‘GMA’ George Stephanopoulos’ Spot Filled, Remains MIA

George Stephanopoulos-YouTube

GMA (Good Morning America) co-anchor George Stephanopoulos’ spot remains filled while he is still MIA. His other two anchors, Robin Roberts, and Michael Strahan, had been missing along with him. This is something that never happens to the trifecta at the same time. Now, it seems like they are in and out but it is unclear where George is and when exactly he will be back. Read on for more details.

GMA George Stephanopoulos’ Spot Filled, Remains MIA

On Friday, August 4th, all three GMA core hosts were absent. This is a rare occurrence but something that went without warning or a real explanation. Yes, Robin Roberts tends to be off on Fridays but where were Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos? Robin and George returned for just two days and then they were gone. Michael has been at the Hungarian Grand Prix and then went somewhere tropical. So, where did George run off to and when will he be back as the GMA 3 were all MIA again this Friday?

George Stephanopoulos-YouTube
George Stephanopoulos-YouTube

According to The Sun, DeMarco Morgan joined Eva Pilgrim and Rebecca Jarvis in place of George, Robin, and Michael. Usually, Whit Johnson steps in for George Stephanopoulos on GMA but he went to cover the disaster in Maui. Robin Roberts has shared that she is with her fiancee, Amber Laign as they are preparing to wed very soon. They said it will not be August but it should be shortly thereafter. However, where is George as he has not given a reason for his absences?


As of now, it is unknown where he is. More so, it is unclear when he and Robin Roberts will be back. It is hard for morning viewers when all three are gone at the same time. They do not mind when one is gone but all three ruin the dynamic. Luckily, two of the anchors who filled in on Friday were the replacements for Amy Robach and TJ Holmes on GMA3. Therefore, fans are already familiar with them and their style so it was not that big of an adjustment.

Emmy-Nominee Business?

George Stephanopoulos is not just a GMA anchor, he also worked on the Hulu documentary, Pretty Baby. It was about actress, Brooks Shields’ life growing up in the spotlight and all that she went through. He did the doc with his wife, Ali Wentworth and it is now Emmy-nominated. Therefore, he could be working on further promoting the doc or other projects. Maybe he is just taking time for himself. Either way, hopefully, George comes back to the desk ASAP.

Do you want George back to GMA? More so, where do you think he is? Let us know in the comments below.

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