Kevin Costner Gives His Side Of ‘Yellowstone’ Drama

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Kevin Costner watched people drag his name through the mud for long enough. He has finally stood up and given his side of the drama behind the scenes on the show Yellowstone. According to Costner, he has “taken a beating” in the press from the people onย Yellowstone and wants his side of the story out there.

Here is what Kevin Costner said happened behind the scenes with Yellowstone.

Kevin Costner Reveals His Side Ofย Yellowstone Drama

Kevin Costner has tired of hearing people make claims against his work ethic. This has happened a lot lately thanks to his frustration with the TV show Yellowstone, which he stars in. Now, Kevin is fighting back.

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Kevin spoke with Deadline and said that many of the statements in the press about his actions on Yellowstone are not truthful. He said he always planned to finish the show and had contracts drawn up to take Yellowstoneย to its Season 5 finale. However, when the producers decided to split the fifth season into two parts and then teased a Season 6, they rewrote his contracts.

The problem was that Costner had the big-budget Western movie he is directing and starring in, Horizon: An American Saga, planned to shoot between Yellowstoneย breaks. Because incomplete Yellowstone scripts forced the TV show to split into two parts, Costner couldn’t work that new schedule.

Costner even said he would work with Taylor Sheridan on fixing this by showing up for a week so they could write in and film his death to remove him from the show. This ended up seeing leaks to the press that Costner was “only willing” to work one week on the show’s final season.

Kevin Costner Says What Really Happened On Yellowstone

“Iโ€™ve never missed a day of work. Iโ€™ve never left before fulfilling my contractual obligations. A lot of times, I stay as much as I can,” Kevin Costner said. The actor also said he lived up to the terms of his contract and anything else after that he never signed on for.

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Costner said that “unfinished scripts” and “scheduling conflicts” shut down an entire season, and none of it was his doing. Costner also said he tried to hash things out with Taylor Sheridan, the showrunner, but “we didn’t get there.” He said he would return to the show. However, he hasn’t seen any final scripts or knows what is happening with the final season.

However, there are bad feelings. Costner said he is unhappy that theย Yellowstone crew didn’t push back against the “crazy stories” surrounding the ordeal.

What are your thoughts about Kevin Costner’s side of theย Yellowstone story? Do you think he was more than willing to work with the team, or is he covering up a difficult working relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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