Michael Strahan Out At ‘GMA’ Will He Be Back?

Michael Strahan - YouTube, Good Morning America

Good Morning America host Michael Strahan was missing again from the daily talk show on Tuesday morning. His consecutive days off come just a few days after his daughter’s second brain surgery. Given the serious nature of his daughter’s condition and his increased absences, fans are wondering when he will be back. Here is what we know.

Isabella Strahan Shares Details About Her Battle With Brain Cancer

There have been several host shakeups recently, Robin Roberts was missing from the show last week and now Michael Strahan is absent on GMA a couple of days in a row. Rebecca Jarvis has been sitting in for Strahan. It is assumed that he is taking some time to be with his daughter, Isabella, right now.

Isabella (Bella) Strahan opened up about her battle with cancer on Good Morning America in January. She sat down with Robin Roberts and her father to talk about her medulloblastoma diagnosis. Medulloblastoma is a rare condition that accounts for about 20% of all childhood brain tumors.

YouTube, Isabella Strahan

Image: YouTube/Isabella Strahan

Last Wednesday, Isabella shared a vlog on her YouTube channel documenting her second brain surgery. She had her first brain surgery in October just days after receiving her diagnosis. In the video, she shared her feelings on the way to the procedure as well as details about how she was feeling after it was complete.

“My face is so puffy, it’s insane. I feel really awful and I was not expecting to come out in this head wrap thing,” she told viewers on YouTube. “I’m just in a lot of pain. It sucks. I was way more drugged up for my first surgery because it was more invasive.” 

When Will Michael Strahan Return To GMA? 

Michael Strahan was last present at the news anchor desk on Good Morning America last Friday. Over the weekend, he shared an update on Instagram that showed him in the backseat while one of his daughters, Sophia, drove. Isabella was in the passenger seat and Michael was in the back.

MIchael Strahan - YouTube, Good Morning America

Image: YouTube/Good Morning America

He joked in the caption saying that he was “scared sh*tless.” Despite preferring to be the one behind the wheel, Michael Strahan seems to be soaking up some well-deserved time off with his daughters.

The official Good Morning America Instagram page shared a snapshot of Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts in a pink Lamborghini. The pair represented GMA at the Oscars Sunday night, but Michael has been missing in action since then.

Right now, there are no details about when he will return to GMA. However, there is no indication that he will be leaving the morning show for good. He is expected to return in the near future.

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