‘GMA’ Robin Roberts Shares Story Behind Her Serious Injury

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Good Morning America star Robin Roberts has suffered a painful injury and shared the details with viewers. She returned to work sporting a cast, telling the live audience and folks watching at home exactly what happened. So, how did Robin Roberts wind up in a cast and how long will she take to heal? Here is what the GMA host shared.

Robin Roberts Jokes About Her Serious Injury

Robin Roberts frequently posts videos on Instagram. Fans have come to look forward to her daily affirmations, which she posts each morning before Good Morning America airs. Tuesday morning’s video looked a bit different than usual though. Robin was sporting a cast on her right arm.

Before there could be any speculation, she addressed the injury. Joking she said, “You should see the other guy. Why I oughta…” Then she proceeded to act like she was boxing the camera with her fractured wrist.

Then, she informed fans that she had taken a fall on the tennis court recently, resulting in a fractured wrist. Although she has been an athlete for years, this is Robin Roberts’ first fracture and “hopefully” her last, she noted.

Robin Roberts - Instagram
Instagram/Robin Roberts

In the caption, she wrote, “Good Morning! Playing a little hurt this morning but Glam Fam and I would still like to share with you our #tuesdaythoughts.”

Despite her being hurt, she delivered an inspirational message to fans. They flooded the comment section with well wishes for the GMA veteran.

“Me too…right arm, pickleball court, 2023! But God brought me so much insight through my recovery, and…I’m back on the court!” one fan wrote. Another person empathized, writing, “I’m with you in the broken bone club Robin. Broke my right humerus almost a month ago.” A third commented, “Aww, Robin! I hope you heal quickly and keep your spirits high! Praying for your swift healing and all those on this thread who need it. Amen!”

Good Morning America Co-Hosts Express Concern About Robin

Fans weren’t the only ones concerned about how Robin Roberts was fairing with her fractured wrist. Her co-host George Stephanopoulos asked Robin how she was feeling during Tuesday morning’s episode. “I’m feeling much better,” she replied.

Laughing, she continued, “I cannot confirm nor deny if I’m on pain meds.” Then she assured everyone that she was feeling a lot better. Gio Benitez, a fill-in host at GMA, said, “I know it’s been really painful, but no one makes a cast look cuter.”

Gio Benitez and Robin Roberts - YouTube/Good Morning America
YouTube/Good Morning America

Viewers were glad to see Robin Roberts back in the studio after taking some time off while she traveled around America working on various projects. While they love Rebecca Jarvis, fans miss seeing Robin when she’s away for one reason or another, and they hope she heals quickly.

Keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for more updates about Robin Roberts and the rest of the GMA crew.

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