.

Were you a fan of Juvenile Justice? Are you upset that Netflix canceled yet another popular series after just one season? Let us know in the comments.

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