‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Going On Hiatus, When Will It Return?

Gold Rush: White Water / YouTube

In some surprising news for fans of Gold Rush: White Water, Discovery Channel is sending the show on a long hiatus. The news came from producer Tim Dalby, and he doesn’t seem happy about it.

Here is what Tim said about the hiatus and when fans can expect the show back on Discovery for the rest of the current season.

Gold Rush: White Water going on long hiatus

Tim Dalby released a social media post that revealed his show, Gold Rush: White Water, was going on a long hiatus. He said it had nothing to do with him and he doesn’t seem happy about it. According to Tim, an executive at Discovery-Warner Bros. decided to take the show off the air for the next three months. It just happens to be in the middle of the current season.

Gold Rush: White Water / YouTube

Tim sarcastically said that an executive from Discovery decided that the show was too expensive to go out on Friday nights for the next few months. This is even though the show was already spent and the season already shot. As a result, they are “imposing a ‘break’ on our episodes airing till the new financial year in April.”

To add to the frustration, the show won’t return until the current season of Gold Rush ends. So far this season, fans have been able to watch Gold Rush and Gold Rush: White Water back-to-back. That won’t happen for the rest of this season.

Tim continued by writing, “the series has been rating well again and this rather short sighted move will obviously harm that.” He then said he was a “reluctant messenger” and they failed to communicate any of this to the show’s crew or the fans watching at home.

Why is Gold Rush: White Water going on hiatus?

Tim Dalby already said that the show was already paid for when it comes to filming and editing it. However, there is another reason this is happening. It is something Discovery-Warner Bros. has done in more than one area recently. The network is playing with the numbers in its books for tax purposes and savings toward paying creatives for their shows.


Gold Rush: White Water / YouTube

Discovery-Warner Bros canceled the movie Batgirl even though it was already shot and edited. No one can release the movie now. The studio will use this as a tax loss to save money. There are several animated shows that the network took off its streaming service HBO Max. This will save money when it comes to paying the creatives.

As for Gold Rush: White Water, this move looks like a tax move as well. There is a way to keep something “off the books” until it airs on TV. Tim specifically said they are holding the rest of the season until the new tax year. The money they spent can wait until the new year to keep their numbers down this year and move it to next year for a fresh start.

Are you disappointed that Gold Rush: White Water is going on hiatus in the middle of the season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. I hope they can get out of their contract and somebody else Picks Them Up! I will definitely . I also hope this backfires on them and they end up losing money!

      1. You dropped Gold Rush Whitewater without informing the fans? Are you serious? I’ve been looking for the program for the last two weeks just to find out on my own that you have dropped it? What an inconsiderate company you must be. I am now considering cancelling your channel and directv along with it. I could go on about this but it would be a waste of time just like the comment I have already made.

        1. Me too..been looking for it. Thought my PVR wasn’t doing it’s job..maybe you should have waited until April and started the season then…

        2. I completely agree with you! I have been looking for it as well! Definitely considering canceling my subscription to Discovery Plus!

          1. Same! I kept thinking, the season can’t be over! What a bizarre cut-off point. Googled it and found this write-up. As ticked as the viewers are, they didn’t even tell the show’s crew? How rude.

          2. I totally agree with u and been waiting as well!
            No idea it had been put down….
            I like it better than gold rush at this point.
            Yup its cancel time.
            Fed up!

        3. I just did the same thing after seeing it wasn’t on again tonight. How disrespectful to the fans of this show! Maybe we should boycott when it returns in April! 😡

          1. the same here for me iv been watching for this to come back i dont watch much tv apart from the discovery channel i would rather gold rush and white water go to another platform so i can cancel discovery all together i really hope this back fires on them as well

          2. I also agree we should have been told in advance. I have been watching both gold rush and white water and I and many other people are not happy with discovery channel

          3. Very bad thing to do to your watchers and fans
            discovery chanel lost a lot of points for that.
            make us wait for 4 mounth to see the rest of the season is Unforgettable

        4. shove it discovery. you have wrecked every show in the past 3 years.
          to take white water off as it was setting good is crazy

          1. Man, everything Iearn about Disney as a company makes me regret using their products. Scumbags! I’m done … canceling Disney +

        5. Exactly I agree with you I was deleting shit off my DVR thinking it wasn’t recording and freaking out that I’m missing the show. I just googled it and found out it was taken off abruptly wtf at least. Make an announcement or something. Leaving fans hanging like that not good. What a shame.

          1. Totally agree what the fuck are you stupid exacts don’t give a shit about the fans of the show they should be let go canceled

        6. How much do shareholders earn? If they are losing money then dump the people who are draining the bank. the stock holders. You lose money when you lose ads. Isn’t that the name of the game, selling ads?

          1. Disney already rapes people at their parks with outrageous price gouging. Do you really think that they give a $hit what fans of the show think?

        7. I couldn’t agree more. This season was the best season to date and in the middle of airing it they put it on a hiatus. We as fans have no say. If we boycott the channel as a response than they won’t have enough money to air the show we want to watch. I wish there was a way to make sure that the exec that made this decision we are pissed.

        8. As soon as I figured all this out I cancelled my Discovery plus, This alone may not hurt Discovery,but maybe they’ll get some message

      2. This is ridiculous! Dave Turin’s show sucks! So does the absolute fake Alaskan bush people! Why, why would you stop gold rush white water and replace it with Dave Turin? Discovery sucks!!!!!

        1. TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! GRWW is exciting, real, educational and fun to watch. CUTTING THE SHOW IS RUDE AND DISAPPOINTING TO FANS.

          1. I Agree 100% And it took 2 weeks to find out what was really going on !! They should have been up front with Fans of the show instead of Hiding what they were doing !! I had to watch Ep. 8 on Amazon since Discovery delayed the show !! Comments must be turned off because i had to Respond to someone else’s comment to leave a reply ???

          2. All they care about is saving money and keeping money to pay the executive bigshots. They have no consideration for the audience that makes them.

            But don’t worry about it, they think they’re having money problems now, watch there downfall as they lose all there audience.

            I’ve watched the show from the beginning, and I was excited that Dustin was finally going to hit big gold this year, and those bastards pull it without a word…I know this season was going to be the best of the seasons before.

            you suck..!!!!!

          3. I agree. Best show on TV. I didn’t know Disney owned Discovery. Explains a lot. Maybe Dsney needs to lower their profits while they fight over Reedy Creek in Florida. I will lower my expectations of Discovery Channel accordingly.

          1. OMFG!!!! I kid you not, as I was reading the comments above, I was thinking, Kick dumbass Turin off and give us our Dustin, Carlos, and crew back!!!! I love Gold Rush and Gold Rush- White Water! This is a Friday ritual for some of us. I honestly cannot f$^king believe Discovery would have the nerve to take it off air without infoming the fans!!!! DID THEY FORGET, IF NOT FOR US FANS, THERE IS NO MONEY???!!! What absolute douchebags!!!! Literally all my fav shows are Discovery or affiliated. I’m so disgusted by them!!!! They have done this before. I’m sure they will lose lots of viewers over this. Discovery is really rockin the BBE!! (big brain energy 🤣😶)

          2. Turin was a fucking snake that attacked Todd Hoffman while his back was turned–can’t put up with a back stabbing piece of shit like that.

          1. wow, that’s harsh. I’m sticking up for dave he’s an awesome guy and I loved his show.yes, iv been looking as well and wondering where the show was. hey ho. gold divers is starting soon and we still have a gold rush.

          2. YESSSSSS!!! THANK GOD HE IS RETIRING!!! like FINALLY. I guess making those big 10 Oz seasons are hard to leave🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💰💰💰💰💰

          3. I enjoy all gold programs. Many people use it to learn the ins and out of gold mining. We learn what to expect when you take on this life style.

          1. I don’t know why everyone is so down on Dave, and like bering sea gold, , now that show sucks, (pun?),
            anyway very upset with not seeing GRWW. what a bunch of pencil necks 😳

        2. I totally agree. Dave Turins show sucks and I won’t watch Bush people because it is so fake, yet these shows are still on. I’ve been wondering where this show went.

        3. I agree 100%. I like the Gold Rush series but White Water is my favorite. Dave’s part has slacked this season so why not do that one. At least give a heads up before just cutting it off. Maybe all the networks should give refunds with all of them cutting good shows just to replace with what they think is politically correct smut or so vulgar and other unnatural acts you cant watch. What happened to Mysteries at Blind Frong Ranch and disjointed runs of Skinwalker Ranch? Just like the government they all think they can dictate what they say and expect the Paying Customers to except it all and be quite.

      3. Gives me even more incentive to cancel, one of my favs, that and they took Outback Opal off the air yet it is still aired on the Australian D+. Oh wait I can’t watch that continuing series now because you segregated it, even though I pay for D+?

          1. Doesn’t Discovery realize they are going to lose out on their channel ratings and viewership?? They blatantly say it’s due to taxes?? Well, guess what? Discovery won’t have to worry about tax purposes next year cause they’re going to filing for bankruptcy. I’ve also followed the Gold Rush series since the beginning and regardless of some of the spin-off shows being slightly skewed from the original I still enjoyed all! I learned so much about how different personalities and these folks (All include d) deal with unbelievably tough decisions and fights of their lives to push on forwards towards a positive result no matter what, they made a huge difference in my own life especially when it comes to confidence in my job and personal struggles that seem overbearing at times! “Make it happening ASP!” FM ! guess We all will just have to hold onto the memories and things we learned. I have a feeling it could all end for Gold Rush w/discovery.. maybe Amazon should take on the Show. Even though I’m not a huge fan of that comp. at least they have their ducks in row on what people want. Cheers to the cast and crew of All Gold Rush projects!! RC

          2. I put in my 2 cents worth here a couple minutes ago about how the entire series (all spin offs included) championed my courage in life and it didn’t go through! Hopefully this one will. The idiots at Discovery won’t have to worry about taxes next year because they’ll be filing for bankruptcy. Thanks for screwing you customers and the crews of the greatest reality television series ever.

