Rob Marciano Disappears From ‘GMA,’ Alleged Inappropriate Conduct?

Rob Marciano Goes Bull-riding [Source: YouTube]

Rob Marciano disappeared from Good Morning America for another reason. This time, it’s due to allegations of inappropriate conduct. Fans have wanted the meteorologist back full-time on the show. Rob used to appear during the Weekend Edition of GMA.

Every so often, he would appear during the weekly version. Rob also appears on ABC World News Tonight. Now, fans might not see him back on a full-time basis. According to new a report, the network banned him from the New York City studios. Keep on reading to learn more.

Rob Marciano Reports Snow Storm [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Banned from ABC Studios

Rob Marciano became a fixture on the lineup of Good Morning America. However, ABC reportedly banned him from the studios after he “made colleagues feel uncomfortable.” On Sunday, March 19, Page Six reported that Rob hasn’t returned to ABC Studios for a year. It’s for good reason.

ABC Studios banned him for inappropriate conduct. He allegedly “made a female colleague feel uncomfortable last year.” This could be the reason why he hasn’t appeared on the show like he normally does.

Rob Marciano Shows Rainbow [Source: Rob Marciano - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Rob Marciano – Instagram Stories]
“He was found to have done something… that was improper, but he was punished for it, and they still haven’t let him return,” the first insider told Page Six.

The meteorologist from Good Morning America appears on the show on location. He’s never in the studios. A second insider said ABC News made this decision due to “a number of alarming events” and “some issues” that concerned people. The sources didn’t explicitly state what happened during those situations.

Rob Marciano Talks Supportive Crews [Source: Rob Marciano - Instagram]
[Source: Rob Marciano – Instagram]
One noted that Rob Marciano struggles with “anger issues.” He was stressed out during his divorce from his ex-wife, Eryn. Colleagues would call him out for his “unsavory behavior” and then ABC “pulled” him from the morning show. Eventually, they welcomed Rob back on a scaled-back basis.

When the alleged incidents leaked, the network pulled Rob from the air for a month. He wants to return to ABC Studios and become part of the morning show again. Executive Producer Simone Swink won’t allow it because of what transpired in that single incident. A third situation told the outlet that the network is being cautious about allowing him back.

GMA fans support Rob Marciano

Last week, Rob Marciano posted a series of photos from his recent weather report on Instagram. The first shot showed him smiling in his signature blue ABC News coat with a black baseball cap. He showed appreciation for the network crews. GMA fans took to the comment section amid the news to share their support.

  • We miss you in the studio Rob! Stay strong, you’ll get thru this. You do an amazing job reporting, putting urself in dangerous situations. Stay safe!
  • Go back !!!👏
  • “I just read u have been banned from [the] studio and been reporting from the field for mths or yr… wtf???? U r awesome and whatever happened I’m sure doesn’t warrant ban. I would leave @gmanews if I were u!!!”

Earlier this month, Rob Marciano joked about his impending retirement. He shared a photo of the rainbow while noting that he couldn’t find the “pot of gold” at the end. Rob wrote: “Yeah there’s no pot of gold… my dreams of retirement are shrinking.” The choice of words is interesting considering recent events.

What are your thoughts on Rob Marciano disappearing from GMA studios due to alleged inappropriate conduct? Do you think he should return to the headquarters? Or, do you think he should continue to work outside the studios? Sound off below in the comment section.

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