‘Curse of Oak Island’ Fans Have Ideas On Island’s Real History

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The Curse of Oak Island fans are taking a chance in the middle of the new season to discuss their theories about the island. The show itself has floated lots of theories about what happened on the island in the past, and the fans’ theories are just as wild.

Here is a look at some theories about what fans think happened on Oak Island.

What happened in Curse of Oak Island’s past?

A Redditor posted a comment asking “Based on everything you have seen on the show, what’s your best guess of what happened there?” That opened up a huge thread with over 141 comments to date about what might have happened in the island’s past. They even had some theories that seemed more realistic than those of the crew of treasure hunters on the island.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

For the Lagina brothers, the theories have been developing over the years. There is the theory of North African gold and a French map of the island from 1347. More so, there are theories about ancient mariner visitations. The most prevalent theories surround everything from the fabled Knights Templar to Vikings arriving on the island in the past. But, what do the fans think?

One theory was a basic look at something that could explain a lot of things the hunters found on the island. “Ship careening and repair,” they wrote. They went on to say that it explains the tools found on the island and many of the island’s features.

One big mystery was human bones found buried on the island. However, one Redditor said that was easily explained. “People lived on and visited Oak Island for hundreds of years,” they wrote. “It was common for people back then to have small private burial grounds.”

Another viewer believes it was old pub tales. “The money pit was probably an old mine shaft or sink hole,” they wrote. “Story told down the pub became a myth, that then became a legend, that then became a prospectus to investors for hunting for the treasure.”

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

What is going on this season on Curse of Oak Island

Despite all the possibilities, the mythology and fantasies of hidden treasure make Templars and Vikings the more entertaining theories. This season, the team has found underground paths and tunnels, and a possibility of a hidden treasure trove.

The Lagina brothers have hired a team to excavate part of the island so they can go underground and search. However, that has been temporarily shut down by the Canadian government. That won’t stop the hunting and speculating, as they just moved to another area of the island and are still finding tools and trinkets. As long as hope remains, The Curse of Oak Island still has treasure hunters believing in the possibility of gold.

What do you think the past history of Oak Island was? Do you think the guys on Curse of Oak Island are close in their theories? Let us know your theories in the comments below.

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  1. I have watched all the series and enjoyed them all.
    Something wants me to believe there is something substantial there.
    Because of the amount of underground workings found to date.
    I would not care if it was not gold and turned out to be historic ledgers.
    Or something of this nature.
    Treasure does not mean it has to glisten to have great value.
    I wish the team the best of luck in the haul

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