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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Shares ‘Her First’ With Fans

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Janelle Brown of Sister Wives shared an exciting first with fans over the weekend. The update came with a photo she happily shared with her 695K Instagram followers on her Stories. What exciting first did she share exactly? Keep reading to see a photo!

Janelle Brown drools all over her first

As Sister Wives fans know, Janelle Brown is very passionate about living on the land, gardening, and shopping at local farmer’s markets. When the family spent time making plans for Coyote Pass on the show, it was important for Janelle to have greenhouses. The TLC personality made the decision to purchase an RV and live on the land during the summer of last year. The reality TV star caught some heat when she put her RV away for the winter season. Fans accused her of not really being committed to living on the land. Janelle, however, argued she just wasn’t properly set up for the winter just yet.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

When summer of this year rolled around fans were even more baffled when Janelle Brown didn’t bring her RV out and set up shop on the land again. Janelle, however, did explain to her fans that her daughter was having a hard time living in an RV. With the best interest of her child in mind, she axed living in the RV for now.

Not living in the RV, however, didn’t stop Janelle Brown from gardening. Turns out, she was recently able to harvest her very first tomatoes of the season. She shared a photo of a red bowl with six medium-sized ripe tomatoes. In the caption, she noted these were her first tomatoes of the season. She was super excited and had plans to squeeze tomato sandwiches onto her menu for one of her meals that day!

Janelle Brown - Instagram
Janelle Brown – Instagram

Where is Kody Brown?

As Sister Wives fans continue to watch Janelle Brown live her best life on social media, they can’t help but wonder where her husband Kody might be. Some fans believe Janelle has joined Christine in leaving Kody and just hasn’t made an announcement about it yet. Is there trouble in paradise or does Janelle just not share photos or videos of the time Kody spends with her on social media?

Do you enjoy your first garden harvest of the season too? Are you a fan of tomatoes? Let us know in the comments down below and keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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