Kim Kardashian Promised Oscar Winner Spot In Campaign, Still Waiting

Kim Kardashian-YouTube

It seems that Kim Kardashian promised an iconic Oscar winner a spot in one of her campaigns but it seems they are still waiting. So, who is this person and how did the offer come about? Keep reading for all of the details.

Kim Kardashian Promised Oscar Winner Spot In Campaign, Still Waiting

Being in one of Kim Kardashian’s campaigns can be a major honor. So far, the models have included a variety of people such as SZA, Cardi B, the Mahomes family, Ice Spice, PinkPantheress, Kate Moss, Lana Del Rey, Snoop Dogg, Brooke Shields, and Rosalía. Singers, actresses, rappers, models, and essentially talent of all ages have been welcomed to represent Kim. Even celebrities not in the campaigns are sent merch. Then, if they like it, they will promote it on social media. Someone who has been well-received for decades really wants to be in a campaign. They also wear the clothing.

Kim Kardashian-YouTube
Kim Kardashian-YouTube

According to People, Oscar winner Kathy Bates would love to be in a campaign for Kim’s merch. They have both been in American Horror Story though never crossed paths. Admittedly, Bates has yet to see Kim act as she is preparing for her role in the upcoming Matlock reboot. She did hear that Kim is doing “great” in the Ryan Murphy show. Bates also had this to say about the reality star/mogul turned actress:

“But she sent me some SKIMS two or three years ago and she said she was going to put me in an ad. And so I think, Kim, I’m waiting. I’m ready.”

Again, Kathy Bates had been on AHS but her run ended in Season 8. Therefore, she and Kim Kardashian never acted together. However, cast members have had nothing but kind words to say about Kim. Emma Roberts told Extra this of her co-star:

“She’s amazing, she’s a pro. She’s one of the most prepared people I’ve ever worked with, and she’s just chill. I love her so much.”

Zachary Quinto added:

“She was so lovely and warm. She seemed really in her element, and I was really impressed by her spirit and openness.”

No Time Like The Present

As mentioned in the list of models above, Kim Kardashian does not discriminate when it comes to her models. She even had Sex and the City alum Kim Cattrall in one of her campaigns. Kathy Bates would further open up Kim’s audience and she clearly just wants to have fun with the product plus she wears the merchandise which is key. Hopefully, the two can team up sooner rather than later and make all of Kathy’s modeling dreams come true.

What do you think of Kathy Bates wanting to model for Kim? Would this be a fun American Horror Story collaboration? Let us know in the comments below.

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