Kim Kardashian’s Major Cleavage Points To Breast Surgery

Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Kimmel

Recently, The Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian, promoted a new product for Skims. Within the advertisement, Kim boasts major cleavage. But fans aren’t buying that it is just the clothes making her appear perky. After seeing the ad, fans are suspecting that Kim had breast surgery.

Kim Kardashian Is Bursting

The Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian, shares a video on her Instagram Stories showcasing a new Skims bra. During the clip, Kim shows off her new push-up bra that makes her chest pop. Additionally, she comments, “Wow, this bra is life-changing.” Then she adds, “This is our customized push-up bra. I usually don’t wear push-up bras but I think I will now.” Undeniably, that got fans attention. On Reddit, The Kardashians snark reposts the video and discusses the extremely pronounced cleavage she is showing.

Kim Kardashian shows major cleavage in the video without a push-up bra. - Credit: TikTok/ kimandnorth
Kim Kardashian shows major cleavage in the TikTok video without a push-up bra. – Credit: TikTok/ kimandnorth

Fans Don’t Think It Is Just The Bra

Initially, a Reddit user says, “Kim is not seriously calling a push up bra life changing 💀 From her IG story.” Then posts the captured video of Kim Kardashian’s bursting bust. Undeniably, fans weren’t buying that the bra was doing all the work. While she sports the customized push-up and talks about the new product, fans can only focus on their suspicions of her having breast surgery.

Wearing her first bikini of the season. - Instagram
Kim Kardashian wearing her first bikini of the season. – Instagram
  • “Those breasts are bolted on by a surgeon, that bra does NOTHING 😂 Such a ridiculous scam.”
  • “Her boobs at 40 after 2 pregnancies look as full as mine to when I haven’t pumped breastmilk in 8 hours. But yeah, all natural.”
  • “B***h, you have IMPLANTS, trying to sell bras.. GTFOH!!!”
  • “This is what fake tits look like, you don’t need a push up bra to get that look.”
  • “Is she promoting the internal bra her surgeon installed or the external one?? I’m so lost.”
  • “She just got a new set.”
  • “Those implants are too big for her now smaller frame. That is not all the bra.”
  • “They look so painful omg.”

Kim Kardashian’s Skims App Appears To Use A.I. Generation

Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian’s boobs aren’t the only thing The Kardashians viewers believe is fake. Additionally, the Skims brand is on blast for an advertisement that appears to be an artificial intelligence generation. Recently, Kim posted a video on Instagram with the new Skims app features and functionality. At the beginning of the video, Kim walks into the frame and states, “I’m so excited about our new Skims app.” However, throughout the video, Kim’s tone of voice and speaking cadence were suspect. Within the comments, fans notice the oddity of the sound and pace. Furthermore, they believe it is using A.I.:

  • “Bro speaking like she’s programmed.”
  • “What in the AI is going on?”
  • “This whole ad is AI.”
  • “Is it me or does this ad seem totally AI-generated? Even the voiceover doesn’t sound authentically her.”

What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s new product? Do you think the push-up bra is doing wonders or is the credit due to breast surgery? Do you think the Skims app ad uses A.I. generation? Are you ready to see the new episodes of The Kardashians? Drop your comments below.

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