Is There A Mole In ‘Curse Of Oak Island’?

Curse of Oak Island | YouTube

Fans have watched Curse of Oak Island for 10 seasons, and wondered why no treasure has been uncovered yet. There are some fans who have an idea for why they haven’t found anything yet. They think there is a mole in the crew.

Here is what fans are saying about a mole on Curse of Oak Island and what this might mean for the show.

Fans think there is a mole on Curse of Oak Island

Curse of Oak Island | YouTube

One of the recurring themes throughout Curse of Oak Island is that the Templars and Masons have ties to the mystery treasure. These groups might have hidden it on the island, and they do not want it uncovered. If this is true, one Redditor believes they have placed their own mole within the guys on the island to always lead them away from the treasure’s location.

The Redditor predicted that the Free Mason mole is Charles Barkhouse. He wrote that this would make the mole hide in plain sight and in a position of power. He would have every chance to ensure anything Free Mason-related remained hidden.

“If the Templar’s/Masons did bury the treasure, they know where it is,” the Redditor wrote. “If it hasn’t been excavated yet, it’s because they don’t want it found. They never wanted it found, that’s why they hid it on Oak Island.” They then said that the best way to keep it hidden is to put a mole on the team to always lead them in the wrong direction.

Another added some more speculation to this theory. “The community and cultural affairs is there to stop them,” they wrote. “Charles and the cultural affairs department (working together) will keep them from finding anything. ” They mentioned even if Charles is not a Free Mason mole, he is there to make sure they won’t find anything.

The guys have found hints of a secret chamber

Curse of Oak Island | YouTube

With that in mind, the guys have found something new. It is impressive that, after 10 seasons, there are still new findings on Curse of Oak Island. This time, the team found what appears to be a large secret chamber under the island.

They were digging down after finding excess gold in the water and found a possible hidden chamber close to the Garden Shaft. The best news is that they have found someone to come in and dig for it. The guys hired Dumas Contracting Ltd to come in and excavate down to about 75 feet, which will allow the guys to explore underneath the island personally for the first time.

Do you think there might be a mole on Curse of Oak Island? Could that be why the guys haven’t found any treasure yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t think so. shows just being stretched out to make us all keep watching. there is one item they found that I feel was mis-identified. I believe I know what it is. one question to them and they would realize just what it is. just ask me oak men.

  2. It may be possible for a mole to be there. I really don’t know how it would possible for something like that to be kept a secret this long. I’m wondering how all of the work is being paid for?

  3. I quit watching because I got tired of seeing only 3 minutes of new material and 37 minutes of what has been shown over and over for 10 seasons. The reason they don’t find anything is because the history Channel is making a killing in ad money.

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