‘Curse of Oak Island’ Believe It Has Found A Secret Chamber

The Curse of Oak Island | YouTube

This week on Curse of Oak Island, the Money Pit might have come a little closer. Every season it looks like a new clue has risen, and this time it is the hint that there is a secret chamber that might be hidden in the depths of the island.

If there is a hidden chamber, the guys believe it is by the Garden Shaft. Here is what you need to know.

Is there a hidden chamber on Curse of Oak Island?

This week’s episode of Curse of Oak Island saw Marty and Doug investigating the area around the Garden Shaft. This is because they discovered a tunnel at around 108 ft down that looked like it was heading toward the Garden Shaft. With some gold in the water around it, more than could have been there naturally, the team decided to figure out what was under this.

The Curse of Oak Island | YouTube

When they decided to start drilling around the area, they hit a huge void at about 55 feet down. This caused them to believe that they had hit a large chamber. With that information, it is very obvious there could be a hidden chamber on the island. This caused Marty to believe that there is some mythical elusive treasure hidden in this chamber.

Of course, there have been plenty of false leads, and this is just another red herring. However, fans have been holding out hope for 10 seasons that there would be some treasure on this island. As a result, any of these moments lead fans to hope for the final breakthrough. In this case, Doug decided to enlist a company to mine the island’s area.

The Curse of Oak Island | YouTube

The guys started mining the island

Doug called Dumas Contracting Ltd to talk about mining on the island. The company showed up and spoke about excavating the original Garden Shaft. This would dig down to about 75 feet, which would be well below where they already reached. This would allow the Lagina brothers to head into the shaft to look around.

From the sound of it, they can get this done in 50 days. What makes this different is that, after 10 seasons, this would be the first time that can go underground and explore underneath the island personally. The best news is that Dumas Contracting Ltd said they could excavate in any direction and at any elevation the brothers wanted them to. This is huge news for future exploration.

Between this and the guys using new tech, including an XRF matching and XRD machine, they have proven this season is very different. It isn’t often that a reality show can bring something new in later seasons, but Curse of Oak Island is doing exactly that.

Are you watching Curse of Oak Island this season? do you think there might be a hidden chamber by the Garden Shaft? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Love the show, I do believe they’ll find some thing this season extraordinaryI but I don’t think it will be all of the treasure. The story is just starting. The Curse of Oak Island is not over yet.

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