        1. Oh no! I Love that Outback Opal too. I have a friend in Queensland who thinks it’s kinda dumb. I find it fascinating. (Watch for an Aussie series called Firebyte if it ever comes her to the states. It’s filmed in the old opal mines too.)

      4. I’ve always watched the show since the beginning, but with what little gold they’ve ever found, it was always a question of how long can they keep this going..lol
        Definitely a case of the Network paying off more than the treasure.
        Good luck, now I just have Bering Sea Gold. At least they find gold…

          1. Totally! It’s quite obvious that the Discovery Channel is blowing it big time. What they have done is self-centered and had no concern for the show or their fan base. They should have held off on any episodes if they were going to yank it off the air mid-season [for the sake of tax break issues?]. I must agree with the majority of these reviews and confirm that the Discovery Channel (it’s been a major disappointment since WB/Disney butted in) does really suck these days. Boo to the execs there.

      5. I think the network missed an opportunity set down with Justin and get in his head and the stress he Is under. I personally would like to offer some (small but helpful) financial support to help invest in his goal and gold. With others we can help him.

      6. I hope they do also! This is so stupid in mid season & been waiting and looking for it the last cpl weeks so I looked it up to find this. Sign them!! Love this show & the crews & be ashamed to make them lose viewers to save y’all on taxes.

      7. White Water is the best of the current Gold Rush offerings. Everyone is sick of Parker. Tony and family are boring. Rick was the last good reason to watch the OG Show and he’s gone this season. Dave Turin has ditched his guys after they followed him all over the US for failure after failure. White Water is the only Gold Rush show I still look forward to and the bean counters took it off. GFY Discovery. I just canceled my Discovery + account too.

        Here’s a thought. Get rid of boring ass gold spoon Parker and really save the network some money. Bring back Dustin and follow him in the off season. I guarantee it would be more exciting than another show about the gilded adventures of spoiled brat Parker.

      8. This is a bunch of bullshit. You put on Aussie gold 2.0 rescue but don’t put on the real gold hunters. What the hell is wrong with discovery channel?

      9. I think it is simply woke BS.
        The History Channel would do a better job.
        Fiscal year, taxes & profitability – smoke screen.
        Like with Newsmax, the elite liberals want to screw with the rest of us.
        No notice? That says it all.

    2. Truly sucks. This was the best year ever. I suppose that’s the same case with Hoffman’s gold, Dave’s lost mine, and Freddie Dodge. Really bush television.

      1. Warner Disney are greedy corporate profiteering scum and this proves it. they care only about their money not the artist, actors , workers or audience.

        1. Please bring it back before the cast has to scatter to make a living elsewhere.

          This show is a winner with excellent people, danger, excitement, teamwork, reward , hope and adventure!

          1. I’m very disappointed, Whitewater is so much better than regular Goldrush, bummed it’s not on the air

        2. Could it have anything to do about the last episode of Dustin throwing a hissy fit and marching off the site n leaving his crew there after throwing the generator in the water that was only going to damage it even more not a professional way to behave, still is it though

          1. where did his dad go? was that a moment I was talking to my cat I seemed to have completely lost him 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 definitely lost them all now I’m so pi***d I love Dustin’s tantrums lol

    3. why would you pull a highly rated show in the middle of the season. I get the tax Yada Yada bit come on offer it to us if we bud discovery + or something at least give us a way to watch it, andake yourself some money. Then at least you look smart about it. want some more ideas just holler.
      Shawn flaherty avid fan hot springs ar

    4. Yeah Disney ! Good show and Disney is going belly up. I will help Disney’s tax purposes by just Protesting the whole channel.

      1. Very disappointed that Gold Rush White Water is not coming back for months. I would wait for Friday’s to watch. Now we all fans have to pay the price.

        1. I totally agree. I enjoyed my Saturday morning routine of watching gold rush and whitewater on my DVR. Extremely pissed off that nothing was released to the fans!!! Way to go!

      1. I have been searching for it. What a disappointment. Speaks volumes about discovery and their financial model. Lets postpone a very popular show for tax purposes and let’s not tell the fans. Bogus Move. It’s a Bad look.

      2. Also did it to Alaska The Last Frontier as well! I have been watching this show since the beginning and I love it! Damn hypocrisy!

    5. I am really really depressed over this “Hiatus”!!! One of the best shows ever!!! . Why not cancel one of the other boring teams…. Bring them back!!!!!!

    6. Disney sucks and the big wig that canceled it should be fired. It’s the best show they air and better than gold rush. I’ll be canceling my subscription will not watch gold rush or any other Disney related shows. Hope everyone does that even though it will suck, but let’s drop their ratings to zero, then they will really have a huge savings for taxes when nobody watches their shows.
      WTH cancels a show in the middle of the season, what a loser.

      1. Disney is bigger than Amazon! and yet they screw over huge fans that look forward to this weekly! not only that, not even a warning! way to go Disney to try and save a few bucks for tax purposes! SUCK IT DISNEY!!!

    7. Sooo Disney/Discovery apparently is under the impression that we are all just going to meekly wait for them to decide what to show. Pretty stupid move with all the other major channels now streaming. You would think the cable companies would have some pull now that people don’t sign long term contracts.

      1. I’ve been watching this show since the beginning I hate it when someone that has power to make decision for everyone else because they are rich but don’t forget little people like us is the reason u have a job put my show back on

    8. Suspending Gold Rush White Water for some accounting sleight of hand makes it clear that the the value of a loyal audience is neither understood nor appreciated by the decision makers. Advertisers, however, spend their dollars for reliable viewers. I would gladly follow this program to another network and pay attention to the companies willing to sponsor it.

        1. Pam U suck too! I am missing the show, but leave it to some left-wing liberal like you to bring up the name Trump in the comments about gold rush whitewater.

          1. Hey Steve and Pam, can’t the left and right come together for anything? Can’t we all just agree that Discovery/Warner/Disney collectively suck moose balls for cutting off our beloved white water in mid season? Peace and love to both of you….but Discovery bean counters can bite me!

    9. That’s not rite to Just decided to take off a program halfway through the season?? Evidently you’re not a fan otherwise you would’ve never done that…… Hard to be loyal to your company when you make stupid ass decisions like this Tim please bitch smack that executive for me ..

      1. I thing gold rush white water is better than watching Fred with broken down machinery n Turin trying to sell his site to two mates for double the money n half the equipment take them out n slot white water in even if they don’t find gold it’s exciting watching them dive for it get off ur asses descovery give us our show back or get lost for good

      2. Iv been watching gold rush white water since the beginning. Best exciting show ever. I won’t watch gold rush anymore because I can’t stand Dave Turin. Discovery channel will be cancelled on my tv plan

    10. The Best reality T.V. show ever, I can’t believe it doesn’t still play. Disney and/or all these associate media concerns blows, they care nothing about there consumers or revenue. I am now selling stock and forever banning anything from them or any who associate with them.

    11. I pay yo watch Gold Rush White Water now nothing! is Parker bleeding you Dry that’s what I call Gold fever $£$£$!

    12. I also have watched since day one.. I will drop this network and hbo as a result of this. the money you saved I hope you lose double or more ! sorry Dustin loved the show and many others! thanks for your money grabbing scumbaggery.

    13. I think these better than thou idiots in charge of airing white water Gold Rush
      are lying fool’s. Some rectum must have got his finger in the till

    14. White water gold rush on hiatus? When were you going to tell the viewers about this? I am mad as hell seems to me that discovery executives are idiots. Not impressed with.

    15. Hope the idiots get to see these comments.
      This will be a great way of losing fans. If you believe this is a smart move,then maybe you should consider a career move. Today 28/01/2023 is when i found out by getting the information myself. I would imagine you would want people to become invested in a programme. Feeling for the characters. Do you believe ending a programme mid season will benefit this?
      You have just signed it’s death warrant!

    16. Its not Disney owned..lol. I see a lot of peoples comments seem to think it is. It is owned by Warner Bros not Disney

    17. There are people from another Country, waiting and waiting, for information what is happen.
      Somewhere is die or something very bad was happen.
      Gold Rush Whitewater without informing the fans. Why stop and will go on.
      Discovery channel has to inform the viewer and fans.
      We will wait, if season 6 will come to TV or Stream.

    18. Total disrespect of loyal fans! I have been hunting for the next episode all of January.

      Maybe we should stop paying to watch Disc./Disney. Tons of offerings out there!

    19. disgusting, especially as the channel is an added subscription. I’ve not waited and just cancelled the channel along with reducing my sky subscription. win win for me you greedy selfish tossers

    20. Gold Rush Whitewater was my favorite of the Gold Rush shows. When you make a decision to pull it, how about a heads up to fans. Just as it looks Dustin and crew are ready to strike it rich, the show vanishes into thin air. Shame!

    21. well stated. who ever is making the decisions obviously is not running the company right. I am canceling my subscription to discovery. Gold Rush White Water is a great show, disney/Warner/ Discovery has been ruining programs for a year or so now. Gold Rush should move to a different network.

