When Is ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 11 Finale?

The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 is nearing its end. Read on to find out when you can watch the finale and what to expect. It’s been a disappointing season for some History Channel fans. However, if nothing else, it expanded a lot of knowledge about the Vikings and the Knights Templar.

Season 11 Of The Curse of Oak Island So Far

Expectations were high for Season 11 and Rick Laguna gave viewers the impression that it would be the best season yet. Unfortunately, many History Channel viewers grow tired of the show which hasn’t found much treasure. The show seems great at spawning more and more theories with little to show regarding riches. Some History Channel viewers start to believe that if there was treasure there, hunters took it away long ago.

Promises Of A Hard Push - The Curse of Oak Island - History Channel
Promises Of A Hard Push – The Curse of Oak Island – History Channel

Not everyone hated Season 11 of The Curse of Oak Island, and that mainly came because of the theory that the Vikings assisted the Knights Templar in escaping Europe with their treasure. Rock Lagina hopes that some of their treasures are buried on the island in Nova Scotia. That includes the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. A recent trip to Europe seemed to tie that theory in nicely. But so far, the season revealed few exciting moments despite hope about the Money Pit and the Garden Shaft. Well, the season isn’t over yet, and spoilers suggest a hard push ahead.

What Happens In The Finale With Rick Lagina’s Team?

According to Meaww, the final episode won’t be boring, because winter’s setting in, and the race against time will have people on the edge of their seats. The outlet noted that Archaeometallurgist Emma Culligan matched the soils at Lot 5 with that in the Money Pit. While it doesn’t sound riveting, it does suggest the possibility that treasure could have been stashed there.

Drilling Where X Marks The Spot - Curse of Oak Island - History Channel
Drilling Where X Marks The Spot – The Curse Of Oak Island  – History Channel

The Curse of Oak Island‘s finale will reveal Rick Lagina and his teams “leave no stone unturned, employing their vast knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and sheer determination to unravel the mysteries that have plagued Oak Island for centuries.” Additionally, History Channel viewers can expect to see them “make a final audacious move to unearth the fabled treasure before the onset of winter.”

When And Where To Watch It

The finale titled Worth The Weight airs on April 30, 2024, at 9 pm ET on History Channel. It’s also available the next day via streaming platforms like Hulu, Fubu TV, and Philo. Apparently, it’s going to be a thrilling end before the teams pack up and sit out the winter.

What are your thoughts about Season 11? Are you disappointed with the lack of major treasure finds? Or, do you think it’s been a fascinating season as the team explored the Viking and Knights Templar connection? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your The Curse of Oak Island news.

James Michael


  1. So disappointing this season. Think I will pass next year and if/when they find something go back and watch that.

    1. I Love The Curse of Oak island since it’s 1st Season. I’ve always thought there was more than 1 depositors and there’s more in The Swamp. I want them to find treasure(s) BUT MOST IMPORTANT, I WANT TO DISCOVER THE TRUE HISTORY of Oak Island
      P. Kelley

  2. I quit watching the show last season, I looked at reviews and if nothing happened I was glad I didn’t watch.
    I read the original Readers digest article as a teenager and was/am very interested but the 11 season could have been in 2 or 3, too boring.

  3. I think the possible rewriting of history is very interesting and marvel at their knowledge and capabilities hundreds of years ago. Using modern technology to date and identify artifacts is also interesting to know about. What will the man-made swamp reveal? Who else might die? How could the elaborate tunnels, etc be made centuries ago when we can’t unearth them with modern machinery? I don’t expect a big “stash” to be found but enjoy the tracing of Canadian history.

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