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What Happened To Rob Marciano’s Twitter Account?

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Rob Marciano went radio silent on Twitter. Fans noticed something strange about his profile. Someone hacked his account and shared bizarre retweets from Elon Musk. Rob went away from Twitter shortly after the hacking. Now, he finally addressed what happened. Keep on reading to learn all the details.

Rob Marciano breaks silence on Twitter

The Good Morning America meteorologist broke his silence on Twitter. He addressed what happened to his account. He was inactive for many weeks. Rob Marciano only interacted with his fans and followers on Instagram.

Rob Marciano [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
January 6 was the last time he was active on Twitter. His fans noticed strange activity on there. The last time Rob Marciano was active was when he retweeted a clip of the bomb cyclone that hit most parts of the country. The video came from the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere.

“This beats any lava lamp I had in college,” Rob Marciano tweeted.

On Friday, January 27, he returned to Twitter. The ABC World News co-anchor shared what happened to his account in the past few weeks. This came as a surprise to his fans who didn’t expect his return.

“Great to be back on the twitter after taking a break from social media!” Rob Marciano exclaimed.

Some fans wondered if his break had to do with his hacking. Rob shared that he just wanted to take a break from the social media app. He didn’t explain why he needed a break from Twitter since he’s been active over on Instagram, as previously mentioned. Rob doesn’t deal with as many trolls as fellow meteorologists Ginger Zee and Sam Champion.

“Well, that’s not entirely true… it’s more like I was hacked, and it took some effort to fix, good times,” Rob Marciano informed a fan before deleting the tweet. “Thank you to the hacker for not tweeting anything TOO insane.”

GMA weatherman hacked on Twitter

Earlier this month, someone hacked Rob Marciano’s account. Fans of the GMA weatherman noticed bizarre tweets on his profile. This comes after there were changes made to his Twitter page. Someone promoted Elon Musk and the safety features of the Tesla vehicle.

Rob Marciano’s name was then changed to two quotation marks. He hasn’t changed it back. However, Rob did fix his bio, which had typos in there before. Fans were happy to see him back on Twitter.

  • “Glad you make it back.”
  • “Welcome back! Hope all is well.”
  • “Can you now come back to GMA?”
  • “You are sooooo missed!!”
  • “Hey!!!! Can you bring yourself back to GMA?”

What are your thoughts on Rob Marciano’s Twitter account? Are you glad to see him back? Do you miss him on GMA? Sound off below in the comment section.

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