    22. I cannot believe the greedy people that caused this to happen all for more money. I will be canceling discovery plus also I have already shut my dish down due to all the bullshit. Good luck there’s plenty to watch for free with very minimal commercials

    23. I really miss watching white water. This is one of the best shows on cable. I stopped watching Bearing Sea Gold because I don’t want to see fighting and conflict. White Water has a great group of people, I look forward every week watching this show. I’m thinking maybe it’s not on air because they have found the motherload. I hope that’s the case.

    24. I think the reason is because they wanted all of the fans to watch the new show gold lies &videotape that really sock.

    25. I feel the same way about Gold Rush White Water as I did the first few seasons of Gold Rush. When Gold Rush first started it was much more interesting when the guys were kind of learning as they went due to most of them inexperienced miners. I pretty much stopped watching Gold Rush After 5 or 6 seasons. Gold Rush White Water is kind of the same situation with Dustin and the boys (and girl) still experimenting as they go. After a few seasons of Gold Rush we already knew most everyone would find at least a thousand ounces and Parker would always find the most. For me Whitewater is more relatable because it reminds me a little of when I was 12 growing up in the WV Appalachian mountains when my Dad first took me digging Indian artifacts. He explained to me how those artifacts were made by Indians 1200 to 10,000 yrs ago. It fascinsted me and sparked my interest in history . Hopefully Discovery doesnt make this a thing every season and hopefully there will be a few more seasons.

    26. I am very disappointed that Gold Rush white Water is going into hiatus. I have enjoyed watching every week following Gold Rush. When will it be announced when the show will continue to be broadcast?

    27. Truly a Bogus Move on not at least giving us fans a heads up😡😡 To whoever made this choice, You Suck!!!!! Film is in the can just lets us see the end of season 6 then pull it. But NOooo you greedy Bastards string us along then just Poof its gone. I’ve been watching all the Gold Rushes sense the Get and now you TV greed mongers tell us its a TAX thing??? Lame as hell and unacceptable. Baffled at Discovery such a great channel gor years pulls this Lame Ass Move🤬🤬 Screw You Greedy Screwjobs

    28. Drop this great Show yet keep Alaska Wilderness Family???? Wow check your priorities. That show is a Joke!! White Water at least shows real people doin really dangerous work, yet you pull it🤡🤡

    29. totally agree. Freaking big corporation politics. I hope discovery stock drops immensely. Joe Biden probably had a hand it lol.

    30. I second that. Discovery can suck it too. They get money from ads, they get money from cable subscriptions and they get money from their apps. GIVE US OUR SHOWS!! #GoldRushWhiteWater

    31. GRWW was my most favorite Gold Rush. How many times can you watch Big Red break down???….Boring….

      But the intricacies of trying to dredge in the boiling water is fascinating…..

    32. Poor behaviour on the producers part.

      Still, the show is not getting any better this round and hard to see it improving.

      See Fred didn’t stay away elsewhere for long (didn’t pay? ).

    33. After they cut white Water gold I didn’t want to watch any gold rush at all. White Water was cherry on the top of all the shows . And it pissed me off .Why don’t you just cut off the hand you feed your mouth with.

    34. Found this Article,after wondering what had happened to the rest of Season 6.

      What a stupid move.

      One of my favorite shows that i actually look forward to.

    35. Men doing masculine things. no wonder, tts a disney owned channel. Whats next, women storming the beaches at Normandy?

    36. I too have been waiting and looking for “White Water” and just tonight decided to do a search and found out as so many others that it was strangely cancelled for whatever reason. A shame! Of all the other gold rush shows this one to me was far the best of the lot. These adventurers and explorers are all physical and have a great deal more problems to overcome than all the other shows with their massive machines and equipment. These people use ingenuity to solve problems, not huge amounts of capital. The pioneers on White Water also are working in very dangerous conditions and what they will eventually find will be well deserved. Get the show back on the air, quickly.

    37. The Dave turnin show is worthless and not worth my time. the whitewater crew was exciting and kept me on edge. I just canceled disney plus. stupid exec’s. greed is killing the whole world.

    38. Really sucks……It just goes to show that their customers aren’t really important……there are some……my guess is that there are many (I am one ), who have tv shows available to them as their only….ONLY….form of entertainment that they can afford. DISCOVERY is saying…..screw you audience…..we don’t give a damn about you!!!!! Makes me so very sad that we as a people have been so blatantly crapped on. Gee thanks.

    39. This is crazy!! this was the only show left on Discovery that i watched faithfully. I actually made adjustments on my cable tv package and for me to keep discovery channel i had to stay signed up for a bunch of other channels that i dont even watch. By keeping Discovery and the other channels its costing me an extra $30 per month for this package deal i have,which now involves a bunch of channels that i dont even watch. I guess i will save myself the $30 and drop back to the basic package which doesnt include Discovery..

    40. Already cancelled Disney+, and this terrible company is ruining Discovery+! I guess it’s time to cancel EVERYTHING DISNEY.

    41. bad move disney/warner bros…you think so little of your loyal fans.

      I hope they all will find another place that is more committed to keeping them happy.

    42. I really don’t think you consider the audience! (whatever the remainder of us is)- you relegate the show to time slots that are hard to find, and then you stop the latest episodes from playing in middle of winter when we watch a lot of tv shows!
      Our taste in shows not for the other gold rush teams. We don’t watch any of them … they are just boring!

    43. Yes, I agree.. Discovery doesn’t care about the viewers… so stupid to stop a good show right in the middle..so crazy, not surprised, they don’t care…Be

    44. There is a reason that Disney is on the ropes, they have forgot that they need to provide their customers with what they want for entertainment, Somehow they decided they need to teach us what they think we should like and indoctrinate us into their illogical view of the world. The good new is they are losing dollars and customers due to their unpopular view of entertainment! Wokism kills it’s hosts and is a parisit on society!

    45. Very bad thing to do to your watchers and fans
      discovery chanel lost a lot of points for that.
      make us wait for 4 mounth to see the rest of the season is Unforgettable why start showing this season if you’re not going to finish

    46. Worst merger ever! Discovery should have never joined forces with HBO. Out of all the apps to have these days, I always kept Discovery because I could count on my Tuesdays and Fridays with 2 hours of content from Gold Rush on Fridays and Tuesday’s Deadliest Catch. I feel like I am getting ripped off. I guess I can just join once a year for a month a binge-watch it just the same, but I will miss my weekly content.

  1. I’m mad that you toy with people’s emotions. You, yourselves like the program and yet want us to tell you what? where else can you see nature and the purity of water streaming with the possibility of finding gold underneath? leave it alone….like Gunsmoke and when the audience is done…you’ll know it.

    1. Agreed. What is wrong with the studio heads ? They should all lose their jobs. Whits water has been intense this season and you just stop showing it in the middle of the season? Makes me not want to invest my time in discovery shows ever again.

      1. Don in Canada This is a disgrace and highlights how directors and board govenors work to the debtrement of people at large based on nothing more than the bottom line and only their wallets.There only seems to be concerns about the level of personal financial reward for CEOs and boards of directors who love each other and support each other to the tune of 250 + the average persons endevours.This was a great program and offered wonderful panoramic views with exciting risks and adventure. I think it is long overdue for directors/CEOs and board of directors to be reassigned else where and give us all a break.

    2. This is complete BS. This is the best show on TV. Watching their determination, innovation, passion, and drive is exactly what people need to see. They refuse to give up. They do what others say is not possible. They fall down- they get back up and push harder. Dustin is a beast and has a huge heart for his team. This sends a great message to everyone watching and this d!psh!t randomly decides to go on some power trip and shows us he does not give a flyin f about any of us. The people who SUPPORT the effin show. What a douchebag. His wife is probably named Karen. Asssss HOLE!

    3. Agreed. It’s been a long time since I tuned in to Gold Rush. I only tuned in to watch White Water. Their stupidity will definitely backfire and cost them more than they save.

      1. Agreed. I mean at least inform the fans there is going to be a half season or something beforehand. Planning! Being a Walking Dead fan, we can live with a break as long as we know when it’s coming.

    4. why should they be different our whole country’s got their head up their ass for Five Seasons they couldn’t even figure out how to put it on the preview guide correctly always confusing the hell out of everybody they put directly in the middle of that ferret face prick parkers Gold Rush and it’s not labeled as Gold Rush White Water I’ve been watching it since the beginning I think I saw it listed correctly three times but let’s leave the show on where a bunch of miserable bastards that I don’t want to see and take the show off of people that were pretty decent welcome to the new world we’re all going to hell


  3. Fk the Fans huh?
    Discovery/ Warner Bros wouldn’t pull this cheap a#s move in China.
    Well done, You suck!

  4. Have to look real closely at the next proxy I receive for my Discovery shares and vote out some of these idiots. I have been a loyal fan of the Gold Rush series since the beginning. This is a stupid decision made to cover up some other stupid decision.

      1. Worst move ever! I will no longer support these idiots. Trying to save a buck l, but it’s gonna cost you 10 bucks to do so.

    1. I have enjoyed all the Gold Rush programs since the beginning. I’ve rooted on Parker, I felt bad when grandpa past but was glad when the fat swearing guy left after doing poopy out of the USA. I wanted Dustin to do good when White Water started and even when the shows are sometimes slow, they are still cool. I could never do what they do. Was excited when a female started diving into that cold water slurping up all that dirt and hauling up those big boulders. For these people to halt the show mid season to fix their tax season is a bunch of hog wash. Finish the season and take your losses but allow the ones who actually pay your salaries and keep Discovery going. Maybe you could make a few short commercials explaining what can be seen on Discovery and the prices. Maybe getting other information on shows and maybe different plans. Cable isn’t going to last forever and we need options and finishing shows we enjoy watching. Stop messing with us. We’ve had enough of that the last few years. I’m a woman I’m retirees and know what I want and when I want it. It’s Friday and I’d like to watch Gold Rush: White Water but I do like My Lottery Dream House so don’t mess with that or other shows on Discovery. If you need some help I’m sure I could find some people to help.

