Ginger Zee Reveals Tensions Among ‘GMA’ Weather Crew?

Ginger Zee [The View | YouTube]

Ginger Zee shared behind-the-scenes secrets with the GMA crew. This comes after she talked about her pre-work ritual and late-night confessions associated with her job. However, some fans think Ginger doesn’t care about her role as a meteorologist anymore, which couldn’t be further from the truth. She proved that with her latest forecasts surrounding the rainstorms in California.

The reporter admitted that things have been tense among the crew. This past week has been stressful for them. In the meantime, there areconcerns for fellow meteorologist Rob Marciano. On Friday, January 13, Ginger posted a video on Twitter featuring her with her fellow GMA crew members. Read on to learn more and see the clip for yourself.

Ginger Zee [ABC7News | YouTube]
[ABC7News | YouTube]

Ginger Zee shares tense moment on GMA

Ginger Zee smiled as she shared the “tense” moment behind the scenes of Good Morning America. She joined her weather crew, who have been feverishly reporting on the storms. They looked at the drought monitor. She admits that they couldn’t stop staring at the screen for the past 30 minutes.

“Inside tense moments in the weather center this morning with @Wx_Max @DanAmarante as we anticipate #drought monitor…” Ginger Zee wrote in her tweet. “I’m not joking, we barely took a breath for a half hour.”

They were measuring the extreme drought in California. In her clip, Ginger compared the tense situation to hurricane season. She said that her fellow colleagues experienced “some heartburn” and that one of her crew members was “working feverishly” as she was “typing away.”

Fans took to Ginger Zee’s tweet to share their thoughts. Even some of her colleagues admitted they were tracking the drought non-stop as well. Drew Tuma wrote: “Not me refreshing the drought monitor website every 10 seconds this morning.” Other fans were distracted by Ginger’s good looks, while others commended the team for their hard work.

Ongoing concerns for Rob Marciano

Ginger Zee isn’t the only one tracking the rain in California. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans have been concerned about Rob Marciano’s well-being after he ended up stuck in Montecito, California with some of his crew members.

Rob Marciano [ABC | YouTube]
[ABC | YouTube]
He was stranded earlier this week after the roads were cut-off by the flooding. No matter what happens, the GMA weather crew looks out for one another. He reunited with some of them at a nearby location. In some of the photos he posted on Instagram, Rob was with retired journalist Ron Claiborne.

Meanwhile, fans are missing Rob on Good Morning America. For now, they can continue to watch Ginger Zee’s reports on the morning show. What are your thoughts on the BTS video she shared? Sound off below in the comment section.

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