Fans Livid As Star-Studded Netflix Show Cancelled

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Netflix has become known for axing fan-favorite series recently. Now, a beloved talent show, Dance Monsters, has been trashed from the streaming service after just one season. The star-studded program was like nothing anyone had seen before, but the streamer has decided not to renew for Season 2. Continue reading for details about why and if the show might be picked up elsewhere.

Dance Monsters Had A Star-Studded Cast & A Huge Budget

Dance Monsters is a dance talent show that focuses on visual effects. It was compared to ITV’s The Masked Dancer. The show was filmed in London, but it was streamed around the world on Netflix.

Each competitor dressed up as a monster of some sort for their performance and typically used a lot of lights and color on stage. The contestants also performed away from the judges and audience, making it easier to “let loose.”

The show had a fairly large budget allocated for its eight-episode production. Judges on the show included Lele Pons, Ne-Yo, and Ashley Banjo. Pussycat Dolls Ashley Roberts hosted the Netflix series.

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On top of having a star-studded cast for Dance Monsters, there was a lot of expensive technology used in its production. Every contestant used CGI characters for their dance performances. Not to mention, the 15 “monsters” were competing to win an astounding $250,000.

Chris Matesevac, a New York native, won the competition in the end, walking away with a quarter of a million dollars.

Will The Netflix Show Be Picked Up By Another Streamer?

Even though fans were hoping to see another season of this unique talent show, Netflix decided to cancel after Season 1.

“The show had huge potential and it was widely thought it would be given another series,” a source told The U.S. Sun“But when it came down to crunching numbers the ratings and price tag meant the project was left at one series.”

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Image: YouTube/Netflix After School

There have also been reports that Simon Cowell is in talks with Netflix to launch his own competition series on the streaming platform. It is said that the series will be looking for the world’s next best boy band.

Right now, it is not clear whether or not another network or platform will pick the show up. Netflix has revived other canceled shows in the past. For instance, the streamer picked up Girls5Eva for Season 3 after it was axed by Peacock. So, there could be hope for Dance Monsters. However, there are no networks or streaming services coming forward to claim the show yet.

Netflix has not come out with a statement regarding the cancelation of the series. Season 1 is still available to stream on the platform.

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