‘GMA’ Prayers Sent To Ginger Zee Amid Life-Threatening Situation

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Good Morning America fans are very anxious about Ginger Zee. She recently has been in the public eye over the possibility of pregnancy and the extreme fatigue she displayed. But now, fans are even more alert to the fact she could be in danger. During her last few updates of Tropical Storm Idalia, the cause for concern has heightened. Is Ginger Zee safe?

On Assignment For Tropical Storm Idalia

Presently, Ginger Zee has been called away from the GMA studios in New York. She took on a bold venture to a far less secure area. Ginger Zee temporarily relocated to Florida to give coverage of the current devastation of Tropical Storm Idalia. While everyone knows Ginger is brave, this assignment’s visual updates have viewers beside themselves.

Ginger Zee’s Updates From The Storm

Most concerning is Ginger Zee’s latest post indicating the category three storm was probably going to be upgraded. Further, she said that although they are 130 miles southeast of the storm center, they are experiencing flooded roads and abrasive winds. She referred to them as “power outage-type winds.” As she pans the view of the streets in the video, viewers can see the streets are full of water and overflowing. She reminds everyone to check their evacuation zones.

Updating that at, “4:45 am ET #Idalia is a Cat 3 and still strengthening. Streets flooding all the way down here on treasure island, 130+ miles southeast of storm center. Most life-threatening will be in big bend and Apalachee bay! #florida #hurricane #flooding #stpete #treasureisland.”


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Fans continue to rush the comments to reinforce their unease about her current situation. All this is compounded with the visual signs of fatigue she exhibited in several previous videos.

Ginger Zee’s Support System

Even though Ginger Zee is facing a life-threatening storm, she truly loves her job. Frequently, she takes on challenging assignments away from her family. While this can be a bit scary to see her amid the unsettling weather, she has a great support system. Primarily that includes her husband, Ben Aaron, and their two sons, Adrian and Miles. But, also she has her team right there with her in the battle of the turbulence. In her video report, Ginger Zee says that they are currently in a safe place. Their team isn’t in the “unsurvivable” areas like Apalachee Bay currently. She ended the video by saying they will keep safety first!


Many prayers go out to the people affected by Tropical Storm Idalia. We encourage everyone to be safe and support in any way that they can. The devastation of this storm will have long-lasting effects on so many people. Leave some uplifting messages below for those going through this terrible storm.

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