‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Find Enemies In Canadian Government

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The guys onΒ The Curse of Oak Island are facing another obstacle. The Canadian government stepped in to try to stop them from excavating on the island. However, the goal was to find underground passages to what they believe is the treasure. Unfortunately, red tape is getting in the way.

Here is what is slowing down the search for treasure on Oak Island.

Canadian government puts stop to Curse of Oak Island excavation

The Curse of Oak Island saw the team find a possible secret chamber underground around the Garden Shaft. Doug called Dumas Contracting Ltd and hired them to come in and work as excavators to dig them down and into these possible chambers. They believe they found passageways to a possible buried treasure on the island.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

This led the team to have to wait because it would take 50 days to go down about 75 feet. They believed that they might have just found a series of tunnels and chambers that will lead to the mythical hidden treasure. They also believe that one of the artifacts they found had Viking origin, which dates back even more years than they expected.

Now, there is a new problem. The Canadian government said that hiring excavators means that the Lagani brothers need a mining permit. While they are not technically mining, it is still red tape that has once again made the government an enemy to the team finding treasure.

However, not all fans seemed surprised. One fan took to Reddit to write, “The Canadian government wants to prevent a group of well-documented gold-diggers from blindly rebuilding a wooden shaft that goes down an unknown depth on an island where six treasure hunters have already died doing the exact same thing, and they’re the villains in this situation?”

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

The Canadian government has interfered before

This isn’t the first time the Canadian government has interfered in the Lagani brothers’ treasure hunting on The Curse of Oak Island. In 2021, the Canadian government shut down a large part of the dig operations on the island. This was when the Lagani brothers’ team found several centuries-old indigenous artifacts.

It happened during Season 9 when the team discovered First Nation Mi’kmaq pottery shards on the island. This caused Marty Lagani to say on an episode at the time they would lay low on archeological methods, waiting for the dust to settle. What resulted from that was just a tightening of regulations for the show.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

At the time, the Lagani stopped regular archeological methods for alternative digging techniques. They expanded on that this season by using new technology to map out areas under the island, which allows them to find clues and possible entry points without unnecessary digging. However, the excavation brought about a new conflict with the Canadian government.

Will the Lagani brothers ever find treasure on The Curse of Oak Island or will things keep getting in their way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. To follow the clue, they find wherever they lead is an adventure they take us with them. This is one teaching program I truly enjoy, and I hope they find their treasure. This show teaches as well as excites those who watched each season. I am 77 years old and have not missed an episode.

  2. I don’t understand the reluctance of the Canadian Government to allow the Luginas brothers to dig up Oak Island. It’s uncovering fantastic historical treasures, which otherwise would not have been discovered and which benefit Canadian history. Plus, the Luginas brothers are doing it in an ecologically friendly way, and even if they weren’t, it’s not going to destroy the ecology of the surrounding islands. Oak Island is a small place, so not much ecological damage can be done to it or the surrounding area. And even it some is done to Oak Island, it wouldn’t be significant.

    Balance this against the enormous potential historical importance of Oak Island and what their efforts might reveal. I don’t think there is a fair comparison.

    How can the authorities in Ottawa and Nova Scotia be so narrow minded? Shame on them. They are Ludites.

  3. I’m getting really tired of the dragging of feet. Make it a two hour show instead one hour of all the tidbits of nothing. Too much talking by narrator and still nothing to show.
    You know the Canadian government is going to take what ever, if anything, is found. They are ringing their hands in anticipation. Greed just greed.
    It’s their land Luginas, why is the government telling them what to do. Tell them to shove off.

  4. I am a 72yr old living in south africa and get the belated episodes on our TV. wouldn’t miss it for anything. I love the history I am learning. Please don’t stop the dig as I can’t wait to see what else is found. Please Rick & Marty keep up the good work.

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