    1. I agree! was enjoying it and now we’re done. to bad all my shows seem to be done for the season. how do I find shows that are still adding epidodes?

    1. couldn’t agree with you more so glad you brought that up yeah white water and Freddy Dodge were the two best shows on there and then both of those we don’t get to see no more and then they keep the ones that are boring as hell

  5. I CANNOT BELIEVE DISNEY/WARNER WOULD PULL WHITE WATER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SESSON! I tolerate Gold Rush because White Water is directly after it! I will not watch Gold Rush and will keep checking and wait until White Water comes back on. Disney and their wokeness – Go Woke – Go Broke!

    1. wokeness? You are obviously one of those saps that think woke is a word for everything. Woke means Alert to racial prejudice and discrimination.🤪

  6. This is one of the most bogus moves and proves that there is more to these shows than meets the eye. This is one of the reasons I find myself changing the channel on any new phoney Discovery “introduction”!

  7. We are avid fans of White Water. This show is so real and the people in it work extremely hard to demonstrate the toughness it takes to get the gold. Perhaps Discovery should appreciate the fans who support their channel. I am very disappointed in whomever made this decision to postpone the show. There are a lot of other shows they could take off! This is a slap in the face to the Crew of Whitewater and the fans.
    Tax dodge…. That’s bullshit boys. This show makes you money with ads and I know it! Selfish move Dis.

    1. I like gold rush white water the best also, I would like to know if it had anything too do with Justin, throwing the generator in the water, I wonder if he new something was going down,he was really hateful to his workers and friends on the last episode, I never seen him act that way!!

  8. Wow discover. You don’t cut a program mid season and leave your viewers hanging. What’s next charge us extra to watch on plus. Ignore the viewers and soon they will ignore you

    1. well it will certainly hurt their bottom line when I cancel discovery +, habo max and disney because there isnt anything on it to watch so why bother paying for it.

      1. we watched it every Friday night together one show me and my wife both can enjoy together now I guess it’s back to LMN for her and to the other TV for me. I’m going to cancel my Disney Plus and pick other channels go woke go broke I hope you do

      2. definitely going to hurt them more when others like myself stop paying extra to have Discovery channels on our cable provider and cancel all of their streaming services so they can avoid paying taxes and their content providers.

  9. We really like the Gold Rush/White Water show and are upset that it was stopped abruptly in the middle of the season.

  10. No Gold Rush White Water to get us through the long winter months is disappointing. If they wait until April we viewers will be out filming our own adventures.

  11. This pisses me off more than ever!!! The gold shows are very entertaining and WHITE WATER is the best!!! Honest guy and a few friends trying to get a few buckets and pay the bills and might I say very dangerously. PURE ENTERTAINMENT AT ITS FINEST. GET IT BACK NOW !!!

  12. Stupid is as Stupid does.. Friday nights I will NOT be watching Discovery channel anymore. White Water was the best of these shows. I so admired the woman diver and how she ran her crew. I would FIRE the ass wipe that made the decision to take this show down now.

  13. This is got to be the first time I have ever seen a series show being pulled in the middle of the season, and I’m 65 years old. The producer should have given us heads-up when they were going to pull the series.

  14. cant believe they cancelled white water mid season i will be cancelling my discovery plus subscription so you won’t be getting my money…

  15. I stop watching these shows when they pull this crap. Networks idiots think the minimal hit that happens can be survived so good luck I will move on to another network

  16. As a fan, this really sucks. Discovery needs to figure out what their view do and don’t want to watch. Then you leave us hanging in the middle of a season for the sake of a few bucks. I’m totally disgusted with Discovery, and their antics.

    1. totally agree I thought whitewater was a bad ass showi have Hulu live and discovery + thinking about canceling both and just get the cheaper Hulu and just get rid of the bs and keep HBO max

    1. I second this statement. White Water is one of the few shows I looked forward to every single week and have been looking for the new episodes just to have to figure it out myself that Discovery put the show on a several month “hiatus”. Ass hats. I paid for the entire season up front on prime video because my Disney app won’t work and I love this show so much. Seriously, Discovery, you really fu€ked up.

  17. For me, the two things on TV that I look forward to each week are Street Outlaws and Gold Rush. My favorite part of Street Outlaws was Big Chief leading Street Outlaws and White Water was my favorite part of Gold Rush. I don’t understand why you would take the two greatest shows on TV and do this to them and to the people that start and end their weeks watching your shows.

  18. Taking this show off air is really, really bad – it has to be one of the best shows that it airs, why would they do such a stupid thing???

  19. I’ve been wondering what the hell happened to my favorite show. What a dumbass decision, in the middle of the season? Yes, fire the idiot that decided this move was appropriate!!!

    1. Great move, Discovery!! Gold Rush Whitewater is a better show than the original Gold Rush, especially with the 2 crews on the show! I can’t believe that you just yanked the show and didn’t tell the fans, so it looks like I will be boycotting the rest of the Gold Rush Season until you play the rest of the Whitewater Season!!! Great Decision Pencil Pusher!! Later!!!!

  20. I am so disappointed. I look forward to White Water every Friday night . I could understand stopping the program at the end of a season, but not in the middle of one. Please bring it back for all of us loyal fans!

  21. White Water is the only Gold Rush show I watched. Parker Schnabel turned into a snotty little prick so stopped watching it. White Water is much more exciting and I looked forward to it! What a dumb decision Discovery!

  22. I agree. there is very little on TV as it is…and you take off White Water…what a bunch of fools. Another reason to never support anything Disney again. can’t wait to see the Disney ship sink into the abiss….not getting any more money from me EVER!

  23. that’s so stupid… so basically they can choose when to release or not and if not they can write it off just like they did for all the salaries that it took to produce it?

    that’s not odd at all…

  24. I understand business is business, yet someone has made a bad decision. It is also bad business to shun your fan base. Your viewers deserve respect, and removing this show with no explanation demonstrates a complete lack of grace on the part of Discovery/Disney

  25. This is a very bad decision on their part because as much as I love the show I’ma wait a couple years to view it on a steaming service .So I won’t be viewing any if their adds .

  26. wow. what a cuck move by that executive. cancelling my discovery+ account after this. this is the last straw. how are u going to postpone/cancel a show that’s allready halfway through it’s season. weak power move, Warner Bros, weak. ur going to lose subscribers to this. u may not think it’s a big deal, but when people like myself literally only watch gold rush and a few other shows on here, what’s the point of continuing to pay for a service that doesn’t care about their viewers. tsk tsk.

  27. U believable. Lets all pull together and can el any and all Discovery subscriptions . That’ll truly hurt them )$&)(;)

  28. Total load of donkey crap! Another finger to the fans by executives. Happening more and more. Really biting the hands that feed them. Disney+ may be on my hiatus list, as in cancelled!

  29. I can’t believe anyone is this stupid and I can only hope that the executive or team that made this unfortunate decision gets put on permanent hiatus. As for me, I am boycotting Discovery until they bring this show back with an apology to all the fans. If they wait until April, I won’t watch Discovery channel anymore at all. Shame on the idiot or idiots who did this.

  30. This is maddening! We look forward to White Water every week. This is such a dangerous and exciting show/occupation and we love watching these courageous divers and the tenders and mechanics that keep them alive. We also gone back and re-watched the last few seasons again we love it that much. Bad move Warner Bros/Discovery!!!

  31. I’m done with Discovery‼️let’s you know what they think about the costumer ❗️Not watching unless they bring it back

  32. To me this is one of the best shows on TV, 100% real deal. To pull the rug out from under the fans feet is uncalled for. This tells me the people at the top making all the big decisions have there heads up there *** and only care about the money and not the viewers. This is a good way to LOOSE YOUR FAN BASE!

  33. grrrr I’m so unhappy about this!!!
    I feel normal gold rush has kind of become boring & White Water gold rush is a crazy rush.
    This is hella lame that they are doing this to the show.

  34. Yes, I’m disappointed, I look forward to watching this show and one other (Curse of Oak Island) every week.

  35. Ya know you reap what you sew Disney discovery you paid millions to get Democrats elected and promoted thier leftist/marxist agenda which includes raising taxes on the higher income earners. Now you don’t want to pay them?? thats a bunch of BS. You just lost my 10 bucks a month. I feel like I’m paying taxes by keeping my subscription. Wasting money on something I will never benefit from. thanks.

  36. Given how many people are commenting here, people like this show. They don’t ever have the satisfying payoffs at the beginning of the year, so we watched it all waiting for the good stuff – I had to search deep just to find this page. So bad move Disney, we have a few simple tv pleasures, this was one of them – At least announce or have an advertisement that tells us it will be back.

  37. I have been a huge fan of the Gold Rush series since it began, I live in the caribou mountian area in BC ,and have gold fever. might have to rethink about renewing my subscription. it’s all about the money ,not the people! Greed will be the end of mankind!

  38. I am disgusted at this decision drop Gold Rush instead as it is becoming repetitive.
    Dustin and friends have an excellent programme and not afraid of hard work.

