‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Viking Theory Gains Credibility?

Curse of Oak Island - Rick Lagina - History Channel YouTube

Curse of Oak Island fans start believing that the Viking involvement in transporting the Knights Templar and their treasure by ship holds some credibility. After the latest episodes, History Channel viewers become excited at the possibility that the theory is real. That is because the team visited a castle and museums in Europe.

Rick Lagina, Alex, & Others See Markings & Artifacts That Back Up The Theory

The team went across to Europe to see if they could confirm that what they found on the island was of Viking and Templar origin. Their visits included going to Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Iceland. Visiting Valkenburg Castle, they discovered some carvings made by Knights Templar prisoners. Incredibly, the goose paw and other scratchings in the walls matched some of those found on the island.

The Goose Paw on Oak Island - History Channel
The Goose Paw on Oak Island – History Channel YouTube 

The Curse of Oak Island team became more excited when they visited a Viking Museum in Denmark because they showed the curator a photo of the arrowhead found in the 1960s. Apparently, they are commonly found in Denmark and would have been used for hunting and in war. But more was to follow that seems to confirm the Viking cooperation with the Knights Templar.

Curse Of Oak Island – The Wood From A Viking Ship

If you watched the History Channel show through the years, you will know about the piece of wood found in the swamp in 2020. At the time, carbon dating suggested it was from about the eighth century. While it was thought to be of Spanish origin and might be a railing, they saw a similar piece of wood at the Viking Ship Museum in Iceland. On a replicated ship, Doug Crowell spotted the timber that matched almost exactly.

Arrowheads Match - History Channel - YouTube
Arrowheads Match – History Channel – YouTube

Curse of Oak Island fans can now see that many symbols, and even the lead cross match what was found in Nova Scotia with what was found across Europe. Certainly, it would be a huge coincidence if the Vikings and the Templars had not been to the island. Finally, the History Channel’s trail seems to grow hotter. After all, it’s hard to dispute the evidence in front of your eyes.

What are your thoughts about symbols, arrowheads, bits of Viking ships, and more being found in both locations: Europe and Nova Scotia? Of course, that doesn’t mean that the treasures of the Knights Templar are on the island. But what is known, is that the treasures from the Holy Land were never found. Assurances that the ships in Iceland could have sailed to Nova Scotia, made everyone on the team feel excited. Do you believe that finally, this proves the theory that the Vikings helped the Knights Templars escape persecution in Europe? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Curse of Oak Island news.  

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