‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Makes Precious New Memories

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Janelle Brown spends a lot of time with Maddie Brown Brush since her beloved son, Garrison, passed away, and now the Sister Wives star is with her again. TLC fans are thrilled to see that she’s making new happy memories. Despite the pain of loss, life goes on, and she enjoyed one of her favorite outings with Axel, 7, Evie, 5, and Josephine, 1. Keep reading to find out more.

Janelle Brown And Maddie Deal With Their Grief

In the past, Garrison’s mom loved going to farmers’ markets. Sometimes, when she visited her daughter, they took the grandchildren there. With Garrison passing away, she seems to be able to better deal with her grief when she’s with her daughter’s family in North Carolina. Recently, she shared the garden boxes at Maddie’s place and fans think she might move closer to her.

TLC Star Janelle Brown With Maddie Brown Brush - Instagram
TLC Star Janelle Brown With Maddie Brown Brush – Instagram

Janelle Brown loves nothing more than gathering her produce from the market. During the COVID years, she lamented that they closed. However, they reopened and she shared plenty of healthy eating posts with her TLC fans. Sometimes, she even grows her own veggies. Now, she’s been making new memories in a strawberry patch.

Maddie Brown Brush, The Grandkids And Grandma At The Market

On the weekend, the TLC star spent time with Maddie Brown Brush and the kids at a farmers’ market. She posted a reel on Instagram about their outing and set it to Rob Drabkin’s It’s A Beautiful Day. Delighted, she held up a handful of delicious-looking red fruit. And, it seems significant that she smiled the sunniest of smiles.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Went Strawberry Picking - Instagram
Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Went Strawberry Picking – Instagram

In her caption, Janelle Brown told her Sister Wives fans:

This was wondrous! Acres of beautiful red strawberries. Our buckets filled up fast. Making jam is on the agenda tonight and maybe a pie 🤩- we will see 😀

TLC viewers love Kody Brown’s former second wife, and they seem fond of Maddie Brown Brush as well. So, plenty of comments arrived. Here’s a small selection of them:

  • Looks like a marvelous start to your Mother’s Day weekend.
  • My mouth literally watered as I saw those! Yum!
  • Happy Mother’s Day Janelle !! Love to see you smile 🍓🍰👩🏼‍🌾❤️
  • Your smile says it all ❤️
  • Nature can be so therapeutic! The simple things are the best! Enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • It’s a blessing to see you smile.

Are you happy to see Janelle Brown smiling in the strawberry fields with Maddie Brown Brush and her grandchildren? Do you agree that it seems heartwarming to see her create new memories doing what she loves? Share your thoughts in the comments section and come back here for more updates on Sister Wives.

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