‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Exclusive: Dustin and Fred’s Blood is Thicker Than Water

Dustin Hurt has some unresolved daddy issues. Discovery’s hit spinoff, Gold Rush: White Water, is coming to a close for the season, as the original show star Dakota Fred and his son Dustin Hurt reveal a painful family history.

“A regular fight isn’t a regular fight anymore,” says Dustin Hurt in TV Shows Ace exclusive clip.

Father and son have reached an end of an era. “I want you to have the whole operation,” says Dakota Fred, as warts and all are exposed in a family business unlike any other.

Bottom line: Fred is undoubtedly proud of his son. But the old hurts haven’t fully been healed.

Why Dustin and Fred are at odds on Gold Rush: White Water

Fred and Dustin are having a moment at the creek. Pic credit: Discovery

Father and son Fred and Dustin Hurt have reached the end of an era. In this episode, viewers will get to dive deep into the one-of-a-kind relationship between father and son that fuels the conflict when they work together.

Fred is letting Dustin take over, and he appears pleased to do this in the end. Deeply proud, in fact.

The revealing stitched footage shows that Dustin’s early years were not so happy. His father, Dakota Fred, even reveals his mother, Fred’s former wife was not there for Dustin.

Dustin has his crew, and Fred has stepped back from the limelight, not crewing up himself. The miner has reached his limit; it seems for the extreme form of gold mining that involves rappeling into a frigid white-water creek.

And as Dustin explains that he and his dad are at loggerheads frequently and that “a regular fight isn’t a regular fight anymore, that’s years of problems” battling each other has taken a toll.

But the gold recovery is excellent this season, which somehow mitigates the hard feelings.

Be prepared for heavy emotions as the producers catch tense moments and reveal the events that nearly tore them apart in the story of love and fury that runs thicker than water.

About the series, Gold Rush: White Water

In Alaska’s Chilkat Mountains, the Dakota boys return to the most gold-rich ground of their lives, on the hunt for millions.

Dustin Hurt’s new crew included Mark Stamper, Scott Allen, Kayla Johanson, and Eric Foster, completing the second dredge crew.

But an unexpected announcement sends shockwaves through the father and son run operation. The departure of one legendary miner makes way for fresh blood.

And as snowfall threatens to derail their season, miners are pitted against mother nature in a winner take all battle in an all-new season.

Dustin is now responsible for eight lives with four new crew members, challenging his resolve like never before.


Gold Rush: White Water airs Friday at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery and discovery+.

Viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #GoldRush.

April Neale


  1. this is bullshit!!! to leave in the middle of the season for a dollar bill and tax season??? I thought something was goin on when episodes started rerunning and no new episides!!!

  2. This is the best show on the gold rush series. We are so disappointed in your decision to put it off the air in the middle of the seasonšŸ˜­šŸ˜­

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