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Ginger Zee Announces Rob Marciano’s Replacement?

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Rob Marciano had fans wondering about his whereabouts lately. Ginger Zee made fans nervous when she announced a new member of the team. They wondered if she confirmed his replacement. Keep on reading to learn more.

GMA fans want Rob Marciano back permanently

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Good Morning America fans have wanted Rob Marciano to return to the morning show permanently. They want him to become a full-time fixture. He used to appear on the weekend edition of Good Morning America. However, he took a step back amid his co-parenting relationship with his ex-wife Eryn.

Ginger Zee [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
The 54-year-old made a rare appearance earlier this week. Rob reported the damage in Kirby, Arkansas following the storms. He wore the signature cobalt blue ABC News jacket. Rob talked about the difficult 12 hours in the area. Rob walked around as he showed the destruction from the tornadoes, high winds, and severe weather.

“Lot of down trees all over this place, the power of this storm,” Rob Marciano said. “This rear window blown out, this is one of at least 20 homes battling, damaged, or destroyed here in Kirby. And then look at this, a two by six piece of wood here just piercing this windshield. This was probably a tornado, but who knows? It came in the middle of the night.”

Good Morning America shared a clip of Rob’s report on its Twitter timeline. Fans were happy to see him back on the show. Some of them were demanding the show to make him a permanent, full-time fixture. One fan wrote: “What happened to @RobMarciano reporting weather more often?”

Rob Marciano is still the senior meteorologist for ABC News. As previously mentioned, he appears on GMA Weekend and occasionally makes appearances throughout the week. Fans have been concerned about his disappearance from the show. They wonder if the dad of two is moving on from the network.

Ginger Zee announces replacement

On Thursday, March 2, Ginger Zee announced Rob Marciano’s replacement on Instagram. She posed with the newest member of the GMA weather team. Ginger smiled in a gray henley as she posed next to Somara Theodore, who wore a black turtleneck. The ladies sat in a booth inside a restaurant as they smiled at the camera.

Most fans were concerned about Rob Marciano’s position on the show. They took to the comment section to ask Ginger if she was his replacement. “Is she taking @RobMarciano’s place?” one fan asked. “All one big team,” Ginger assured them.

Ginger Zee & Somara Theodore [Source: Ginger Zee - Instagram]
[Source: Ginger Zee – Instagram]
Fans are happy to see that Ginger will have a solid person to fill in for the other two meteorologists. She went missing from the morning show earlier this week. What are your thoughts? Do you think Rob Marciano will get replaced eventually? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Rob Marciano.

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  1. Please don’t replace Rob Marciano 🙏 We miss him on weekends 😢
    He is so charming and knowledgeable. He fits so well with the reporters on the desk.

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