‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Arber Plant Care

Arber Plant Care on Shark Tank

The creator of Arber Plant Care is coming to a brand-new episode of Shark Tank on May 3 to pitch their product to the sharks. The company hopes that the investors who star in the hit reality TV series will see they are different enough to invest in and help build the company.

Here is everything you need to know about Arber Plant Care from Shark Tank and where you can buy it.

What Is Arber Plant Care on Shark Tank?

Vanessa Dawson founded Arber, an Organic Biologicals Plant Wellness company that provides organic plant care products and tools for gardeners. The company also offers educational tools to help teach people how to nurture plants more effectively for a more sustainable world.

Arber Plant Care from Shark Tank

Vanessa built the company as a serial entrepreneur with experience in venture capital, private equity, and digital development. She has raised funds for startups and growing companies in the past. Additionally, she has also invested in companies herself over the years. She has also worked as an advisor for large corporations concerning emerging technology.

One of her biggest endeavors was working with The Vinetta Product, and facilitating over $300 million in venture funding to seed-stage tech startups.

However, with Arber Plant Care, it is less about technology and more about biology. Plus, making the world a better place. She has plant food that fuels garden growth and ensures a healthy plant diet. She also sells a Bio Protectant to stimulate growth, a Bio Insecticide to prevent insect and mite buildup, a Bio Fungicide to control diseases, Soil & Root Food, and Fruit & Veggie Fertilizer.

The products were created to make plant care safe and easy for all gardeners.

Where To Buy Arber Plant Care From Shark Tank

If you want to learn more about Arber Plant Care after seeing it on Shark Tank, visit the company’s official website at growarber.com. Once there, you can share your email with the company and receive 10% off your first order from the website store.

On top of the 10% discount for sharing an email, there is also currently a 20% off sale for Earth Day. As for the pricing, some kits give gardeners everything they need. The Organic Holistic Kit runs $99 while both the Organic Indoor Kit and Organic Outdoor Kit are $84. These come with the different products needed for the specific needs.

The prices range from $25 for the Insecticide, Fungicide, or Protectant to $30 for a bigger starter kit. Furthermore, the food ranges from $17 up to $30. The company also sells accessories like spray bottles, measuring cups, repotting mats, and more.

Arber is also on Amazon, although most of its products seem unavailable to purchase at this time.

What are your thoughts on Arber Plant Care from Shark Tank? Does this seem like a product you are interested in trying out? Do you think the sharks should bite on it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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