Maddie Brown Brush Shares Favorite Summer Pastime


Maddie Brush is enjoying creating memories with her children Axel and Evie K. Now that summertime is creeping in, there is even more to do and more magic to make. Recently, Maddie shared one of her favorite pastimes to share with her little ones.

Maddie Brush Becomes A Mom To Emulate

Coming from a big family truly has its benefits. Maddie was one of twelve when Sister Wives first started in 2010, all living under one roof in Utah. She had three “moms” to watch and learn from but two core examples. Her mother Janelle was the family workhorse and she was gone from sunrise to sunset to help provide. Janelle’s sister wife, Christine was the epitome of a homemaker. She ensured everyone had done their homework, practiced their studies, and dinner was on the table, all while pregnant. At the same time, Maddie’s father, Kody was courting a fourth wife so there was a lot to juggle. The wives were also adapting the home for baby number thirteen.


As for Maddie, she had dreams of being a cosmetologist but eventually, that shifted into being a lawyer and she had the grades to do it. She had become extremely dedicated, even gaining a full ride to college as the valedictorian. However, her priorities shifted when she reconnected with Caleb Brush and fell in love. The two planned a summer 2016 wedding in Montana and by 2017, were expecting their first baby. Their son Axel became the first Brown grandbaby which was a huge deal. In early 2019, they revealed they were not only moving to North Carolina but expecting baby number two. Evie K. was born that year and though she had her obstacles, she beams with excitement and love. Now, mama Maddie is sharing something very special with her babies the whole family can do.

The Most Fun Summer

Outdoor activities are the kind that all the Browns seem to like to participate in. Janelle and Christine recently took their kids hiking which they really loved. Now, Maddie Brush is finding joy in simple outdoor activities and a creative summer pastime. She broke out the sidewalk chalk which Axel and Evie adore. Plus, it makes her and Caleb feel like kids all over again. She posted pics of her, Caleb, and the kids drawing away with their chalk on Instagram. Maddie proceeded to ask her followers what family summer activities they engaged in.


  • “Hiking and camping! Helps we live in Montana”
  • “Frisbee. Grandkids in the hottub. Popsicles. Walk in evening. Fresh cut grass. Our garden.”
  • “Bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles with our toddler!!”

It’s great to see Maddie and her kids living their best creative lives and always looking for new ideas. What do you do for summer fun? Let us know in the comments.


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