When Will ‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Return With A New Episode?

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Fans of reality TV shows have a right to get scared when a show suddenly stops having new episodes. This happened with The Curse of Oak Island last week. However, there is nothing to worry about.

Here is when the next new episode of the hit reality TV series will show up on History Channel.

Why wasn’t Curse of Oak Island new last week?

Last week, fans of The Curse of Oak Island tuned in to History Channel and saw there was no new episode of the hit reality TV show. However, instead, fans saw an episode of The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down. This spinoff show, hosted by Matty Blake, offers viewers a look behind the scenes.

Rick on The Curse of Oak Island - YouTube

However, fans don’t have to worry about a situation like when Gold Rush: White Water stopped airing new episodes. That series still hasn’t picked up the second half of its season months later and it might not until closer to the summer. For The Curse of Oak Island, it was just a one-week delay.

Long-time fans know that the series takes a mid-season break about halfway through the current season. Normally, the mid-season break occurs in February, but this year, it happened in March. This is actually something that most television fans recognize, as many scripted shows take a mid-season break. Then, they have a mid-season finale and premiere in the middle of each season.

When is the next new Curse of Oak Island episode?

The good news is that The Curse of Oak Island won’t have a two-month break like scripted shows have in the middle of their seasons. This mid-season break will only last for one week. The fact that The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down meant that fans really didn’t even miss anything new – just not a continuation of the current storyline.

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This season has seen the Lagina brothers hire the Dumas mining company to come in and dig down by the Garden Shaft, looking for a possible underground cavern or maybe even a hidden room where the treasure lies. There was a delay as the Canadian government demanded a new permit for this digging.

However, they got the permits and then began to find traces of gold in the area. With the belief there is gold under that area of the island, things are heating up for a hopeful culmination of their years of treasure hunting.

The next new episode of Oak Island will be on March 28 on the HISTORY Channel and is titled “A Quadrilateral Move.”

Did you miss The Curse of Oak Island during its absence last week? What do you expect for the rest of the season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. This is the best show on TV. Even something small is exciting, The brothers are down to earth and you can tell they care about everyone. I really appreciate how they stay at it. Extremely entertaining I could watch this for years to come. Thank you to the show creators for keeping this going.

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