  39. Damn……look how many people you pissed off with your dumb ass move to suddenly put on hold a great show with no warning, or explanation! Shows how important your CUSTOMERS are, you know them right? All the people who spend their hard earned money and keep you in business? I vote we start a fan petition to fire the ass hat who made moronic decision. F#¢k you ass hole

  40. Totally disgusted. I have poor health and it is the best program on TV I look forward to it every week. Time to ditch Discovery and Sky

  41. What a bunch of idiots, had a great thing going and now canning it for a few months. Hey let’s buy a new Corvette, pay the taxes and registration, then not drive it for a few months….

    1. Ridiculous, it’s the only show we watch on discovery. pretty sure there could have been only shows that could have been stopped, not even a warning it was happening!! we base our nightly TV viewing round it. Not happy at all.

  42. Halfway through series it just disappeared. Thanks for leaving us just hanging.
    You certainly know how to piss off your viewers.cheers.

  43. This is really a stupid move ….We paid for this thru VUDU and I’m sure everyone else paid thru cable and etc . We all paid for this …..They should have planned this out better …. Jumping ship in the middle is not smart or fair …If they claim this is for tax reasons …well….tax right-offs are great if you truly have losses…This has left me speechless and ashamed that this can be allowed …

  44. Really disappointed to discover this after watching the first few episodes – this is the only Gold Rush I watch .
    Give us back White Water please – pulled by someone who doesn’t get it because they don’t watch it – shame on you Director – user feedback , I agree with fellow viewers , a bad decision.

  45. I’ve looked forward to this new exciting season since the last series ended, it’s one of my favourite shows.
    The decision to stop airing it mid season with no valid explanation shows Discovery’s contempt for fans.
    I hope it moves to another channel if this is the way they run programming, what a joke!
    I feel sorry for the crew and the stars who put their lives on the line, watch your backs, Discovery don’t seem to give a damn about anyone involved with the show. Totally pi##ed off, thanks Discovery, you need to take a hard look at how you operate!

  46. Really sucks they would do that! Hope they figure something out, so it doesn’t happen again. especially in the middle of a season! Really!

  47. I hope that Discovery reads these comments. After reading this article, I will definitely be canceling my subscription to Discovery plus. I refuse to pay money and support a company that treats it’s cast, crews, and consumers this way. I hope this whole thing backfires in their face and they lose millions of dollars and viewers.

  48. Well that’s Tuesday night Scrapped.
    gold rush . how much “fire it up . shut it down can ya take . White water far superior . What a joke killing the show I in shock . suppose moonshiners will be next . toooo many auto shows Discovery plus subscription might have to be binned .not happy

  49. One less hour of watching Discovery does have a positive note-I won’t have to see and hear those hideous commercials with that idiot Mike Rowe advertising the new and never to be watched Dirty Jobs! But I sure will miss White Water!

  50. Well I have religiously watched back to back for all the previous seasons and was rooting for this one to end well. So angry 😤 the tax laws need to be damn change to stop this fiddling. Bring my shoe back now!!!!!

  51. Gutted, rushed home from work tonight to watch my favourite program and nothing!!! Then to read the reasons makes my blood boil. Any kind of tax avoidance is shameful!!!!

    1. its winter. and we need our shows to watch now. in 3 months we won’t need as much entertainment. it will be spring. To busy outside to watch winter Tv.

  52. We have watched Gold Rush since its inception; and until its sudden and unannounced disappearance on Friday nights, White Water has been both my and my wife’s most anticipated weekly tv event. White Water has excellent filming, phenomenal action, and real people working in beautiful country in highly hazardous conditions to bring exceptional “entertainment” to Discovery’s subscribers. After Discovery’s abrupt and unannounced discontinuance of White Water, I wonder if it deserves those real people who pit their lives against the white waters in a quest for gold like none of us have ever witnessed. Shame on you Discovery, slinking away from your own great series! You don’t deserve the series, and you don’t deserve us. And I don’t buy any of your B.S. about taxes.

  53. Couldn’t believe it, when I searched for the next episode, and it was not there. Bad news. GET IT BACK ON NOW.

  54. Why oh why do you pay company’s good money to produce fantastic programs for us to watch that have high viewings and following only to take them off air for tax reasons! . As far as I am concerned the idea of running a business is to get the public interested in your product, not remove it when it is a success, does not make any sense to me , I’ve watched Gold rush and white water from the start and now very disappointed to here that it’s gone till the new tax year

  55. Was best season so far….White water was Better than egular Gold Rush by far..
    way to screw up a good thing…

  56. what the *%#! I Keep waiting to find out what happens next only to discover they postponed the show without letting us fans know? i had to look it up on line!

  57. Thank you Discovery minus & HBO Minimum, you have helped me to decide to cancel both apps. I refuse to pay more to get less. My gain and your LOSS!

    1. I am so upset that they took white water off and going to push it back till 3 months from now that’s ridiculous you take the best show of all the gold shows and get rid of it while you keep the boring ones and I never had any idea till I started reading these comments that Disney had anything to do with discovery that stinks to know that because they’re nothing but a bunch of no Goods all of us are sick of all your BS and today’s world nobody cares about the customer either and I’m sick of that too it’s always the same it’s all about you and you don’t care about us at all when we’re the ones that give you your job !!! Losers!

  58. we look forward to White Water Gold Rush every week. to stop the show in the middle of the season? that’s incredibly stupid! if I go to watch a movie, I don’t get up & walk out & then watch the 2nd half next year. yeah, that’s normal. jerks.

  59. White Water was the only reason I subscribed to Discover Plus. Terrible decision to quite showing their episodes. I will be canceling Dis + immediately.

  60. Disney is in essence a Chinese company now. Woke and a shell of what they were, beholdent to their overseas overlords.

  61. Frankly, I think it’s about time they pulled white water off the air. It’s supposed to be a show about finding gold and Justin’s band of misfits can’t find enough gold to buy a happy meal.

    1. You seem to be the odd man out! Most people here love this show. Maybe you’re diving and getting your own gold, right?

  62. truely dissapointed..
    I looked forward to this show.
    old Walt is spinning in his grave, like one of Tony’s Trammell.
    very sad to see what Disney has become.

  63. What do you expect?? Fans are fans = they want to see it, especially when it appears they may hit some good gold. Makes me disgusted with your modus operandi!!

  64. I totally agree. Regular gold was getting rather same old same old. At least in the rivers it would be cool to find some big nuggets for a change. You don’t just yank a show in the middle of the season I don’t care what your tax reasons are. As if you don’t have enough money to begin with. Give me a break. I won’t be watching Rush anymore at all. You freaking blew it. What a bunch of ass hat morons.

  65. Normally Gold Rush is my go to Friday show. However this season White Water has been far more exciting. So needless to say this news pisses me off. Who cares about saving a couple dollars when in the long run you end up loosing money because people are outraged and decide not to watch what is currently airing.

  66. White Water I my opinion was better than Gold Rush
    As far as Davin Turin he and his crew are annoying. Warner Bros and Disney can fuck off !

  67. After years of not subscribing to TV, I break down and got Discovery + JUST FOR GOLD RUSH-WHITE WATER. Now it’s off the air????? What Jerks…..

    1. the rest of the season has already been filmed and edited, all they need to do is air the episodes, instead they call a hiatus, and would not be surprised if the hiatus becomes permanent. stupid dicks!!

  68. Adding Kayla made a whole difference to our interest, smart, determined, beautiful, good caring leader. Bad move on Discovery that values tax and a bit more money at the expense of people, loyal viewers. “Any gain that is ill gotten, becomes as a venomous vapor.” Bad taste now toward Discovery. I endure thru Gold Rush to get to White Water, a hard determined team of people

  69. Disney messed with the wrong crew this time! The Hurt boys none the less! I hope Dustin goes into corporate and slaps the s#!t outta the numb nut that cut the show as Fred buries the big black boot in his ass! The woke will go broke! 🤢🤮

  70. Seriously Discovery??? I had bored with the show until White Water…like it’s been my new favorite show since it started…to make a greedy decision mid season after the show has been shot and ready to go is the crappiest move ever! I will no longer watch Gold rush until white water is back..too bad that great adventurous cast is locked up with greed mongers like Disney…they deserve better…and so do the fans like me! Gimme a break!…and btw I’ve canceled my app. Bye greedy losers🖕🖕🖕

  71. i like all of gold rush . But whitewater is the top . Sounds like that ex has a personal issue with someone associated with white water .

  72. Here is an idea, shut the theme parks and get your greedy tax dodge their instead of Gold Rush, SHAME ON YOU DISNEY

    1. That’s what you have to do look at History Channels rating when they dumped Frank from American Pickers!! This hurts viewership which hurts advertisement revenue!! Don’t talk the talk walk it!!

  73. Real smart Discovery, like stopping a great movie in a theater at the halfway point, throwing on the lights and telling the audience to come back in 3 or 4 months and you’ll let the watch the rest…..stupid!

  74. I always looked forward to seeing this show, despite the irritating incessant screaming from Carlos. In the middle of the season!!!

  75. If they want to save money, fire the executives who clearly have their heads and probably, “other things”, up their butts. Fans now routing against you to fail and loss money. Good Job guys, girls, he/shes, non-identifiers, its, what’s, or whatever you want to make up, you should give yourselves raises. Disney is awful, I no longer let my kids watch anything by that subversive company. Don’t stand for this crap vote with your dollars.

  76. Been mad ever since I heard about this. White Water was one of two shows I watch every week. Discovery channel execs suk! I may not be here in April to watch as I will watch wicked tuna instead.

