Will There Be A ‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Season 12?

Curse of Oak Island Season 11 ended with no treasure and lots of pitfalls. History Channel fans wonder if there will be a Season 12. Despite a desperate push to get through the Money Pit, the Garden Shaft. and other promising locations, Rick Lagina and his team ended on a low note. However, he’s keen to get back into it again, claiming that he’s not going to give up.

Will Curse of Oak Island Season 12 Happen?

The History Channel probably won’t cancel the series, because viewership is so good, per Forbes. While treasure wasn’t found, millions of people tuned in for the amazing history lesson. And, what a lesson it was in Season 11. Strong links between the Vikings and the Knights Templar suggested the two cultures assisted as the Knights faced persecution in Europe.

Rick Lagina and and the team - Curse of Oak Island - History Channel Twitter
Rick Lagina and the team – Curse of Oak Island – History Channel Twitter

In the finale of Curse of Oak Island Season 1, History Channel viewers saw an emotional Rick Lagina. A renewal for Season 12 has not been announced, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come later. After all, the show is usually announced sometime in the fall. At the end of the 2024 show, Marty Lagina outlined that they might try other angles going forward.

When will The History Channel Premiere Season 12?

Going by previous seasons, the show will probably return for the 2024/25 season towards the end of the year. Of course, it could air a bit later but it probably will bring 25 episodes again.

Frustrating end to Season 11 - Curse Of Oak Island - Twitter
A frustrating end to Season 11 – Curse Of Oak Island – Twitter

On Twitter, Co-Host Matty Blake seemed upbeat about a return saying:

Thanks fans for an incredible season 11. As was made clear in last nights’ finale: we ain’t done yet! DRILLING DOWN FINALE SPECIAL coming TUESDAY MAY 7th at 8/7c I’ll be in Michigan once again to recap this incredible year and look to the future. #CurseOfOakIsland #KeepTheFaith

Curse of Oak Island fans now know that the borehole drill didn’t work at the end of Season 11. Probable buried wealth seems likely to be discovered deep in the Money Pit. However, it would take a lot of drilling and the removal of lots of dirt. Water is still a problem in the massive underground structures. During the winter break, the research team will figure out how to explore further.

Curse of Oak Island - Twitter
Curse of Oak Island – Twitter

In reply to Matty’s tweet, some fans expressed their disappointment. However, they don’t want to see the History Channel show ended:

  • @MccannDarin” The nerd in me wants to see a timeline graphic of what the team thinks is leading up to the who when what where and how. And has the show ever thought about presenting what they have in that timeline to a panel of the affected area? Again, the nerd in me.
  • @joker5339: A once a month show maybe just going over histories and timelines of artifacts would be greatly appreciated by fans who are going through withdrawals starting next week.

While no major treasure was found in Season 11, it certainly raised some interesting theories about the Vikings and the Knights Templar. Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Curse of Oak Island news. 

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