‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Team Believes It Has Found The Gold

Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

The Curse of Oak Island finally had what might be its biggest breakthrough on the show. This week, they believe they have finally figured out where the gold at the Money Pit is buried. This could finally lead them to capture the elusive treasure after all these years.

Here is a look at how they found the possible gold and what is next.

Curse of Oak Island possibly finds gold

The team from The Curse of Oak Island believes they have finally found their gold. Thanks to their geologist, Dr. Ian Spooner’s electronic slide, they believe they have pinpointed where the gold might be buried on the island. As expected, it was near the garden shaft at the Money Pit.

Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

There was a “pink blob” that showed up on the slide that the guys say shows where a large deposit of gold has been buried. Spooner collected water samples from around the Money Pit into plastic bottles. This entire procedure was to find out if there was gold in the water and determine where it might be located if there is.

From the experiment, Spooner has figured out where the gold is buried. That happens to be just about 10 feet west of the garden shaft. When everyone got together in the War Room, Marty asked about the gold. That is when Spooner pulled out a slide with a pink blob and he said that is where the buried gold is located.

What is next for Curse of Oak Island?

Now, it is time to figure out how they will go about getting to the buried treasure. The good news is that they don’t need something as big as the excavation team that they hired to dig down to find hidden chambers. The Canadian government shut down that entire ordeal because they didn’t have the proper permits.

Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

For this hidden gold, Dr. Dred Michel, the hydrogeologist, explained that the gold was not that deep under the water. He estimated the depth to be somewhere between 80 and 110 feet. This also lines up with previous explorers who found an inscribed stone at 90 feet, which is right there at about the same level. That marker was believed to be a marker for hidden treasure.

That previous team had dug down to a platform but they had to abandon the dig due to flooding. That was in 1804, and  Marty and his team have the tools now to get down there and possibly find it without worrying about flooding disrupting their work. It sounds like they plan to start digging for gold ASAP.

Do you think this is the break the guys on The Curse of Oak Island have been waiting for? Will this really finally turn into treasure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. I like that one,even though I do like the show,I’ve watched it from the start I just wished everytime they find something they have to go to the war room and talk about it for an HR.while you are hunting treasurer keep hunting tell you’re done the go and antalize what you’ve found.save time.i wish they would put knew big foot shows on,I don’t care if it true or not I love watching this stuff better than watching the world fall apart.

    2. It’s really funny that they never pulled out a bunch of magnets and just went across the beach or wherever when they’re starting to dig just get some big magnets out there on one of those back holes

        1. or use large amounts of dye and see where it exits, like they did on a show in Vietnam looking for caves.

      1. Gold or silver will not be picked up by magnets. I’ve been watching the show from the beginning as well, and what really keeps me interested is to see the passion that this whole team puts into it, as I watch them growing old reaching for their dreams, It makes me realize it’s not the gold it’s the hunt. Can you imagine if they find the holy Grail of treasures, that being the ark of the covenant and return it to Israel. It really could happen.

        1. watched from the beginning and love the history and archaeology of each show. seeing the brothers work on the dream they have always had is fantastic. hate when we have to wait for next season like tonight.

    3. Does it really make since that the gold could be 80 to 110 ft down. If true how did the depositors go about digging down that far and for what reason.

      1. There have been ancient people all over the world who have dug through solid rock deeper than the possible treasure on Oak Island. We can’t replicate what some ancient people did with stone and copper tools today!!! Like in Egypt. We couldn’t build the pyramids today using what the ancient Egyptians had. I doubt we could build one using today’s technology!
        I’m not ready to say aliens built them but they did a whole lot of stuff that baffles the scientists today. Somehow the things ancient people have done might not have been as hard for them to do than we think. There’s probably some technology lost to history that made things that we don’t understand easier for them to do!!!

    4. Bigfoot will dig since he was the one who buried it, along with his big foot long hotdogs and buns , he wants people to know he also has a big cock. So maybe the brothers will take turns getting there ass fucked by him.

  1. I think it’s a fun endeavor but what I would prefer is a show wholly dedicated to the science of how this burial was done in the first place.
    I want a structural engineer, a hydro engineer, a physicist and a bunch of other educated persons to do a show about how this was ultimately created, in the first place.

    We’re talking about some form of lost technology…let’s get to the bottom of it.

    1. wouldn’t they have to FIND the treasure first in order to show the “science of how this burial was done”?

    2. This show is boring as hell, you keep going over the same thing over and over again. Finish the show. I will never watch another treasure hunt show after this

      1. Agree. I am a Texas husband so every Tuesday evening my wife says “…turn on Oak Island” happy wife happy life.

      2. Oh my gosh you are so right! Each time they have a commercial we have to listen to the same guy repeat the same diatribe all over again! I am bored beyond words!

      3. The show is very repetitious, the latest camera work is also very annoying, it keep changing angles, we don’t need to see eyes, chins and out of focus shots

    3. I think they have a Lotta experts, but one thing they don’t need is to be eaten up with “engineerial disease”. I think Marty and the boys will definitely find it if they live long enough and it’s there.

