‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Find Templar Knights Evidence In Italy

Rick and Marty Lagina The team from Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

The guys from Curse of Oak Island are in Italy on this week’s episode and they might have found more evidence surrounding the Templar Knights theory. This has led them to believe more than ever that this group went to Oak Island with treasure to hide.

Here is what the team learned this week and what it means.

Curse of Oak Island investigating Templar Knights in Italy

The Curse of Oak Island team has always floated the idea that the mythical treasure was brought to the island by the Knights Templar after their disbanding. According to the guys, this would have been a journey that went from Jerusalem through Italy, France, and Scotland, before ending up on Oak Island. This would have been 100 years before Christopher Columbus reached the Americas.

The team went to Italy to investigate this theory even further, and that is playing out on the reality TV show right now. Rick Lagina and his team met with Professor Andrea Pirobilant at the American University of Rome and talked about the Zeno brothers.

Rick Lagana on Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

Antonio and Nicolo Zeno hailed from Venice but went to Scotland at one point in their lives. The Zeno brothers started working for Henry Sinclair, a Templar Knight sympathizer. Historians believe Sinclair traveled to the Americas with Templar treasure. A Zeno brothers’ map shows that they knew of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, another clue to the treasure. It convinced the guys that there is every chance the Templar Knights made their way to Oak Island.

What is the Templar Knight theory on Curse of Oak Island

The Templars existed from 1129 until 1312 and were one of the most powerful groups in Europe at the time. They were fighters during the Crusades and other members became extremely wealthy over the years. However, their time as a powerhouse ended when King Philip IV of France arrested key Templar leaders in 1307 and The Pope orders that all Templars be arrested and all their assets seized.

The legends indicate that meant Templars fled the country and took refuge in Scotland. They also took their most prized possessions with them. They also took priceless religious treasures, including the Holy Grail. This then leads to the theories about the Money Pit on Oak Island.

The team from Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

The Curse of Oak Island Knights Templar theory is based on the Cathar monks. In the Season 2 episode “Seven Must Dye,” the team first brought up the Knights Templar and their access to the Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant. The theory indicates the Cathar monks gave some of their treasures to the Knights Templar for safekeeping and many of the treasures might have been hidden on Oak Island after their disbanding.

What are your thoughts on the recent Curse of Oak Island episodes in Italy? So you think the Templar Knights did hide treasure on the island? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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