‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Ready To Send Someone Underground

Curse of Oak Island | YouTube

The guys on The Curse of Oak Island are ready to send someone underground. They have been searching for treasure for years. However, it now looks like they possibly found a tunnel to an underground shaft that might include some hidden treasure.

Here is a look at what happened in this week’s episode as they get closer to heading underground.

Curse of Oak Island looking into Garden Shaft

The guys on The Curse of Oak Island found a tunnel that looks like it heads straight to the Garden Shaft. This is a big deal because this was an area of interest for years. At one time, people dismissed the Garden Shaft as a searcher shaft. That might not be true.

Curse of Oak Island | YouTube

When gold was found in the water around that area, the guys determined it was more than just random flakes. There had to be more around there, and that opened up the idea of searching these tunnels again. Add in the discovery of wood with carbon-14 dating, and it was time to look into this area.

Last week, Dumas Contracting Ltd showed up on the show and the Lagina brothers hired them to excavate the area of the Garden Shaft. The crew said it would only take 50 days and they could go about 75 feet down. They also said they could go in any direction and at any elevation the brothers wanted. For the first time, the Lagina brothers could send someone underground to look into these tunnels.

While waiting, this week on Curse of Oak Island the guys continued with borehole drilling where they think they found another tunnel into the Garden Shaft. This is because they are using new technology and machinery, including an XRF matching and XRD machine, and used these to show there was really a tunnel down there.

What is in this underground shaft?


This tunnel was heading in the direction of the Garden Shaft. It is a big deal because no one has seemed to explore this part of Oak Island. There is no historical documentation for this area of the island. What the Lagina brothers believe is that they might have just found a series of tunnels and chambers built by the people who brought the treasure to Oak Island.

Curse of Oak Island | YouTube

The question now is who built these chambers. There have been lots of theories, including the Templars and Masons. While these are still prevalent theories, there are also some new theories that the former King of France, King Louis XV, might have commissioned the tunnels and chambers on Oak Island that might hold all the hidden treasure.

What do you think the guys will find underground on Curse of Oak Island? Are you surprised this is the first time they have gotten this low? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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