‘Sister Wives’ #1 Secret That Irreparably Broke Brown Family

Kody Brown - Sister Wives - TLC - YouTube

Sister Wives fans saw Kody Brown lose three spiritual wives, and only Robyn Brown remains, but did the wedding dress lie kickstart the ultimate end of the polygamous family? It makes some TLC fans question almost everything about the show that might have been built on lies.

The Sister Wives Lies Started In Season 1?

Christine Brown’s very plain wedding dress was always an issue for TLC fans. That is why they were happy to see her enjoy a dream wedding when she married David Woolley. Meri had a nice dress, and her husband claimed she made it herself. Meanwhile, Janelle didn’t wear a special gown. The patriarch of the family took little interest in their dresses for their special day.

Kody and Robyn Brown's wedding. - TLC
Kody and Robyn Brown’s wedding. – TLC

Robyn Brown got a nice wedding dress and it was the only one he showed any interest in. In fact, he seemed thrilled that he’d chosen it. And so, the lie was propagated. Many lies followed, as far as TLC fans can tell. Four months ago, a scene on Sister Wives revealed the flashback footage where he said he picked it out. And then, more footage revealed Roibyn denying that he did.

Kody Brown & Robyn Lied About The Wedding Dress & More

On Reddit, a Sister Wives fan shared about how they felt the lie might have kickstarted the end of the family unit. In a long caption, the OP wrote:

#1 secret that ruined the Brown plural family from start…I feel from the beginning Robyn and Kody’s wedding dress lie set the pace for the rest of what was to come in that family. These two joined forces right from the beginning.. no getting over that massive disrespect and slap in the wife’s faces. Do you have any other lies or problems that set that family on the road to divorce?

Robyn Brown - Sister Wives TLC - YouTube
Robyn Brown – Sister Wives TLC – YouTube

Sister Wives fans need no further invitation to share their feelings about deception by Kody Brown and Robyn. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • …Now I personally believe that Robyn didn’t come into the family exactly the way we were told. I don’t believe Meri spotted her first and encouraged Kody. These people have lied to us about lots of things so take everything they say with a grain of salt…, Robyn and Kody showed themselves, their motivations, and frankly, their *sses when they did this bullsh*t.
  • If you watch just season 1-3 closely they change the story of how they met Robyn multiple times. They lied the entire time!
  • Even where they met changes. They were at a friend’s house, they were at a dance, they were at church. Considering they lived 5 hours away from each other I’m gonna venture that they didn’t meet in the wild.

What are your thoughts about the wedding dress lie? It was very early in the show, and since then other lies emerged. Do you agree that right from the start, Robyn and Kody Brown decided to mess with the minds of Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown? Was the family breakup therefore inevitable? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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