‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Finally Allowed To Return To Swamp

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The Curse of Oak Island returned to the swamp last night for the first time since they had to shut down filming there last year. The big news is that they picked right back up where they left off and immediately found something new.

Here is a look at the team returning to the swamp and a look at what they found.

Curse of Oak Island returns to swamp

Billy Gerhardt had been working over the last year to get the swamp opened up again for filming for The Curse of Oak Island, and he finally got them back in there this season. He was the one who helped the team secure the permits needed from the Nova Scotian government to finally go in and excavate the swamp.

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With the permits in hand, and the swamp opened for business once again, the team went in and started to drain the swamp. Jeremy Church, a geophysicist had used a magnetometer scanner to find there were several metallic objects about three feet under the surface of the swamp. That is where the team began looking.

While they didn’t find any metal objects yet in this trek into the swamp, they did discover something else that helps them as they piece together the mystery of the island. They found more cobblestones. This leads the team to believe there used to be a ramp that connected the paved area with the roadway. If this is true, there could be a hidden network of roads under the swamp.

What happened last time they were in the swamp?

The last time the team from The Curse of Oak Island was in the swamp, they found some incredible treasure. However, that treasure saw them shut down filming there for over a year. The last time they were in the swamp, they dug up some First Nation Mi’kmaq pottery that was up to 2,500 years old.

The Curse of Oak Island swamp - YouTube

This led to Nova Scotia’s Dept. of Communities, Culture, and Heritage and the Acadia First Nation Council asking the team to stop filming there until they could decide what was happening in the area. This was tough since the team had been looking for some Spanish galleon there, and they were working on a stone roadway. However, over a year later, the swamp is open again and the search continues.

While most of the excitement for fans of The Curse of Oak Island is about hunting for treasure, there is another goal. The Lagina brothers would love to find treasure, but they want to tell the island’s story. Finding things like the possible hidden network of roads and the possible underground caverns could lead them to figure out the history of the island once and for all.

Are you happy to see them back in the swamp again on The Curse of Oak Island? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I watch Oak Island, not for the treasure hunt, but for the history of the island. The Vikings were in North America 500 years before Columbus. There are Roman coins and a Roman sword found on the Island. In a related bit of history, Chocolate and Cocaine were found in a Pharoh’s tomb which means some sailor’s reached South America thousands of years ago, and Thor Heyerdahl proved that reed boats could sail across the Atlantic. Furthermore, look at the Pacific voyagers of the Polynesians. Sea travel was well advanced Millennial ago proving that early humans were more advanced than we give them credit for.

  2. Very disappointed I agree there is history of many peoples causing oak island but to build those stone roads they needed an army of workers for a long length of time over a period to construct and lay out . We believe the original map where they mention the hatch is where a tunnel starting at ground level tunnels downward at an angle similar to the tunnels in the pyramids . Why aren’t they focusing on where the hatch is ?? Why arent there any human graves and animal skeletons found ? Whoever settled there to lay the roads etc had to be there for a period of time ….

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