Ginger Zee [Source: YouTube]

Ginger Zee Shocks ‘GMA’ Fans With Secret Talent?

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Ginger Zee shocked Good Morning America fans with her secret talent. They already know that she can dance. Ginger was on Dancing with the Stars when it aired on ABC. However, they didn’t know she could do this. Keep on reading to learn more.

Ginger Zee shares hidden talent on Instagram

The GMA meteorologist took to Instagram to show off her hidden talent. Fans said she could become a pop star if her current career in meteorology doesn’t pan out. Ginger had fun in her dressing room. She wore a white wrap blouse with a red pencil skirt as she held up a glitzy microphone. Ginger showed off her singing chops.

Ginger Zee [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
She was getting ready for Friday’s broadcast of Good Morning America. Ginger was in the mood to belt out a tune. Her hairstylist, Merilyn Mitchell, gave her the karaoke microphone. At first, Ginger didn’t want to sing on camera.

“I don’t wanna sing, I don’t wanna sing,” Ginger Zee pleaded.

A Mariah Carey song started playing. In the rest of the clip, Ginger performed several songs for her fans as she got her hair ready for the show. Merilyn danced behind Ginger as she sang.

Ginger Zee Sings Karaoke In Dressing Room [Ginger Zee - Instagram]
[Ginger Zee – Instagram]
“Why @msmerilyn had to hand me that karaoke mic I don’t know,” Ginger Zee wrote in her caption. “Happy Friday everyone.”

Fans took to the comment section to talk about her hidden talent. Now that they know she can sing and dance, they think she could be a pop star. Others were shocked that she was hiding her singing voice all this time. There were also fans who loved that she sang along to some of the most popular songs.

  • “Y’all are having too much fun in the morning. I’m so jealous!!”
  • “Something to fall back on if the weather deal falls through.”
  • “So just in case you’re [sic] weather gig isn’t going well!!!!”

GMA meteorologist shows off natural skin

Ginger Zee went makeup-free in another Instagram video. She was getting ready for her appearance on GMA. This time, she took to her Instagram Stories to share her morning hair and makeup routine. She started off the clip by filming herself in a gray camouflage long-sleeve shirt.

Ginger looked fresh-faced as she prepped her skin before putting on her makeup. She hung out in her dressing room with her brown hair slicked back in a bun and undereye masks. Her makeup artist and hairstylist helped her get glamorous for the show. Ginger changed into a black ribbed ballet-neck blouse with a leopard print skirt.

Ginger Zee Gets Ready For GMA [Source: Ginger Zee - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Ginger Zee – Instagram Stories]
“It’s a special get ready with me, with Merilyn and Andrea…” Ginger Zee said in her clip.

She credited her team for help getting her ready. What are your thoughts on Ginger Zee shocking fans with her secret talent? Do you think she would make a good pop star? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I think Ginger Zee should do whatever makes her happy and is good for her and her family. She seems to be a lovely woman.
    Diane Medina

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