‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Finally Finds More Gold At Money Pit

Rick on The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

The Curse of Oak Island often has the team find various items around the island, but the main goal is to find gold. Exictdedly, that happened this week on the hit HISTORY Channel show.

Here is what the team found and what this means for The Money Pit on Oak Island.

Where was gold found on Curse of Oak Island?

The team has been working around the Money Pit extensively lately and this week, they finally hit gold – literally. In the episode, they were digging around and suddenly stopped when they found a gold coin dating back to the 18th century.

Marty Lagina was in the digger working on excavating more of the Money Pit when Gary Drayton yelled out for everyone to stop because he had found a gold coin. Gary, the metal detection expert, was looking at the coin and the team had to figure out if it was a gold coin or possibly a gold button.

Rick on The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

Rick Lagina quickly moved over to look at the gold coin. Charles Barkhouse let the team know there is wording around the outside of the gold coin. Rick took it and rolled it over in his hands and admitted he wasn’t able to see it very well with his eyesight.

The Curse of Oak Island team added some water to it. Marty came down and grabbed the coin to look at it. Rick tried to get it back, but Marty wouldn’t give it up, saying he could read it. He then saw the words a little clearer and said he thought it said, “plated.”

Gary said if it says “plated,” it might be a button. Gary said that in the 1700s and 1800s, officers in the army and navy would wear nice gold-plated buttons. He then added that, if it is a button, it is a cuff button. The narrator then suggested this could be further evidence of British military activity on Oak Island before the 1795 discovery of the Money Pit.

What is going on at the Money Pit on Oak Island?

Earlier in the year, the team was searching an area of the island once owned by a former American slave named Samuel Ball. At that time, the team found several 19th-century British coins, buttons, and artifacts. At the time, Marty and Rick felt they were zeroing in on something big that happened there in the mid-1700s.

Fred Nolan believed the Money Pit was engineered by a disciplined group of individuals. Rick said the military was the only group that could do something that big at that time, and this gold coin or button could validate that. Marty said that means this could be the most important thing they ever found in the Money Pit.

Are you surprised to see the team finding gold at the Money Pit on Curse of Oak Island? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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