  2. The show should hire the same artists who do the illustrations for Nat Geo Magazine to recreate all of the structures found (such as the ones off of the beach, the stone road, paths, foundations, etc etc….. ) I believe if all put together via a Birds Eye view it might help everyone visualize what went on there.

  3. A modern day Geraldo Rivera’s “ Al Capone’s Vault.” Much ado about nothing. No treasure except for the actors, the network, the advertisers, etc.

    1. maybe,but it’s better than watching politics go to you know where.i like the moonshiners to,it just has funny characters on it,it’s just fun to watch and there not dirty.

    2. Have you noticed every ox shoe,spike or nail is the key to finding the treasure. They spent a whole season and thousands of dollars saying old Jims hole was the location or key now they are no where near it .I think this is just an entertaining snipe hunt

  4. Don’t hold your breath. I’m sure there is a permit not filed, an “i” not dotted or a “t” not crossed. Just have to wait until next season ! Do ya think ?

  5. tell rick to block of the flood tunnels and then drain the holes and you would be able to go down and get feet on the ground

    1. I disagree,still I like the show look forward to it every tuesday.if they find something or not you have to give the two brothers credit.theyve stuck together and they enjoy this stuff hey if I could make money off of something like this as long as it’s honest I’d go for it.they seem like nice people.

      1. Yes i see this the same way as you do.
        I find it entertaining and I have watched it all from the start.
        I hope the whole team finds the treasure and it has great history behind it.
        But then the show ends.
        So what next i wonder, because they will not stop.

    1. I believe over time the ground has shifted things have moved and it’s fell deeper.cstorms and yrs of the ground keeps settling I’d say it would be pretty hard to find.

    2. I think there was an easy way to get to the treasure. It probably did not involve digging straight down. They found part of a ship’s log in Nova Scotia’s records that said: a deep pit be dug with a secret tunnel from the shore. Marty always talks about an offset tunnel. That makes sense too.
      Samuel Ball might have found some of the treasure. How else would a simple cabbage farmer (a former slave who had nothing) become one of the richest men in Nova Scotia?
      I’m also wondering why they never showed the results to the giant “x-ray” they were doing over the past year. They only mentioned the collectors when they impeded the drilling operation near the Garden Shaft! There’s only 1 episode left this year. I don’t see a treasure being found in the 2022-2023 season. We will have to wait for next season’s ‘Oak Island!!!

    1. are you kidding if there human they can be wrong about certain things there not perfect only God is perfect.

  6. Have watched every episode of curse of oak island and have a question do the guys get to keep what they find or does it get taken away like other discoveries?

    1. I’d say,the candian government will have something to say about it but there made there money off of there show and probably will write books and everything and might get to keep a piece of it that’s my guess.

    2. I’m pretty sure all the discoveries are owned by an Oak Island corporation. The treasure if ever found will be split 90% /10% with the 10% going to Nova Scotia. Then there’s probably a split between all the owners and contributors to the show and the former people involved in the search. I wouldn’t be surprised if a major treasure was found it may end up in court to see who gets what. There’s 227 years of searchers and investors.

  7. I have read the book by Randall Sullivan and it’s amazing that grown men, mature in most aspects except rational thinking, will spend an inordinate amount of time and money digging umpteen bore holes deep into the earth searching for treasure that may not even exist. True, the description of the tunnels and flood system is amazing and cannot be fully explained. The horror stories that occur at night are creepy and also have no explanation. The theories of where the “treasure” came from are astounding. Aztec gold, Shakespeare manuscripts, Captain Kidd, and imaginations run wild. And then there are the Restall father, son and two others who lost their lives in their efforts to recover anything of value. If the Lagina brothers strike gold, they owe a lot to the countless individuals over the last two hundred years who searched and dug in vain hoping for a get rich discovery.

    1. YUP!! Think these loosers would find a REAL JOB, but they would NOT get their 1-hour of “fame” on tv……………

  8. Rick don’t owe a dam thing to anyone! Rick and Martys money! don’t be stupid those guys found it and that’s it! so to bad for you!!!

  9. If they do find the real treasure It would be fantastic because I’m sick of watching them find little bits and pieces of crap. Just find the damn treasure and be done with it because I will not be wasting anymore time watching this repetitive show.

    1. well,I’d say it takes awhile to find something buried on a island many yrs.ago.ever who buried the treasurer so nobody could find it it takes awhile to figure it out and if you had a good thing going would you want to stop it.i thank there getting really close.

  10. sadly, like all shows lately, more commercials and little new news. The digging show clues in those who do not know what’s happening so stop repeating what the great majority of followers already know and get on with the hands on. I now record it and zoom through the next day to skip all the commercial bs.

  11. That is FUNNY!!! Can’t these “loosers” find a REAL job? ………. OH WAIT!! they would NOT get their 1-hr of “fame” on TV!!!!!!!!!!!! Bragging rights at the bar to get “lucky” with the bar fiy’s……………………….

    1. I think you’re being unfair on that one.they haven’t done nothing wrong and if they own the place they can do what they want they just happen to be the lucky ones.go for it.

  12. they’ve had a real job.one spent 30 yrs.working for the post office the other one owns a business in Michigan.this is a dream and a hobby.