  77. It was just getting good this is stupid I look forward to this every Friday dis is starting to suck again going the way of history channel down they had a good gold show to but the Bering sea is just stupid drama

  78. Thanks to the dickheads at the Discovery Channel for screwing the fans of Gold Rush: White Water. It’s the little things like this show we like to relax and watch after a long day of work. Thanks for pausing one of the better shows and placing it in hiatus in order to save the corporation money during this tax season. Next time, do it with one of your worthless shows like 90 day fiance or Kendra does hollywood and shows like that which have no redeeming qualities for mankind.
    Again, thanks Discovery executives for screwing us over.

  79. typical corporate bs,with only thinking of themselves and there corporate bonuses and kickbacks. when fans like us struggle to keeps food in the house week to week. then u just shut the door in the fans face,with no warning. very disappointing but doesn’t surprise me one damn bit. it’s always about them and screw everyone else. SMH

  80. I’m Pissed!! I watch several shows on discovery but I will Not watch your channel until GOLD RUSH WHITE WATERS RETURNS!! One of the worse moves by any network EVER!!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  81. Well I myself and quite a few people I know who watch white water on discovery channel are deciding to quit paying for our streaming services on discovery because they obviously don’t care enough about there customers to even inform them about our favorite streaming shows and this isn’t the first time it really sucks when your into a show and it just disappears without any explanation ….

  82. They should have shortened Tony Beats season and left Dustins crew on. Also Dave Turin is a boring gold rush and could have been shortened as well.

  83. That’s it I’m done watching any gold rush this was the best one didn’t even watch the rest anymore and you pull the plug in the middle of a season well I’m now done with all your shows

  84. What total B/S, they keep airing that total Shite of a programme “Alaskan Bush People” yet put on hold White Water…Where’s the sense in that. Could have moved the day or kept it going on Discovery +. Total utter madness.

  85. So, History is owned by A&E Networks, BUT in a joint adventure with Hearst Communications and Disney General Entertainment Content Division; and Disney is scrambling to increase profitability, cutting cost, assuring a more woke agenda in what is called a now “non linear world”. Though the season is already paid for, fully edited it has been “paused” until at least the new tax year as they (Disney) reassess their profit/loss margins, determine what shows for 2023-2024 need to be more diversified (another subtle reference to WOKE agenda). So we GRWW fans need to just face the fact our show is too Real World and Straight for the New Disney (Walt must be flipping over in his grave)!

  86. I’ve been wondering what has happened. My primary thoughts were that someone had been seriously hurt and the show was respectfully on hold or shut down. I’m pleased all are well. No other thoughts matter to me.

  87. It is very disappointing to hear that Gold Rush White Water isn’t being screened in the middle of the series! I have never heard anything like it! Also not having the decency to warn viewers as well! I have watched every season and Iook forward to it each week! Please put it back on?

  88. Oh Man! You broke our hearts! We look forward to this every Tuesday night @ 7pm. So give us a date when we can check back in. Message to the Discovery finance department “Plan Better!”

  89. NO, say it isn’t so…can’t believe it. for tax purposes… so is loyal fans have to just take it. i say i hope it drops and yes i hope someone picks it up quick. will definitely be missed. ugh

  90. This is absolutely disgusting Discovery Channel I love Gold Rush (white water) and (Gold Rush),
    Why wouldn’t you just start Gold Rush (White Water) from April it’s just ridicules the way you’ve done it 🖕

  91. Very poor decision from a viewre/subscriber perspective…
    You just can not do this, and without communicating too…. ?
    Considering ending subscription.

  92. I just found out that some big Douchebag exec. from Discovery pull there show because of financial reasons and tax breaks. if they want to save money get rid of the moron who who cut one of the most real shows on Friday night that my family and I been watching for years . What a scam the reason I purchased Discovery+ was because of this show . See you later Discovery you suck

  93. This is one of the rare non-violent shows. Nature is the only antagonist and people in the show give example of hard work as well as resourcefulness. Sometimes I count how many people “die” each evening for our entertainment.
    I guess the replacement will be something something like “Gold Hit Black water” propagating another set of negative values.

  94. It’s my favorite show on TV. It’s very hard for me to believe it’s “too expensive” to air with the already obscene amount of commercials that run during a show. This is definitely a display of corporate greed. Twist the numbers, cheat the system and the public, so your share holders can pad their pockets. The person responsible for this is an A whole!!!!!

  95. You take White Water off, temporarily maybe. You leave the phoniest show on TV, the Alaskan Bush People. You have got to be kidding. Why would you take the hotest most popular show off and leave a joke of a show on? Oh, that’s right, tax write offs are more important than your viewers. You are as pathetic as the Bush people, are they relatives of yours? is that why they lasted 14 years too long?

  96. Gold Rush turned into a snooze fest while White Water was really fun to watch. This is absolutely disgusting that they would do this simply because they can. Someday this will bite them in the ass.

  97. This is the best show on discovery channel. Makes me want to cancel the channel completely. Why would you cancel white water and leave Alaskan bush people and other stupid shows on? Stupidity. I looked forward to watching this show every week. What a disappointment

  98. Discovery channel, you absolutely suck for what you did. I don’t even watch your stupid shows you put on like Dave Turin or the other idiots that pretend to be Alaskans and go around howling like the morons they portray. Gimme a break. Up yours !

  99. I won’t be watching the original Gold Rush, the only reason I did was to make sure I didn’t miss White water, hopefully others will do the same.

  100. Please bring it back before the cast has to scatter to make a living elsewhere.

    This show is a winner with excellent people, danger, excitement, teamwork, reward , hope and adventure!

  101. Disney/Discovery way to prove to your viewers that you could care less about them. You’re taking a good show off air in the middle of the dam season for a tax break and leaving something that is totally fake like Alaskan Bush People playing. Yup makes just as much sense as Disney’s go woke philosophy of late. You both suck! Hope you go broke!

  102. Smart move. I’m sure the heads are struggling financially and need to save some money to pay for some food, clothing and killer parties. I hope they survive thru these difficult times! We are all praying for you execs! Please live on and don’t give up on life!

  103. this move SUCKS!! IT Makes it very hard if not impossible for the show to get a increasing loyal and dedicated fan base. it leaves the door wide open for it’s viewers to find a different show & then being loyal to that show & never come back. it’s like the company owning it, is self sabotaging itself. especially when they pull it right in middle of season. owners must be apart of or huge donating/supporters of current clueless president biden organization

  104. And this is exactly the reason why i pirate everything, how good or bad it is they won’t ever see a cent from me. I payed my dues in the era when there was still good content and when they at least seem to care about the customers. That time has been over for a long time now. They don’t care about their paying customers, so why should we pay. Let them earn there money with adds we can skip. WB is so intent on losing money it’s strange cos it seems like that is all they care about. Yet they make the dumbest decisions a company can make when it comes to earning it. But sadly they aren’t the only ones. Pirate for life

  105. Let me know when whitewater comes back! I won’t be watching until it does! Why u screwing the Dakota boys! Fans love these underdogs . You’re so outta touch’s with your viewer. How much Parker is on TV , that little bratty punk not what we wanna see! Dustin has more grit in his pinky , and the nation wants to see him succeed. He the little guy, he is The American nation playing out on camera.
    Get your shit together Discovery !

  106. Discovery, you need to re-evaluate your shows currently airing. Why would you air crap shows over GR white water. Even the original GR is over, same crap every episode. Extremely disappointed in this decision, seems like there is more to it that what was mentioned in this article. Makes no sense.

    1. what I think well I’m not going to say exactly but to put it nicely this sucks I mean damn they so greedy that they just take a show off the air mid season what crap. Well I hope they choke on there over priced caviar

  107. I sincerely hope karma bites all these executives in the arse and leads the IRS to personally audit each and every one of them!!

  108. What a shame. And in the middle to end of the season too. Sad. The bean counters won again. And I thought maybe Dustin was in the hospital or something terrible. These brave guys and gal provided us hours of thrilling entertainment.They deserve better. And so do we.
    At the very least they could have finished the season!!

  109. I’m voting by canceling Discovery. Out of here, Discovery. Good luck holding onto your dwindling cadre of formerly loyal subscribers!

  110. Raging. I’ve been tuning in every Sunday morn for my nxt instalment 😡have just read this and see I have to wait till April 😫 bring it back NOW !!! Who does this in the middle of a season 😤

  111. You have a show that gets good ratings in a tough slot, you pay for the show, you pay to edit the show, then you cancel the show mid season without informing the people who pay for your service. I pay monthly and I will demand my money back or will start a class action suit against discovery plus for this blatant misrepresentation of your product.

  112. Gold rush isn’t even entertaining anymore. Same old stuff. Dave Turin is terrible i fast forward anytime he is on. White water is awesome. I look forward to it every week. Thanks for screwing your viewers over!!

  113. I think it dumb how they did that. It seems a lot of the shows are going that . All the hood shows you want to watch are taking breaks or something then coming back on.

  114. The only reason I watch this show is because it’s linked to Gold Rush and I keep hoping Jared(?) will drown or have a boulder fall on his head. I was so excited that he either was jailed for killing someone, had met a painless death or the show had been cancelled. He is such a fake pompous jerk who has no business being on television.

  115. Those Jack-legs need to finish airing the season. Also, they better not f up the downhill mountain biking.

  116. Count me as one of the suckers who faithfully watched White Water. Count me out of ever getting sucked into another one of your “reality” shows. Fool me once, shame on you. You will never have the opportunity to fool me twice…..

  117. Unbelievable they could leave us hanging, would suggest we contact our networks and ask discovery is dropped from our packages and hit them in the pockets, so much for looking out for your customers. The main Gold Rush programme with Parker and them is like watching paint dry, why not drop that?

