‘Beyond Oak Island’: The Lagina Brothers Uncover New Secrets in A Spinoff

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Curiosity led brothers Rick and Marty Lagina to a treasure hunt in Nova Scotia, Canada. Their long-running treasure-hunting has been documented on the show The Curse of Oak Island. Now the brothers unearthed more than a treasure hunt – a spin-off!

What is The Curse of Oak Island?

The Curse of Oak Island is a reality show spread over multi-seasons. The series debut chronicles the efforts of an amazing team. The treasure hunters search for a legendary treasure on the 140-acre, infamous Oak Island. The island has been the subject of a very mysterious treasure hunt going on since 1795.

A little history on the brothers and their obsession

The Lagina brothers visited the island to search for the treasure and investigate. They two began a tour company that leads guests through Oak Island’s mysteries and items found. They also give tours of the entire island including the famous“Money Pit” and “Borehole 10-X.”

What! Another cool treasure hunt? Bring it on!

The Curse of Oak Island has inspired the spinoff Beyond Oak Island. This treasure hunt gives them and their team a chance to meet with other treasure hunters while consulting on ongoing hunts around the country. The brothers show fans what’s in store as they pull overtime duty.

The Lagina brothers show us what’s in store for fans

 The debut of the new program shows the brothers sending researcher Matty Blake to East Texas to search for pirate Jean Lafitte’s sunken silver. In another episode, Gary Drayton heads to Robbers Roost in Utah to help Butch Cassidy’s great-grandnephew look for his famous gold. While all this is going on fans later see Rick go to Florida for an update on the quest to find the French ship La Trinité. “We wanted to share what we had learned over the years, but it was also a bit selfish,” Rick says. “We were hoping to learn different technologies and ideas ourselves.” Techniques that viewers are hoping bring the siblings closer to the treasure on Oak Island, according to Tvovermind.com

Lagina brothers add a bonus to the new spin-off

Historians and reenactments help tell the tales of the notorious figures who left these riches behind. “I realized a lot of our preconceived notions were wrong: Some of these villains might’ve been heroes, and some of these heroes might’ve been villains,” says Marty. “I mean, my knowledge of Zorro was what I saw from that campy old TV show, and it turns out it wasn’t quite accurate.”

The Curse of Oak Island and Beyond Oak Island air on the History Channel.

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