ABC Goes Dark For 14M People, ‘GMA’ Viewers Demand Answers

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Good Morning America (GMA) fans are demanding answers after ABC suddenly went dark for approximately 14.7M people. What is going on and why were so many people unable to watch GMA this morning? Keep reading for all the details.

ABC Goes Dark For 14M People, GMA Viewers Demand Answers

A lot of people turned on their televisions this morning to watch Good Morning America only to be hit with disappointment. Their ABC channel had gone dark. A new episode of Good Morning America was NOT on. In fact, nothing was airing on the channel at all. Now, ABC and about a dozen other channels were not completely dark without an explanation. There was a message displayed on the screen.

The Walt Disney Company, the owner of this channel, has removed their programming from Spectrum which creates a hardship for our customers. We apologize for the inconveience and are continuing to negotiate in good faith in order to reach fair agreement.”

These 14.7M people experiencing a blackout on ABC and about a dozen other channels are customers of the second-largest TV provider in the industry. A provider named Charter Spectrum. The provider boasts of offering a large collection of channels at the low price of $59.99 a month. Presently, however, about a dozen of those channels are dark. And, the provider is placing the blame entirely on Disney’s shoulders.

Good Morning America Fans Are Furious

According to The Sun, many fans of Good Morning America had no idea ABC was experiencing a blackout until they turned on their televisions to watch today’s episode. Understandably, the viewers experiencing the blackout took to various social media platforms in a rage. Many viewers tagged GMA on social media to make sure the talk show knew they had a lot of viewers unable to watch new episodes because of Spectrum and Disney.

Will The Situation Resolve Itself?

Things are not looking good as far as Disney and Spectrum coming to any type of deal. Spectrum claims Disney has “excessive wants.” And, the provider is not willing to punish customers by increasing prices to meet these demands. Disney, however, has two streaming platforms under its umbrella including Hulu and Disney+. So, Disney is unlikely to lose any money if the deal goes south. Fans of GMA and other shows on ABC will likely turn to Hulu Live and Disney Plus as an alternative provider.

Presently, Hulu Live would give Spectrum customers access to all the same channels. And, subscribers have the option of bundling to gain access to Disney+ and EPSN as well.

Were you among the Good Morning America fans who were unable to watch the talk show this morning? Did you realize Spectrum and Disney had a falling out? Are you surprised to learn Disney owns the ABC channel? Share your thoughts on these blackouts and what you think Spectrum should do in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates on this dicey situation.

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  1. This is a crock! As an avid tennis fan, I was in the middle of watching the US Open Tennis tournament on ESPN and left for a couple minutes and returned to this blackout screen. I am furious. This is my favorite 2 wks of tennis and bam it’s gone. Shame on Disney for jacking the cable companies around!!!!!!

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