  118. I’d rather have watched white water than regular gold rush. atleast white water is different situations every week and regular gold rush is same shit every episode, they break down, they fix it and move the plant and then another break down. I’m ready to cancel discovery also, total B. S. 🐂💩.

  119. Really poor. I’ve been watching gold rush from the beginning. Very disappointed fan, especially in the middle of the season!!!

  120. Bloody stupidist move that I have since I started watching tv in the mid fifties.
    We the paying public finally get a couple of excellent shows we look forward to and it takes some
    ahole beancounter to really ruin something that somehow manages to take our minds off all the other crap that we putting up with in the world nowadays.
    opal hunters and whitewater are tops .How about getting rid of pawnstars or some of the other garbage like programs.
    I learned a new word today BOYCOT No more of the programing for us until you bring our shows back.

  121. This can’t be the best decision! The show is paid for and has the same fan base as gold rush! As a fan of these shows, it’s pushing people to look elsewhere! Running the show at a later date you actually run the risk of loosing fan base. As well as it runs into the nicer weather and less people watch tv programs that time of year or watch other scheduled programming. BIG MISTAKE!

  122. It’s not coming back on? Seriously? A good reason to get rid of the channel. Get everybody into the show for the season, and then rip it away? That’s a pretty low thing to do. Very disappointed.
    We pay all this money for a channel and we get treated like this. Hopefully white water can get out from under the contract and someone more reliable pick them up.

  123. He or she who made this decision to pull White Water still feeds from its mother’s breast. At least you would have to think so after making such an inconsiderate move without announcement to loyal fans of the show…no announcement no apology no consideration to us viewers whatsoever…a molly coddled spoilt little mammy’s boy or girl and it’s immature brain was behind the handling of this decision. Lost a huge amount of respect for the company after this. Very likely to cancel my Discovery subscription.
    # Discoveysucks
    Up yours to the person who decided this action was a good one!!!!!🤬

  124. Where’s the communication, where’s the thought for fans, you disgust me.
    Your the type of disconnected executives who seriously should be sacked.
    Incidentally make a program about the idiots that caused this and being sacked I would watch.

  125. Disgraceful pulling Gold Rush White Water been waiting for episode 9 S6 hope it goes elsewhere these decision makers should be shaken


  127. Annoys me that we the viewers have to go searching to understand what happens. Sitting here thinking surely that wasn’t the end of the season? Dig around a little to find out we’ve gotta wait months for next episode. Tell me how is the viewer to enjoy that? Bet you’ll re-run the first episodes again 1st omg.

  128. This is REALLY frustrating.We love that show and after two weeks of checking when it would be on I check to see why and find this.Not happy!

  129. That is not right, one of the best shows we look forward to watching every week. Not happy at all. Discovery sucks.

  130. I watched Gold Rush White Water for years on DC, and now i have to find out on a forum that those greedy bastards from DC have put the show on hold!
    Are those DC/ Disney assholes on ferry Dust (crack)!
    Money rules at DC, not the viewers!

  131. Discovery is not part of Disney so Disney should have nothing to do GRWW. Since they are trying to save money they probably need it to prop up CNN since it is doing so bad in it’s rating.

  132. it really sucks in this world when you fat cats just want to get more money and waste our time I think they should get their own channel and move on from you jerks just wanting to get richer

  133. absolute bulksh*t!! This makes me so angry. Bad enough I have to suffer commercials when I’m paying for a streaming service.

    Notice that Hammond’s second season was pulled halfway through as well, obviously for the same reason…

    White water has become a firm favourite, much better than Gold Rush that has become boring and very samey. Dustin and the boys are really putting themselves on the line.

    Farewell Discovery, I’ll be back when White Water is, until then, I’m not giving you another f#!#ing penny

  134. I already got rid of cable because of channels doing crap like this. Subscribed to Discovery on my Roku just to watch Gold Rush shows. Been watching every year since Parker was a annoying kid. I guess Forensic Files and other shows free on Roku from now on. a– holes

  135. Really disappointed. It is discouraging when corporate America can make a decision like this regardless of how the audience that actually pays the bills feels. I thought Discovery was above that?

  136. The only reason we picked up the discovery channel on our streaming service was only to watch the Gold Rush and the Gold Rush White water shows. The other shows they offered do not have much interest to our family and without them there’s no reason to continue our service. I guess they can make more money on their tax breaks instead of paying customers that watch one of their top shows instead. That would be cool if Netflix picks up the Gold Rush shows, they seem to try to put entertaining stuff on for their customers

  137. this is horseshit!!!! my 2 year old grandson even watched white water with us, and as someone who does a bit of prospecting we have learned a lot from the Hurt boys. it’s very clear that the higher ups haven’t even bothered to watch a single episode to have gained the realization that white water is one of the best shows on any tv, how dare they just leave us hanging as if our opinions don’t matter when it’s us that makes them their paycheck. I am canceling my discovery + as well as Disney+ and any other subscriptions that could make them another penny out of my pocket. they are all about the dollar and could care less if we the people demand our show back. so to them I say fuck you, stupid poops!!!!

  138. I am very unhappy with the decision to put Gold Rush-White Water on hiatus. It was one of a very few shows I watched on a weekly basis.
    I hope Dustin can negotiate with another entity and continue on a different channel.

  139. I paid for the whole season I’d like to watch it now!!! Or refund my money! If they told me at the beginning of the season that they were only going to play half the season then pause for weeks I wouldn’t have purchased it. This is really a pretty crappy way to treat your customers.

  140. This is really too bad. It will hurt their ratings, but life goes on.
    What I really liked with Gold Rush WW was the scenery and the equipment they had to use. Nobody would really go back up year after year losing $100k every year.
    Get new writers / producers as both Gold Rush and Gold Rush WW are not near as good as they were 4 or 5 years ago. Making up to $10M yr Gold Rush needs to Lease or Buy a bus load of spare parts. Half the shows are crying over breakdowns.

  141. Tax reasons? So you were holding your audience for two hours instead of one and you gave that up for taxes? Or to keep from paying the “creatives”. Really stinky move on your part Discovery. Oh and by the way we are now turning the channel after Gold Rush. The other shows are boring…maybe you want to lose money because then you won’t have to pay any taxes. Isn’t that what Corporate America does? Wiggle out of paying your fair share. Maybe it’s time to dump Discovery. We have watched Gold Rush since Parker was a kid. We watched Ice Road Truckers and loved it until you took it off. Now we’ve been waiting every week for the next episode of Gold Rush Whitewater. Time to find a new channel. So long Discovery. Once you were popular, now you’re just another suck ass corporation who doesn’t want to pay taxes.

  142. The only reason why I have the Discovery+ App and keep it is becasue of both Gold Rushes. If you take it away, even one of them there will be no reason to have the app. I no longer have cable either. All I have and watch is the apps. As soon as the orginal Gold Rush is over I will get rid of the app. We will help them save their precious money. This wasn’t a very good idea.

  143. Poor decisions by management are what put the company in this financial position. Management is getting paid, why change now?

  144. The money they lose supporting things like Amber H(T)urd is sickening then there is the woke loses. It wouldnt suprise me that people cancel & then do the download thing as payback for such poor treatment of their paying customers. Customers they clearly don’t care for in the slightest. It is very easy to download the show for no cost it’s just an illegal thing to do.

  145. Very disappointed. I think an online petition would get lots of signatures going by the number of comments. How many ways is this wrong?

  146. They lied to the viewers when they took it off the air. Now, everybody believes the reasoning for doing so. Tax reasons is a weak and laughable excuse. More likely there was an injunction to halt the show until some contractual dispute can be resolved. Somebodey is getting screwed. Most likely Justin’s team. Its happenned before. Just another example of how giant media can control what people believe.

  147. I don’t know if the reasons given are true but either way this is disappointing, to pull halfway thru a season could cost some viewers in the long run. I watch few shows per week this was one of them that I looked forward to. Too bad. I do agree with other comments about the Alaskan Bush People, please make that disappear those people are ridiculous.

  148. I, like many others, have followed these shows from the beginning. Playing this game will only hurt your channel, what will you cancel next??? I don’t like getting enveloped into a series just to have it canceled before we find out its ending. I will be passing this channel for future shows. Very angry at the way this is done.

  149. I’m glad I finally saw this article. I was ready to slit my throat from not being able to watch my favorite TV show.

  150. Ridiculous decision! Pleased I found this article as I wanted to know where it had gone. My family love White Water, we don’t watch Gold Rush. We really want to see Dustin and the crews do well. Disappointing that Discovery don’t value the viewers… think they are forgetting without them Discovery doesn’t exist.

  151. That’s why I download so I don’t have to watch it on some stupid channel and pay for a no show.
    I feel bad for the fans. White Water is great. I love Dustin and his dad, even tho they can be assholes.
    They work hard and are very brave!

  152. Hey assholes, yes you assholes who made a tax decision. I hope this completely backfires on you. Make sure you shove Dave Turin, Mike Rowe and every type of moonshiners you can think of down our throats in place of White Water. Why don’t you listen to all the fans who are voicing their disgust over yet another corporate decision to save money to pay your top assholes that drove this decision. You should take that money and pay the f’n guys who are out there digging in dangerous conditions that provide you your audience and ratings. Shame on you for not communicating your back door decision. Oh and one more thing, did I mention you guys were assholes.

  153. Discovery had ruined TV. most of the bullshit they have on is reruns from years ago. can’t say enough bad things about them! I would love to see them go bankrupt. I would give up watching TV just for that to happen. it would be lovely to see them lose everything. does it sound like I hate them? you should too!

