‘GMA’ Fans Worried Rob Marciano’s Life In Danger

Rob Marciano [ABC News | YouTube]

Rob Marciano has fans concerned about his well-being once again. The Good Morning America meteorologist has to brave the elements for his job. This time, he traveled to California to report on the ongoing storms. The state is dealing with mudslides and sinkholes from the torrential rains.

The weatherman took to his Instagram Stories to share an update on the storms. Unfortunately, California is still dealing with flooding from the rains that just won’t let up. While the state could use some rain, it can’t deal with the aftermath. Find out what made fans concerned about the GMA co-anchor.

Rob Marciano [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

ABC World News weatherman shares update on California storms

On Monday, January 9, Rob Marciano shared a blurry update on his Instagram Stories. The clip showed him in the midst of the California storms. Rob wore a cobalt blue ABC News jacket with a black baseball cap. He spoke to his fans as he shared an update from the news van.

Rob and his team had to seek emergency shelter. The storms haven’t let up. They ended up stranded. Rob wanted his fans to know about the severity of these storms.

“So we’re kind of stranded in Montecito, which there are worse places but on a night like tonight this is pretty bad,” Rob Marciano shared. “There are no hotels close by, and the roads are cut off anywhere where there are hotels, so we’re going to one of our boss’s parents’ house to camp out for the night.”

Rob Marciano Stuck In Storm [Rob Marciano | Instagram]
[Rob Marciano | Instagram]
Rob shared that the crew would meet up with them. He hoped they would make their way through the storms to join them. He nervously laughed as he remained positive. Rob followed up with a video that showed the conditions in the city.

Roads were blocked due to extreme flooding. The storms devastated tens of thousands of people. Many of them experienced flooding and power outages. Even former talk show host Ellen DeGeneres urged citizens to evacuate the area.

Rob Marciano has fans concerned about his well-being

Rob Marciano returned to his Instagram Stories with a new clip. He wrote in the caption: “101 [thumbs down emoji] we stuck [wave emoji].” Rob then shared a photo of a sign that read: “Extreme drought, please conserve water.”

This comes after he had fans concerned about him. Someone hacked his Twitter account. His name was replaced with question marks. In addition, Rob Marciano’s profile picture disappeared. There was also a weird update on his Twitter profile.

The tweet in question was retweeted by Elon Musk and read: “Thread on how safe Tesla cars are.” One fan noticed and wrote: “Weatherman, you’ve been hacked.” Fans then noticed that Rob Marciano removed his Twitter account altogether.

Rob Marciano's Twitter Hacked [Rob Marciano | Twitter]
[Rob Marciano | Twitter]
He hasn’t shared if his account was hacked. At this time, it’s still up but it still shows quotation marks in his name and a blank profile picture. His bio reads: “Good Morning America / ABC News Meteorologist (CBM). Dad, science guy, sports fan, and outdoor enthusiast.”

What are your thoughts on Rob Marciano’s latest Instagram posts? Do you think he’s in danger? Or, do you think he’s doing fine? Sound off below in the comment section.

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