‘Good Morning America’ Fans Angry, Refuse To Watch Show

Good Morning America Fans Angry, Refuse To Watch Show [GMA | YouTube]

Good Morning America fans are angry with the show. They refuse to watch until this anchor returns. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, George Stephanopoulos was away for the second week in a row. Viewers want to know when he’s coming back.

Earlier this month, his wife Ali Wentworth shared an update on social media. She revealed that the two spent time together in Greece. This update didn’t keep fans satisfied. The husband and wife are now back in New York City. However, George hasn’t returned to the morning talk show.

Now, fans are threatening to boycott the show until the co-anchor returns. Read on to learn more.

Good Morning America Hosts Away [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Did George Stephanopoulos quit or retire?

Some Good Morning America fans claimed to have found a major clue in Ali’s social media post. They noticed how relaxed George Stephanopoulos looked on their trip. He went missing during Friday’s broadcast, which has some fans threatening to quit the show for good. Some took to Twitter to wonder whether George has secretly quit or retired.

“Ugh Georgey Porgey where is he? Did he get fired or quit? It’s going into the third week now of him missing,” one fan tweeted.

Fans Threaten Boycott Of Good Morning America [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
When Ali shared the photo of them on vacation in Greece, some fans noticed something interesting. They felt that the host looked “retired” in the photo. If not, he could prepare for his impending retirement. The couple appeared loved-up and relaxed as they wrapped their arms around each other.

Ali captioned the post: “Greece with my Greek.”

One fan wrote: “The pics on his wife’s IG page almost make it seem like he’s retired or at least gearing up to retire sad.”

Ali Wentworth Vacations With George Stephanopoulos [Ali Wentworth | Instagram]
[Ali Wentworth | Instagram]
Fans aren’t happy over this rumor. George isn’t the only one who’s been absent from Good Morning America. Earlier this week, fellow host TJ Holmes explained his absence. Michael Strahan has also been absent from the talk show, along with meteorologist Sam Champion, who returned last week.

Good Morning America fans threaten to boycott

Some Good Morning America fans are fed up with the show and its missing host. They’re tired of not seeing George on their television screens. Many are threatening to boycott until he returns. It took place during Friday’s broadcast of the morning show. Many fans flocked to Twitter to demand a boycott and for fellow viewers to join them.

  • “I might be late to the party, but I cannot watch Good Morning America until (George Stephanopoulos) comes back.”
  • “I have to turn off when he’s not on!”
  • “I’ve been turning the channel for the past two weeks.”

George was last seen on the show on Friday, August 12. He’s been part of the ABC talk show for 13 years. Do you miss George on Good Morning America? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Good Morning America.

Chanel Adams


    1. I love Robin and George. I don’t like watching Stratham or Spenser. They should replace Ginger with Rob Marciano. Since he is off the weekend GMC I don’t watch it either.

    2. Good ridden to George and his mightier than thou liberal attitude. Get this Robin lib off next and their viewer numbers will skyrocket.

  1. I used to watch GMA faithfully every morning for at least 10 years and when they brought on Strahan full-time, I stopped watching !!!! you know if they’d get rid of him, I’ll start watching again… I can’t stand him because he’s so full of himself

    1. He is a sports caster not a national news person. George is the best. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand his speech when he talks quickly. He has improved a bit.
      He is better on quiz shows

    2. He’s black, successful and rich. Watch or not, Michael Strahan will still be BLACK, successful and rich!🕵🏽‍♂️💵😂

  2. George needs a vacation like everyone else. He works 2 or 3 different shows. He needs a 3 weeks vacation. He’ll be back after Labor Day. Have patience.

  3. Oh good grief, he’s taking a vacation, leave the man alone. I’m no fan of his, but I respect that he’s finally taking some time for himself.

  4. I always liked George Stephanopoulos, he’s very cool guy his commenting has been superb and sincere. I’ve noticed there’s so people commenting as though hatred is on the rise!
    These so-called fans of GMA c’mon they’re all A-holes, the man wants to go on vacation with his wife and probably family. What’s wrong with that ? No one controls George or anyone on the staff. They all have contracts I’m pretty sure that when they know they needed to go for an RNR why not. As for the person that doesn’t like Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan they know where to go! I live in Nevada, I still watch ABC news in LA GMA I don’t like the Morning Blend, ugh 😩. There I said my piece! Mic drop! Thanks for you’re consideration.

  5. Can’t stand watching the show. Between Stuttering George, and Lispy Strahan, forget it! They’re all ready to be put out to pasture, anyway. The show needs to be revamped with some newer, younger, hosts!

  6. He is SO biased in his opinions. I used to like him. He’s not a journalist, he’s a pawn. Let him go. And cancel the View

  7. This is “news” ?????? Good grief people get a grip. If the guy wants to go on vacation or retire it’s his business.

  8. Always liked his reporting.Miss him on his Sunday morning program, too. Not a fan of Martha or John, so I just don’t watch it any more. ABC has changed a lot of their programming. It’s like an exclusive club any more. 🤷‍♀️

  9. George has started talking so quickly that he stumbles over his words constantly. That’s a sign of him not enjoying his role. I wish he would leave too.

  10. Tom Hanks and his wife also had final romp in Greece. Seems the last stopover before heading to Gitmo. Crimes against humanity, child trafficking at the very least. WWGOWGA

  11. No big deal either way. I wouldn’t cross the street to meet George. And, I don’t watch GMA—ever! They are aligned with left wing politics. Not my cup of tea.

  12. My question is why are these individuals on so many different shows I say give them to newbies.. Tired of seeing for example Strahan on sport, GMA, game shows spread the wealth.

  13. Not sure what going on with show. Where is rob love him and miss him. Why not be honest with the fans. Show not the same any more. Main anchors always gone. Real bummer

  14. I really don’t care if George is on the show or not.
    I wish they’d get a good foursome together and be consistent with those hosts. We never know who will be there from one day to the next.

  15. If its his time to retire then just leave it at that. Sooner or later we all say enough is enough. Hope he has a great rest of his years with his wife.

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