  154. FU Discovery and especially the pedophile Disney/Discovery jackass that would make a decision this incredibly stupid mid season.

    Complete anti-American ass hats manage corporate America these days. I hope Disney/Discovery go down in flames.

    We are cancelling Direct TV and going antenna (free TV ONLY) after February, that’ll definitely help their tax situation with less revenue… IDIOTS!

  155. I have been watching Gold Rush since day one, this has never happened before till now. I’m very upset about this because I love the show. Take off some other the other TRASH you put on your channel. this is so Ridiculous PERIOD

  156. These accounting tricks need to be removed from the bean counters’ arsenals. This months long delay is bad enough, but just consider that TNT has already shot and produced the “final” season (everyone knew going in it was the last season, so it could wrap the story up nicely) of “Snowpiercer” and now are not going to air it because it saves them more money to keep it in the can and never show it than they’ll make by showing it! Something is totally out of whack.

  157. Such a disappointment smh… My boyfriend I would binge watch this show and to me thay says a lot because my guy doesn’t care to watch TV… He watches the Oak Island show but he will only binge watch this show…

  158. Discovery is stupid. Just a money grubber like the rest of the Networks. They actually have something going good and now the bean counters will destroy it. How like the history of broadcasting. I hear that Fox News is looking for a great show like Gold Rish: White Water. I bet if you look that way the bean counters won’t even know you have gone. At any case if I was the whole Gold Rush franchise, Look out!

  159. Hey – just glad it will be finished up in the Spring. Was worried that something bad had occurred on the set. Pleasant to hear it will return sometime in the future. I look forward to learning how the season progressed and hopefully the team found the honey pot of gold.

  160. Way to go Disney!!! Congrats for pissing off all the fans! A simple acknowledgement and saying that WW will be back after Gold Rush is over would have just spread the season out and no one would have been the wiser. Now we are all pissed off.

  161. I’ve wondered what happened. I always looked forward to watching Gold Rush Whitewater. It pisses me off not being able to watch it. I hope the choice to remove the program without notice or consideration of the viewers bites you in the ass & leaves a lifelong scar. There’s alot of other crappy programs that could have been cut. THANKS FOR NOT APPRECIATING YOUR VIEWERS …I THINK YOU MADE A POOR CHOICE.

  162. Devastated! Bring Whitewater back!!!! I guess I don’t care that I have to wait for April as long as they continue to make new episodes!!!!! I have to sit through sucky regular gold rush for my husband and looked forward to whitewater as a reward- please please don’t cancel it!!!! Please!

  163. I used to have it set for my DVR and it would record both GR and GR Whitewater because on DirecTv there was no way to separate them..since they put Whitewater on hiatus I just canceled till it comes back on. GR is just the same old dig N sift..At least there is adventure in Whitewater

  164. Why pay for Disney and all the other turd streaming services when you can find the shows for free on some “other” services? That’s how you can get back at them f***ers!!!

  165. The hiatus is terrible news, but hope they keep filming and bring show back on in April as indicated. Terrible point in the show to halt airing. I guess we just have to wait so Discovery can save money. Not pleased with their decision but if it means they can save money and keep airing shows like this I can live with the delay, just hard to swallow.

  166. This is really Stank. I only subscribed to Discovery to watch White Water so I’m really pissed that they would just leave me hanging right in the middle of the season! pretty Dirty. Got me looking for a new episode every Friday night and Im pissed! Going to call and cancel this channel!

  167. The executive who made the decision to pull the show sounds like he has the same IQ and business acumen as the idiot in the White House. He sounds like the perfect candidate for a cabinet seat.

    1. I totally agree and i can bet not one of the executives took a hiatus on their salary or bonuses, how rude and totally disrectful not to let the fans know.

  168. The network really dropped the ball here. No communication, no anything. It also sounds like a messed up thing to do, just to make your budget. How about you hire some people who can do the job without blindsiding your audience…

  169. Goodbye Discovery Plus. I was paying you £3.99 a month so I could watch GRWW. You stopped GRWW so I have stopped the £3.99.

  170. im really annoyed at discovery, I have been waiting for the next episode and looks like I have wasted my time.

    Why would a company do this to the viewers, its absolutely disgusting.
    I’m probably going to cancel paying for discovery.

    Sorry Gold rush Whitewater, hope you can air future episodes on a different channel.

  171. I like the show too. I think the show has been determined as too risky. They are near cliffs/Falling rocks, rapids, DIY cranes… One reason the show is so addictive is because of the risks. People watch it because it combines Risk with Reward. Those doing the work are the stars and because Corporate EXE. can’t control them… they can’t predict the result. Look at the Curse of oak Island. I know it is a different network, but the work is done by professional with their own insurances. Filming a bunch of guys who could die at any minute is too risky. I believe this is why they stopped and said it was for tax reasons. I think the Crew should buy some cameras and shot the “show” themselves and put it on YT. IF the show bombs… there will be YT revenue to fall back on. Who needs Disney?

  172. damit put my show back on. i dont watch much tv but that is one i watch whenever its on. what the hell is wrong with you people. you get a show people want to watch and you take it off the air. are you stoned, or just stupid. you seem to just want to fail. get a clue please and put my show back on damit.

  173. That is to show what a bunch of inconsiderate bastard they are; they want y
    to save money? ok I am canceling my discovery subscription as well.

  174. Please bring this show back. It’s a great family show that encourages hard work and team work. We look forward to watching every week. Now we discover that it’s on a long break. I want this show to succeed but it can’t if you don’t release it. Very frustrating for fans.

    1. Dumb ass, been waiting forever, from south Africa, cant wait for the return, so much trouble downloading white water just to find out it will commence in April, so disappointed, i feel for you gays that has to rely on these cable channels, also have Disney + but will cancel now as my Favorite show has been “put on ice” pun itended.

  175. so disappointing. I’ve been checking every Friday for the next episode. it’s the best gold rush on TV in my opinion. I won’t watch the others. I had to finally look up why it hasn’t been on. Bring it back. stopping it was the worst decision ever.

  176. Very very disappointing. This is an excellent show. Just found this out now as I keep looking for when it’s on. The gold rush series are the best ever. I was glad to hear though it’s not cancelled. Just sucks have to wait to long to continue watching.

  177. My expectations to big gold deposits at Nugget Creek have dropped considerably.
    I will continue watching this series when it returns later this year.

  178. I searched to find out what happened. Then cancelled my Discovery Plus. Helluva business model.

    While I’m writing…on the OG Gold Rush can you please get rid of Fred. That team is brutal watch. And the dipshit skippy brothers they’re competing with. So bad.


  180. The Gold Rush programs have been a great series but this chopping of dates is killing my interest. I think we all want to see them strike it rich but there’s no continuity in programing. Parker should have cashed out and gone to Vegas, WTF is with Tony’s dredges, I’m so sick of the Three Stooges, Is Dave really retiring or has he struck it rich in Montana. Get it together Discovery!

  181. $150 per month for 300+ cable channels with thousands of regular programs and they’ve taken one of only a hand full of shows worth watching. Time to cancel.

    1. Discovery has been turning to crap ! Removing good shows and leaving crappy ones! I too was looking to see if my pvr had screwed up!

  182. Apparently an other production company will be taking over and rename the show. This remind us what happen to Top Gear.

  183. there just trying to hide money from the IRS it’s all about the money not the fans.
    discovery channel doesn’t care about what you want to see they’ll just keep feeding us crap that mental midgets watch, you know the guys that dont know what real work is. the guys that sit all day in mommies basement and watch remote controlled robots fighting

  184. Discovery and Disney need to come forward and apologize for this slap in the face. If they do not I will finish this Season and then change the Channel. Why would I want to go through this again. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me.

  185. Very disappointed. How can they come up with such an idea in the middle of the season. Anyone the mail / addresses of the directors? Let’s mail and write them till they drown in it!

  186. I am so sad about this. not only was it on basically in the middle of the night, which was rediculous, but now not at all until God knows when? grrr. Shame on you. we want some GRWW!! And Dustin & the crews!

  187. Best ‘Gold Rush’ programme on TV…watched EVERY episode and love White Water.
    So annoyed that it’s been ‘shelved’!
    My absolute favourite programme…..Discovery have a zero regard for it’s paying audience!
    Get it back on without delay please.

    Worcester UK

  188. Discovery drops the ball again! People want it but its not got Gays or Blacks so it’s not good enough for Disney!

  189. Saturday March 11th and I’m just finding out about this now. I watch gold rush and Gold Rush Whitewater religiously and I’ve been looking for new episodes for months. We don’t give a damn about Warner Brothers money issues. We pay for the networks in order to watch the shows. Without the fans, you don’t have a network. Put it back on air immediately or I’ll be canceling.

    1. I agree Scott ! What a disgusting move. Cancelled Discovery, HBO and Disney. I will wait for a decent company to take it over and I will support them instead. The crew must be so embarrassed.

  190. This totally blows. It’s all about money. I think GRWW is cool. I discovered it by accident then binge watched all the episodes. I have nothing against Dave Turin but his show is more of the same as the regular Gold Rush. Way to go Discovery on keeping it new, unique and different!!! I’m so pissed off. I wish another channel could pick up GRWW, but I know it doesn’t work like that unfortunately. They suck.

  191. What bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taking White Water off. Looked forward to each episode. It is way better than Gold Rush. It was totally exciting. Whoever decided to remove it should be fired. What dummy would stop showing them, as they were the best to watch.

  192. This is Disney, a mickie mouse operation. They are so worried about the how they look on social media and issues that the company is burning down around them along with thier money and sense of business, a lost company.

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