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The Reason There More ‘Greenhorns’ Than Normal On ‘Gold Rush’

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With Gold Rush returning to Discovery Channel tonight, fans will see a lot more of a very different kind of reality series. This season, there have been a lot more greenhorns than usual – for better or worse. With that said, fans have come up with a good reason why this might be true in the current season of the popular reality TV show.

Here is why fans believe there are more greenhorns than there usually are on Gold Rush this season.

Why are there more greenhorns on Gold Rush this season

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This season, Gold Rush has focused a lot on more greenhorns than usual during the season. There are two very experienced miners showcased this season in Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets. However, on the other side, there are the Clayton Brothers trying to find their way and Fred Lewis doing everything he can to screw up every decision he makes.

However, Fred’s career is pretty raw, Parker is bringing in people he found on social media to help with his new Alaska location, and even Tony brought in some greenhorns to help his operation work around the clock this season. Why are there so many greenhorns around this season?

One fan on Reddit had a pretty good theory. After saying they noticed the show had a lot more greenhorns, they then mentioned that it was “all over the place” this season with no story getting time to develop. They pointed out that Tony brought in a lot of new greenhorns and that they consider both the Clayton Brothers and the Manchester boys to be greenhorns. After touching on Parker now bringing in more, they asked, “Do you think they are testing new ideas this season since Rick’s not mining?”

This is a good question and it makes a lot of sense. Rick Ness was supposed to be a big part of the show this season. However, Rick is not there, he is not mining, and Gold Rush might be trying to figure out a way to move on without one of their most popular stars.

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Where is Rick Ness on Gold Rush?

It came as a shock to Gold Rush fans when a member of Rick Ness’ crew went to find him earlier in the season. He found Rick at home and the miner said he wasn’t coming out this season. This is rough because he just put his entire crew out of work. However, Rick said he was suffering from depression issues and had to work things out.

Things might not be getting better for him. He got engaged over the summer and that is already ended amid rumors of Rick cheating on his fiancée.

One commenter on Reddit said that Parker’s Alaska mine is a “natural transition” and that Tony had to replace Monica with greenhorns. However, for the rest, they agreed, “for the others miners yes because Rick is not mining.”

Do you agree that Rick Ness’s absence has resulted in Gold Rush bringing in more greenhorns to keep the show interesting? Is it working? Do you want to see Rick back on the show sooner rather than later? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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