Netflix Saves Kim Kardashian, What Happened?

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Streaming giant Netflix recently came in clutch to save the day for Kim Kardashian. So, what happened that made them have to step in?

Netflix Filmed The Roast Of NFL Legend Tom Brady

It’s always a fun time for audiences when one of their favorite celebrities agrees to a roast. All their celebrity friends and others in their circle come together to tell jokes at the person’s expense. This time around, Tom Brady was a good sport about being the target for the Netflix special.

Of course, Tom Brady’s NFL career is nothing to laugh at. Brady is considered the NFL GOAT by many. He made it to the Super Bowl ten times in his career, winning it all seven times. Judging by this recent roast at Netflix, even someone of his standing doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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Kim Kardashian Roasted Harder Than The Guest Of Honor?

It may have been a Tom Brady roast recently at Netflix, however, Kim Kardashian may have been roasted even harder than the guest of honor. As soon as Kim Kardashian took the stage, she was loudly booed by the crowd. It was bad enough that even host Kevin Hart had to swoop in and address it.

What’s interesting is that, ultimately, Netflix saved the day, at least as far as Kim Kardashian is concerned. For anyone who watched the livestream of the event, they could see Kardashian get booed. However, when it came to the version of things that is streaming on Netflix, the network edited that part out.

In the version of the event streaming on the platform, text reads: “Edited from a previous livestream.” So, anyone tuning in to this won’t get to see the additional roast of Kim Kardashian via spirited booing from the crowd.

Netflix Protecting Their Asset?

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential people of our time. Indeed, her hundreds of millions of social media followers would agree. However, there may also be a strategic reason why Netflix stepped in to erase the booing of Kim Kardashian from history.

A new scripted series is coming to Netflix called Calabasas. It will be a coming-of-age drama set in the California city, one that Kim Kardashian also happens to call home. Along with Emma Roberts and others, Kim Kardashian is an executive producer on the show.

It’s already bad enough to make one of the most famous people look bad on one of your specials, but, it’s even worse when you now have a working relationship as well.

More than likely, Netflix saved Kim Kardashian from the public ridicule in order to maintain a good working relationship with her now that they are working together. So, from a business standpoint, it makes sense why they decided to edit out the booing from the version of the roast that made it onto the streaming platform.

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