    1. I think they have found it already but since so much gets taken by the government, and the tech they have to pay for…that they are now stretching it out to another season for money they DO get to keep.
      It’s getting pretty boring now- and I have been pretty faithful. Now I feel like I’m being had. I started watching because my folks had gone there (probably before the Laginas were there ) and were fascinated, and Dan Blankenship reminded me of my father. He’s gone, and now they are getting stale. Sorry- I’m pretty patient but I have heard they did find it. I wish them the best , but I think I’ll go watch some grass grow. Thank you.

  13. well,I’d say it takes awhile to find something buried on a island many yrs.ago.ever who buried the treasurer so nobody could find it it takes awhile to figure it out and if you had a good thing going would you want to stop it.i thank there getting really close.i don’t like American pickers more.i don’t thank frank was treated right,and frank might be right it’s all about mike.i once loved the show but Mike’s brother not as good as frank was I wondered has Mike or Danielle and Mike’s brother ever visited Frank after he got sick.wouldnt you do that for a friend.im out on the pickers.and the pawn stars never liked pawn shops take advange of poor people.they don’t even want to give you a quarter what it’s worth not fair.cant stand the show.

  14. history channel fairly good on some shows but I don’t care about which food made america.they could improve on some more shows.my best are.oak island,moonshiners,skin valley ranch,anything to do with cars trucks american made,building houses or repairing houses,find gold in America not somewhere else.big foot.log cabins,things like that the frontier,racing,things like that not how they came up with apple pie.

  15. My biggest problem with the Lagina’s Oak Island deductions is the connection they paint between the Templars of Portugal and the Templar’ treasure on Oak Island with little or no tangible evidence to connect the two.
    Don’t forget the Roman sword – ‘the team’ were quite willing to believe the Romans had been to Oak Island until it was tested and shown to be modern.
    Did the ‘ship’ get into the swamp to hide evidence of slave trading following the Slavery Abolition Act is passed in 1834.No it’s a Spanish galleon brought to the island laden with treasure.

  16. They could have strip-mined the entire island down to the ocean floor by now, were it not for their habit of flitting back and forth chasing every new theory-of-the-week by self-styled “experts”.

    1. This rock wall!!! It’s not built to be a rock wall . I’d check to make sure it’s not covering a entrance of some kind. Built to look like a wall. Used to get rid of tunnel material. Also the safe/clay site . It’s probably just a dump sight to hide digging material .

  17. Their extrapolations of dates from scientific testing does not mean that that is when the elements were placed there. It only means that was when they may have been made or the style ore source material was available. Some societies outside of the great population centers still make products using inferior ores and smelting methods. And a century or two ago if something was functional you didn’t’ throw it away, you used it for its purpose or repurposed it. They constantly use a basic paleo logic. An elephant has legs and Marty has legs therefor Marty is an elephant.

  18. I believe there are hundreds of places worldwide that hold secrets from three, four, five, six hundred years ago. It’s just common sense. Maybe they’ll find their treasure, but they’ve certainly made a boat-load of money with this show.

    1. Without the success of the show, the Lagina Brothers would have given up years ago. But we, the “Acorns” watching the show and the commercials are a treasure. Hopefully they do find a real treasure. The science says there is silver and gold leaching from nearby between 80-120 feet down. I think they are close. hopefully this year!!!

      1. Or could the traces of gold and silver in the ground waters be the result of glaciers bringing down traces of gold and silver ore from northern Canada during the last ice age?

  19. I’ve watched this show for along time. I like the fellowship. the comradery. And yes it gets repetitive. I do not think the Laginas and group would still be at it without some tangible proof. There are hints that they have found this. They just do not show us as everyone and his cousin would be coming to Oak Island.

  20. There is no treasure. We’ve all been hoaxed. The show is making money and will keep going. When there’s no profit in making the the show, it will stop.

    Go root for your favorite baseball team and consider your watching time lost with the treasure.

  21. It may not just be a treasure of gold coins, and jewels. It is more likely that it could be religious relics from the times of Knights Templar. Either way it is a nice distraction. When we were children, we would have been excited about the possibility of a hidden treasure. As adults we are jaded and cynical. Just enjoy it for the history and entertainment. Who knows they might actually find something! I would love for them to prove us all wrong.

  22. That’s why I record it. I can blow through an hour episode in about 15-20 minutes since most of it is repetition and garbage.

  23. the island seems to have been a major repair spot for boat’s. that is one constant thing that keeps showing up and unless i have missed something is never discussed in the show. plus since the beginning the brothers have stated many times that the solving the mystery is the main goal, treasure would be nice, but not the goal!!

  24. Push someone down the shaft, that will be death number seven, the mythical treasure will be found and we can stop watching this paint drying

  25. lMO this show easily beats watching The View or Hallmark’s banal romcoms, BUT….
    Too much repetition. A one hour show is really half an hour without commercials. And half of that 30 minutes is a repeat explanation of what watchers already knew from last week or last year.

  26. I watch the show a lot. Yet I apparently have missed some crucial information. Who built the so-called garden shaft? And are we to believe that those who did stopped so near to the tunnel below? Does this make sense? Explain.

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