‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Finds Gold By The Garden Shaft

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

The Curse Of Oak Island finally struck some gold on the island by the Garden Shaft. However, along with the finding of the gold, there was more frustration for the team in their search for hidden treasure.

Here is a look at what they found and what it means.

Curse Of Oak Island doesn’t find tunnels underground

On the new episode of The Curse of Oak Island, the team has found some gold. This happened by the Garden Shaft, which wasn’t as much of a surprise as one might think. When testing the water from the Garden Shaft earlier this season, they found traces of gold in the water.

This was determined to be more gold than just random flakes, telling the team there was possibly a large cache of gold in the area. This caused the team to hire an excavation team called the Dumas mining company to dig down into the Garden Shaft. They were looking for possible hidden chambers underground.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

There was a long delay as Canada demanded that the team gained the proper permits for mining operations. However, they got the permits and Dumas began digging into the ground on Oak Island. This is when the team found some gold.

However, there was also bad news. After Dumas dug down 120 feet, they didn’t find any voids or tunnels. This meant they are not there or they misjudged where they were digging. Dumas drilled into all four walls of the Garden Sgaft at 55 feet and found nothing.

The Curse Of Oak Island does find gold

However, as aforementioned, they didn’t find tunnels, but they did find gold. Metallurgy expert Emma Culligan revealed that they found a lot of gold. She said that 0.11% of the wood was gold. Geoscientist Dr. Ian Spooner said that was huge and Emma agreed that there was a lot of gold in that dig.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

While it was exciting to find gold in the dirt and wood, Spooner said that they needed to keep digging and taking samples so they could find the actual treasure itself.

However, the question now is whether this is gold from a hidden treasure like Rick and Marty Lagina believe. There is always a chance that it could just be gold in the ground, as shows like Gold Rush have proven time and time again. It could deliver a lot of money to help further exploration, but Spooner and the Lagana brothers would prefer it to be gold from the actual mythical treasure on Oak Island.

Are you surprised to see that The Curse Of Oak Island team finally found some gold? Do you think this will lead to more treasure or is it just gold in the ground? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. The Oak Island is enigmatic. Personally having watched since the first episode, appears to be a goose chase, for a buried mystical treasure.

    Its very possible there is bullion but more than likely, ore.

    The other interesting factor a is all the evidence of timbers, indicitive of man made structure.

    More drilling and time will tell the story.

    1. If you look at the Zena Halpern map it seems to indicate that the quadrilateral rock formation appears to be what is referred to as “The Anchor(s)” and what was just recently investigated on lot #3 is the “Valve” or the “Hatch”. If you were to overlay the recent discoveries upon Zena’s map it will also (quite possibly) tell of other specific places to do some investigating.

  2. If they find anything we may or may not ever know, if there is treasure May be more than one. While it is a great who did it and why show, I won’t tune in for an 11 season. It is a made for tv show, too many revisiting of past shows.

  3. I agree far too many revisits to old past shows while watching a new show. More current findings much more important than rehashing old shows! Typical made for TV show dragging it out. They hook into you into returning every week. Not me. I’m done. I’ll not watch Season 11. I’ll just check online to see when/if the fold is found!

  4. If you’re watching for the entertainment of the show, OK, if you believe this Hoax I hope you’re mentally challenged or 12 years old!!!
    HOAX ISLAND is only a payday for hundreds of people, it’s gotten so far out of hand that they can’t stop or the money stops and Rick will have to go back to the Post Office and deliver mail once again… “WE FOUND GOLD” but it’s tiny specks in wood that probably occurred naturally!!!

  5. This is the first time I looked on line to find out if the gold has been found. I have watch this program on TV for 11 years, I have screamed out loud so many times ,too count, I have invested all this time and they still have not found that f***ing gold. I can’t even image how all of the cast feels! This has to be the year!!? I love Gary he is too funny!

  6. The show is starting to get boring. Every time they find a rusty nail they have a meeting in the “war room”and after introducing half the population of Nova Scotia and bring in many experts they determine that it is indeed a rusty nail. I just tune into the recording and fast forward through all the repeated BS and watch about ten minutes of new stuff. Any show that has anything to do with those brothers, I will not watch

  7. in Australia, we are up to 2021. Gold, Gold, Gold . Nah ! Government red tape , I don’t think the Canadians are up for a 120 ft deep open pit . I can’t see any other way . How long can this TV show last with actual real excavation happening NOT happening. And that would represent some real cash in the dirt. When if ever will we see signs of something real on the ground ?

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