What Does ‘Bravo Tango’ Mean On ‘Curse Of Oak Island’?

The Curse of Oak Island returned to HISTORY this week and with it returned a term that has puzzled fans for years. During the Season 10 premiere episode, the cast members once again used the term “Bravo Tango” when referencing a new tunnel in the Money Pit.

Here is what fans believe the crew means by “Bravo Tango” and what it could mean for the new season of the treasure hunting reality TV show.

What does ‘Bravo Tango’ mean on The Curse of Oak Island?

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The first time that anyone ever said “Bravo Tango” was five years ago. On that episode, Gary found a cross, and Rick let everyone else know an update on the discovery. He said, “it’s not Bravo Tango.” Since that moment, fans have been trying to figure out what he meant because they never once explained it. This allowed fans to start a Reddit thread back then about it.

However, with the term used again in this episode, people once again want to know what the term means. The people in the Reddit thread when the term first appeared, many Redditors made jokes about what it could mean (“Beef Tacos”). However, one Redditor had it down pat when he revealed it was code for “Buried Treasure” or “Big Treasure.” Whichever definition is right, it usually means they found a big amount of buried treasure.

The terms come from the military phonetic alphabet, and it means that the term uses the first two letters of each word to represent something. While it would have been just as easy to say, “big treasure,” using the term “Bravo Tango” seems a lot more fun.

What is going on this season on Oak Island?

Things look very different this season on The Curse of Oak Island. For one thing, the crew has become much more technologically advanced. The Lagina brothers have been looking for treasure for a decade now, and in Season 10, they have some new tech that might help them close in on their goal. This season, they brought in an XRF machine and an XRD machine. These will allow them to analyze the artifacts they find.

They are also using Muon Technology, which allows them to map the island under the surface. While it is a bit time-consuming, it will open up a lot of unknowns for them to keep track of in the future. The crew hopes this will lead them straight to the mythological Money Pit. The crew is also finding lots of gold and silver in the water, and it is too much for natural deposits. It is enough to keep people praying for treasure glued to their screens.

Did you watch the new season premiere of The Curse of Oak Island? Do you think the guys will ever find any hidden treasure there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I beliieve the solution lis in the lead cross. It is a map to the treasure. The square hole represents the treasure vault, the arms the tunnels.

  2. Isn’t it strange how there are 13 guys round the table in the war room, just like at the Last Supper.

  3. The treasure has been cancelled. Word on the street says in lieu of recovery of the treasure, costs associated with the search will be returned to the Laginas.

  4. I am of the opinion that there is no longer any significant buried “treasure” on the island. I am definitely entertained with the storyline they are creating including the ongoing possibility that they will find something. Albeit, not a treasure chest filled with gold and jewels. Just keep it coming and entertain me on Tuesday night through the winter months. I think of myself as a dedicated fan.

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