‘GMA’ Rob Marciano Fesses Up To On-Air Flub

Rob Marciano

GMA anchor Rob Marciano fesses up to an on-air flub. The meteorologist mentioned his latest weather report, which he admits flopped. He found himself apologizing to viewers on social media. This comes amid the constant shuffling of co-anchors on the morning show. Keep reading to learn more and to find out the details.

What happened during the GMA live report?

The ABC World News meteorologist shared on social media over the weekend that his live report “flopped.” Rob Marciano made his return to Good Morning America after his absence from the weekend edition. Fans are still wondering if he will ever return to his original timeslot permanently. This comes amid his ongoing divorce from Eryn Marciano.

Rob Marciano [ABC News | YouTube]
[ABC News | YouTube]
Sunday’s report didn’t happen as he expected it to. On December 11, Rob Marciano took to Twitter to explain to fans what happened. He admitted that he made a blunder during the live broadcast which he couldn’t correct. He had to apologize for the mistake.

One fan noticed his on-air flub and wrote: “@RobMarciano Think you meant I84 in Brewster, NY!”

Rob Marciano responded: “Actually 684 but ur right I flobbed it and couldn’t redo.”

During the live show, Rob was supposed to mention Interstate 684, which is commonly called I-684. The interstage highway is 28.47 miles and runs from North to South in New York. The fan didn’t mention which highway Rob accidentally said during his forecast. The report wasn’t uploaded to the Good Morning America YouTube channel or Instagram page.

Fans upset over Rob Marciano’s disappearance

Good Morning America has had its share of lengthy absences lately. Fans have begged to show to keep one of its main hosts permanent. They’re tired of Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts, and George Stephanopoulos disappearing from the air. In the meantime, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have taken a leave of absence from GMA3 for the time being. They were benched for naughty behavior involving an alleged affair.

Fans begged Rob Marciano to return to GMA. They didn’t like it when Cheryl Scott replaced him during the summer shows. Some have taken to Twitter to call for the return of Rob. He pops up on the morning show from time to time, but only on the weekday editions until recently.

Rob Marciano's Kids Decorating Tree [Rob Marciano | Instagram Stories]
[Rob Marciano | Instagram Stories]
Rob Marciano took a step back from the weekend edition. He’s spending more time with his family during the holiday season. Rob posted a video to his Instagram Stories of his two kids decorating their Christmas tree. He included the Peanuts Christmas song in his clip.

What are your thoughts on Rob Marciano fessing up to his on-air flub? Did you catch it? Do you miss him on the weekend edition of GMA? Sound off below in the comment section.

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