‘GMA’ Robin Roberts MIA After Bitter Message To Fans

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Robin Roberts has gone missing from Good Morning America after sharing a cryptic message about bitterness with fans last week. After listening to what the GMA anchor had to say, many people are wondering where she was during Friday’s morning show. Continue reading to learn more about Robin’s bitter message and when fans can expect to see her back on the popular morning program.

Robin Roberts Shares Cryptic Message About Bitterness On Social Media

Robin Roberts has become well-known for her inspirational messages on social media. Every weekday morning, Robin takes a few minutes to film a video for her followers, whom she refers to as the “Glam Fam.” Normally, each of these clips is filmed in her dressing room at Good Morning America. 

The GMA star’s messages are usually uplifting and give viewers something to think about through the rest of the day. On Thursday morning, her words to fans were a bit heavier than normal.

She sported a deep purple long-sleeved dress and looked at the camera with one hand on her hip. The message she had for her followers took a more serious tone.

Robin Roberts - Instagram

Image: Instagram/Robin Roberts

“If our soul is unhealthy, it will spill over into our physical health,” she said in the clip. “It might be related to bitterness over what someone did years ago. You cannot take in toxins and expect it not to affect you negatively.” Then Robin Roberts posed a question to those watching her daily message: Is your soul unhealthy?

As usual, she wrapped up her video with a prayer for herself and everyone watching. After wishing everyone a good day, she went on to film the day’s episode of Good Morning America. 

However, after her message about bitterness, Robin was inexplicably absent from GMA on Friday. Rebecca Jarvis took her seat at the table with Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos. None of the other anchors or Robin offered an explanation as to where she was.

Robin Has Been MIA From Good Morning America More Often

This isn’t the only time in recent history that Robin Roberts was MIA from the morning show. She was absent last Friday as well. Robin delivered her regular uplifting message on social media Thursday without mentioning her upcoming absence. Again, she was replaced by Rebecca Jarvis on GMA.

Robin Roberts - Instagram

Image: Instagram/Robin Roberts

It is possible that Robin Roberts is working on another project that is taking time away from her role on Good Morning America. Some fans have suggested that she may be trying out a new work schedule too, similar to what Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg do on The View

Right now, there are no signs that Robin is planning to leave GMA any time soon. So, fans can rest assured that she will return to the morning show next week.

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