Christine & Janelle Prove Kody Lied About No Love For Meri

Janelle and Christine from the Brown family on Sister Wives / YouTube

In Sister Wives Season 18, Meri moved to Utah after Kody Brown wanted her gone. He claimed that he never loved her, anyway. However, it seems that Jenelle and Christine Brown have proven that he lied about it. The revelations came as Meri contemplated how she would fit in with the remnants of the family after she lived in “limbo land” for long.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Said Some Nasty Things About Meri

Things got so nasty, that at one stage, the TLC patriarch claimed that Meri tricked him into marriage. Additionally, he mentioned that he never loved her. Fortunately, she finally woke up and accepted that hanging around as the third wheel with him and Robyn wasn’t working. After they hadn’t been intimate for over ten years, it seemed to take her a long time to realize that any love he had for her had died.

According to Meri, Kody Brown never used to be like he is today. In fact, she has fond memories of him being a “happy-go-lucky” sort of guy. Some fans wondered if the couple finally split forever because Robyn and her husband fought with Leon’s mom after coming out trans. However, it seems that the penny dropped after Robyn talked about letting her see the kids, but didn’t invite her to Easter dinner.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Lied, And Janelle And Christine Proved it?

In a preview that aired on Facebook, Christine talked about how nobody would walk into a marriage if it looked bad already. Clearly, she saw nothing that indicated a loveless relationship. The Sister Wives star said, “I was 18 years old when I met [them],” adding, “They were so cute.” Apparently, they were so nice together that “everyone wanted to be around them” Interestingly, she described her ex as being “incredibly charming with [Meri].” 

Sister Wives - Christine and Janelle Prove Kody Lied About No Love For Meri - TLC
Sister Wives – Janelle, Robyn, Kody, Christine, and Meri Brown – TLC

According to Jenelle, Kody Brown and Meri looked solid to her as well. Like Christine, she also liked what she saw. She noted, “When you come into a relationship in plural marriage, you look at how the relationships before you are faring.”Next, she pointed out, “You’re not going to come into a relationship if the man can’t manage his family already.” So, the TLC veteran asked, “Why would you sign up for that?” The Sister Wives star added, “That’s like all kinds of danger signs.”

Neither Woman Saw Anything Wrong

Christine even said that when she saw Kody Brown and Meri, he was so “sweet with her,” that she wanted to “sign up for that.” Actually, it all seems to point to the fact that everything was mostly quite good in the Sister Wives family before Robyn arrived.

Do you think that what Jenelle and Christine Brown had to say about Kody Brown proved that he lied about not loving Meri? As both of them already left the TLC patriarch, why would they tell fibs about what they saw for themselves? Are you glad that Meri’s well out of it nowadays.? Let us know in the comments below and remember to come back to TV Shows Ace for all the news about Sister Wives.

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