Paris Hilton Disses Uncle Mauricio Umansky’s Netflix Show As ‘Lame’

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Paris Hilton has dissed her uncle Mauricio Umansky’s Netflix series, Buying Beverly Hills, as “lame.” This comes on the heels of a preview where he opens up about his past working with her dad. Per Paris, she did not care for the way Mauricio spoke about Rick Hilton. Read on to see what exactly went down.

Paris Hilton Disses Uncle Mauricio Umansky’s Netflix Show As ‘Lame’

Mauricio Umansky has long been known as Kyle Richards’ husband on RHOBH. She has had issues with her sister, Kathy Hilton but it has revolved around different things. One issue they encountered was Kyle’s show, American Woman. It was loosely based on Kyle and Kathy’s mother and their life growing up with her. Yet, Kyle made it clear that it was not directly about their mother by any means and she never meant any harm. The ladies reconciled after the series was canceled but fell out after Kathy erupted on a RHOBH cast trip.

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Kyle Richards, Kathy Hilton-YouTube

It has been lost in the shuffle that Kyle’s husband, Mauricio, had worked for Kathy’s husband, real estate mogul, Rick Hilton. Mauricio was over at Hilton and Hyland but he claims, in the new season of his Netflix series, Buying Beverly Hills, that he was treated poorly. More so, he allegedly was doing quite well at the firm. Therefore, he asked for equity and to be a partner. That was not honored so he took the opportunity to start his own business, now The Agency.


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Paris Hilton has caught wind of what her uncle shared and according to The Sun, she deemed his series “lame.”  “Frankly we are all sick of him using the Hilton name every chance he gets to plug his lame show,” Paris Hilton fired back about her uncle. She also had this to say about her father: “My father is a consummate gentleman and has always taken the higher road. He would never speak negatively about his family- especially in the press.” Paris has since deleted this comment but once it’s out there, someone always holds on to it.

Should He Stay Quiet?

This topic was briefly brought up at the Season 13 RHOBH reunion but Kyle Richards did not want to address it. Kathy Hilton shared that part of the deal with Mauricio Umansky leaving Hilton and Hyland was not to poach any agents. Apparently, he did not follow that so that caused some problems. At the same time, Andy Cohen feels that this is Mauricio’s story to tell. Therefore, he should do what he wants on his own show just as Kyle does on Bravo. Finally, keep in mind that Mauricio starting his own business was addressed in the early seasons of Beverly Hills. Yet, Paris Hilton said nothing.

Do you think what Paris is saying is wrong and disrespectful? Let us know your thoughts and watch Buying Beverly Hills March 22nd on Netflix.

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